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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

Keep on playing, the MMO playing experience part 1

Posted by BrianMMO Friday December 26 2008 at 2:24AM
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First of all, all current MMOs suck. Not a bit, but big time. The only reason I am playing MMOs at all is the communicative factor. If u don’t have any similarities or common interests with someone, there is nothing to talk about. For me, MMOs are beautiful chat programs with content. My girl friend is hot but she is boring to hang up with. My friends play soccer. A sports game I don’t like. So I need MMOs to find new friends. People who can role-play. People with a certain kind of humour. Sounds pathetic, right’? Well, it is my will. I don’t have to find new friends. But somewhere out there, there are some pretty cool people. Since I’m not Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, I won’t be able to travel all around the world to find these cool people person. Here is the part where the MMOs come into the play. Currently, I’m playing Mass Effect: A cool offline RPG. I don’t need a crap MMO to play a nice video game. After Mass Effect, I might buy Fallout 3 or Little Big Planet. I haven’t even won MGS 4 yet. I want to chat, damnit ! ^^

I tried “The chronicles of Spellborn” and I didn’t like it at all. I could tell u why, but I doubt u really care for a detailed version. So here comes the short version:
1. Weird graphics
2. Worst Combat/fighting system of all 2008’s new MMOs
3. Bad PVE -> whats the aim of the PVE?
4. senseless PVP ? no RvR, no tournaments, no real ganking, so what PVP is that? Just
a GW arena copy?
5. pretty much average in everything it offers

Only one good thing to say about Spellborn: technically (besides controlling) satisfying. I never lagged, didn’t notice any bugs or graphic glichtes so far

I have to mention that I haven’t play the game much after the character creation. But I didn’t feel at home. Nothing special about the game. It is just boring. So….if u can live without a cool atmosphere, this game is great. Personally, I hate the controlling. I hate it so much that I can’t forgive it. A good combat system is essential. Even if the rest was awesome, I couldn’t ignore the combat mechanics.

I played “Runes of Magic” (open beta). It is so bad. I’d rather play WoW than RoM. Btw, I am not a big WoW fan. No matter how bored I have been or how crap the competition of WoW was, I didn’t feel that WoW was a MMO I could play for hours. But after several F2Ps, I appreciate WoW a bit. RoM is total crap. The hype about it is embarrassing. That hype is the proof that there are many idiots without taste out there. The screenshots didn’t convince me to try it out. I just wanted to see what’s behind the hype. RoM is a VERY bad copy of WoW. Yes, I compared them! RoM is too similar to ignore that fact. What can I say? It is just F2P. I should have known better. ^^

What am I doing next? I have no clue. Maybe, I will do a “one-month” break from MMOs. The offline games are waiting for me. On January 22th, Darkfall Online will come out. An interesting online game with old school concepts. Cya then!

catsaad writes:

i have read your previous posts too.u dont like any mmorg .so dont play them .simple .

Fri Dec 26 2008 5:41AM Report
Darkened writes:

I cant believe you are still wasting people's time with this trash, BrianMMO.

If we wanted to read poorly written content like this, (from a teen who admits to as much as having ADD when it comes to his girlfriend, but thinks that video games and other things are cool) then we would go to the WoW Official Forums

As usual, your effort is lackluster, and there is absolutely nothing useful about this latest "blog" post.

Stab yourself in the eye with a rusty spoon, put on some ruby shoes, click those heels and try again dorothy.

Fri Dec 26 2008 12:05PM Report
Orista writes:

 I'm sorry to say this but i haven't found a single good MMO since Star wars galaxies PRE CU there are simply no other mmo that can even compare to the content in that game building up cities from scratch with shuttleports and go out and kill Krayt dragon and then fly off into space and use hour's trying to shoot down a star destroyer with hundreds of spaceships flying all around you simply nothing can compare.

Sat Dec 27 2008 3:54AM Report
Jorendo writes:

"My girl friend is hot but she is boring to hang up with." So you only date her for the looks?

This blog is full of crap if you ask me. If you don't like MMO's than don't play them.  Infact if you insist on playing them than atleast leave us allone with some crappy blog. What would your hot GF say if she sees this blog hm?

And if you want to a community only why not play habbo hotel or go to a regular chatbox.

Its like saying "i want hate shooters cause you have to shoot but i do like guns".

Im no fan of certain free to play games either but that does not give me the right to call people idiots cause they enjoy it. You enjoy a community but as soon as you can't find anyone who is at your social lvl (lvl 0?) than the game is crap? How can it be the games fault that you only play for the community?

Offcourse i shouldn't have reacted here cause your post is a desperate call for attention. Kinda sad to see you write bad about MMO's just because its not your kind of game but want to make friends who are like you (all having hot girlfriends but rather play a game >.>).

Sat Dec 27 2008 9:04AM Report
Kirzan writes:

So, what did I just read...

A guy with an opinion, that never mentions it being an opinion that simply trash talks MMORPGs, on an MMORPG website which happens to be the DOT COM of the genre.

Seriously, wtf are you doing? you wasted so much time writing a milion paragraphs about how you don't like 2 games and you don't even give us readers something to say. Put a god damn question at the end or something constructive for people to reply, or else all you get is what you're currently getting: People unaware of what to say so they just comment on your lameness.

My point being: If you're to post something, make it something that means something. A debatable opinion, a question, a poll. Anything else then "RoM and that other game sucks, I don't like MMOs these days." Jesus, grow brains.

Sat Dec 27 2008 3:45PM Report
zelldevil writes:


I know what you mean man.  although i dont play mmos to make friends i use mmos to escape the preasures of reality sometimes.  (It really sucks to be in a sinking organization when youve just been chosen for a key position.)

i used to jump from f2p game to f2p all the time.  hell i even played wow a couple months ago.  I hope DF is good, though if its anything like the mmos of 2008 itll blow

Wed Jan 07 2009 2:27AM Report writes:
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