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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 7

Posted by BrianMMO Friday December 19 2008 at 4:58AM
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Disappointing. Warhammer Online is not a bad MMO, but surely doesn’t do its PVE right. If you want to get items, go questing or farming. Don’t rely on the auction house! You only get crap there. Don’t expect to craft it, cuz this game doesn’t offer a real crafting. Don’t look out for a PVE gear merchant! The NPC is checking your PVP rank. So if u don’t PVP, he won’t offer u the stuff appropriate to your PVE lvl. Well done, mythic! You really don’t want people to PVE. I like PVP but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to PVE. The dungeons aren’t good for solo. The events in WH suck. What really makes me angry is the economy. I have money but I can’t do anything fun or cool with it. No lvl40 mounts, no housing, no accessories, no pets, just nothing. In RVR areas, there is still emptiness. Okay, more action than before the 1.1 patch. But players still don’t really care about it a lot. The Scenarios get boring by the time. I sometimes have the feeling that I am playing a cartoonish version of Guild Wars. What is the worst thing about Warhammer Online? I’m running out of quests! Oh, please! Not enough quests…..why is everyone complaining about AoC’s lack of quests but Warhammer is spared? The 2 new classes added recently are boring. I could complain further but you probably noticed what will happen next: I will quit Warhammer. In my opinion, it got a fair chance to show me that it is better than AoC. If you want to know more about my Warhammer Experience, send me a mail here. I will continue to write my tryout of other MMOs. Right now, I am downloading the client of the Open Beta Version of “Runes of Magic”. ‘ So, see you next time with “My RoM Experience Intro”. ^^

markoraos writes:

Thank god, finally.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stick to it this time and leave WAR well alone.

Of all the pointless blogs this one might win prizes for "least informative" and "wtf was that" categories.

Can't believe you subjected us to SEVEN installments of this crap.

Fri Dec 19 2008 6:02AM Report
Vontrox writes:

Thank you for leaving

Fri Dec 19 2008 6:17AM Report
catsaad writes:

i will agree with brian .war is totally missing pve .i am not against pvp but they also need to take pve seriously or they will miss quite a number of subscribers leaving them or maybe its a pvp  game so its fair enough for mystic.

Fri Dec 19 2008 7:36AM Report
catsaad writes:

try lord of the rings online and tell us what you feel about it??

Fri Dec 19 2008 7:41AM Report
Azmaria writes:

Did you really just complain that dungeons aren't soloable?  If you want a soloable game, go play a single player RPG and leave MMOs well enough alone. 

Mythic's system is currently built around people either A) doing full PvP, for which they have the renown gear, B) Doing a mix of PvP and PvE, giving them a balance between renown, world drop, and PQ gear, and C) Doing full PvE, giving them world drop and PQ gear.  While I wouldn't say that PvE is the best part of the game, it is there and it is fully possible to go through to end game while still having fun...playing PvE only.  Did you ever stop to smell the fluff-flowers?  Every quest giver has interesting reasons for that quest, even if it is "Kill 10 Trolls".  Did you stop to enjoy the scenery?  The funny aspects of the game?  Did you explore everywhere to get every ToK unlock in each zone, or even a majority of them?  If you answer 'no' to any of these, then you haven't given WAR's PvE the full chance that you could have.

I think you're also expecting a bit too much from the auction house.  It's supplied by it's dependant on what they get a surplus of and have the motivation to travel to a capital city to put on auction.  It probably shouldn't be used as a way to fully gear your character without doing any work; however it works quite well for securing that last piece of armor you need, or getting some blue gear to make it better.  If every piece of gear was always available to buy, then the challenge of getting it would be nil, and PvE would fail even harder.

Fri Dec 19 2008 8:24AM Report
swislii writes:

Agree this game is crap

Fri Dec 19 2008 8:28AM Report
JonMichael writes:

Glad to hear you're finally leaving WAR.  You've been playing the wrong game if you're looking for that much PVE.  Try LOTRO or EQ2, but WAR is definately not for you.  It's a GREAT game, but not for you.


Fri Dec 19 2008 9:08AM Report
gan3f writes:

I think hes just one of those people that enjoys being let down so he can complain about it.  From day one he didnt like the game, but put himself thru weeks and weeks of being let down.  Any blog he writes will be the exact same wasted space as his WAR one..

Fri Dec 19 2008 3:31PM Report
Gremrod writes:

 Game seeking that is looking for the perfect game. U will not find it all in one game.

Fri Dec 19 2008 3:38PM Report
Vistaakah writes:

The problem with WAR is that it doesnt do anything better then any existing PVP game other they to lead you by leash to quest NPCs.

Graphics-2nd Rate

PVP-  Just one big CC fiasco. Combat mechanics are second rate compared to games like DAOC

Crafting - Probably the weakest crafting system i've seen in any MMORPG.

There is nothing wrong with a person having higher expectations especially when a game hyped as much as War failed to deliver on that hype.

Fri Dec 19 2008 4:33PM Report
mackdawg19 writes:

 Sadly, this guy is just dillusional like alot of other people lately. Apparently they think Mythic made a PvE game, which they did not. They did not gloat about how well thier PvE would be, they actually skipped talking about it alot before launch other than PQ info. Why you ask? Because this IS NOT, in caps, IS NOT a PvE game. They didn't make this game built around PvE nor do they care about it. Quit coming into a game and complaining on the forums or blogs about how mythic ruined your PvE when they aren't making PvE games. Now you COULD come up with several ways to say, "Well this ........ ect". But they still wont care.

If you want to play a game focused on PvE, there are plenty to chose from. But if you enjoy PvE, you won't enjoy WAR. Now how it took you 7 blogs and 50 bucks to find that out when all this information is on thier website is trully stunning. Did you actually think WAR meant killing NPC's? Jesus man, its in the name. If you don't like PvP your in the wrong dam place. Plain and simple! Now please for the love of all thats mighty, quit with these dam blogs on why you hate WAR because it doesn't cater to your PvE needs.

Fri Dec 19 2008 8:43PM Report
Kaenash writes:

You dolt.

You are trying to make this game fit your "Wow" concepts.

PVE is alive and well, you just think that AH is how to take a shortcut.

Go do a public quest and EARN area influence and then you get to choose a nice reward, when you've earned all you can, move on to a new chapter.

PQ are brilliant, sometimes setting you right in the middle of a war. They are dynamic and much better than a "PVE" that amounts to "Go bring this letter to Dynamar in the next zone over" which is 50% of PVE in other games.

WAR even has you covered there, if you want to do fetch quests and kill 10 of these, they've got those two. The rewards aren't AS good as PVP ones, but face it, the risk wasn't there. It was much easier to slay 10 mobs than it is to slay 10 players.

Your blog fails as hard as you think WAR fails at PVE.







Sat Dec 20 2008 12:09AM Report
Kaenash writes:

On a side note: What Mythic did was make a game that lets you play PVE, RVR or PVP, let's you even do RP without PVP (Age of Conan I am looking at you).

If you don't think PVE is good enough, you didn't look hard enough.


I will admit crafting sucks and the idea that merchants will onyl sell salvage to non pvpers seems artificial, but there are rewards to be had for PVEing. You just aren't looking.

Hopefull they will add player housing, deeper crafting and item merchants in the future.

Sat Dec 20 2008 12:11AM Report
KrystDaymen writes:


Sat Dec 20 2008 7:28AM Report writes:
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