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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 5

Posted by BrianMMO Thursday December 4 2008 at 8:18PM
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Before I start the next chapter of my WH-Online Review, I have to mention that I expanded my Warhammer Game Experience by another 30 days. Yes, it’s right: I’m a WH subscriber now.

Well, the most important question is: “Is Warhammer Online fun?” Not fully. I am PVEing, even a lot if u consider that I’m not a big fan of the WH way of PVE.
I’m level 18 now but the quests don’t get better. You just need to complete more of them to reach the next PVE lvl. The PQs are no fun cuz it is rather about grinding than telling a story. And still you rarely find people who want to party with u for PVE. But it isn’t WH’s fault that present MMO players are arrogant or solo-narrow-minded. You have to travel all 3 realms to have enough quests to get the next PVE level. PVE in WH is boring. No question. Why am I questing then? Because the revolution of open RvR is in development by Mythic. We just have to be patient. My guess is that I need to lvl much more to meet more advanced “chattish” players. By the way, did I mention it? I am in a guild now. The leader is a sympathic guy. I just wished the rest of the guild was similar to him. He is the only guy who has a conversation with me in a funny or role-playing kind of way. I’m pretty sure that some readers are wondering why I am so slow in lvling. Well, I don’t play 24/7. I chose WH cuz it seems like a nice casual game. But not too casual. It still has to offer much for the case I am in the mood for a long adventure.
For the critical readers among u: I admit it. I tried some other games during my Warhammer Experience. U won! WH isn’t perfect. So what! Pirates of the Burning Sea is a promising game but man, the fighting is very tiring. The rest feels awesome. Hm…..except the quest marking. That really su***. Why am I not transferring to PotBS then? As mentioned before, the ship fighting is bad. No exaggerating, it reminds me on EVE online pretty much. Quite lame.
Back to Warhammer. PVP is great. The best thing is that it gets better and better. Especially the open RVR is the best PVP u can imagine. U just take any enemy u see and try your best. From all other the server, players of your side are coming and join the big sieges. It is amazing how much fun u can have although u are not even close to max lvl. In most games u have to be high lvl if u want any PVP at all. Having fun instantly is what I always loved about GW.
If I keep up this speed, I become 40 before 2010! :P
My temporary goal is getting the horse mount at lvl 20. Just 2 more lvls.
I created some other chars. Usually, that is a sign that u are beginning to get bored. Well, time will tell.

Zyllos writes:

Then I must be well beyond the boredom because I have 9 characters with 6 of them r10+. Not playing the Ironbreaker and Shadow Warrior so the last class slot will be the Ironbreaker/Slayer/??? class they release for the Dwarves.

Thu Dec 04 2008 10:06PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 Oh, you would think maybe it gets better when you hit the cap. But you would be wrong, so very wrong. Bonus tip: It only gets worse.

Fri Dec 05 2008 1:02AM Report
UncertaintyP writes:


Fri Dec 05 2008 1:12AM Report
Midori86 writes:

I got to level 40 on an RP server, and most of the time I found myself soloing and grinding quests to level up.  Very few people had gotten to Tier 4 when I levelled there, so I never got into any scenarios either.   Plus, I played order, so the times I did get into any scenarios we were outnumbered and got our butts kicked.


Warhammer was not as fun as I thought it would be, even if I did my best to like the game and convince myself it was THE big thing.

Fri Dec 05 2008 1:25AM Report
qombi writes:

Why would someone use such bad grammar when creating a blog. I haven't played Warhammer Online but I intend to in the future.

Fri Dec 05 2008 9:37AM Report
KRONUK writes:

its dude

Fri Dec 05 2008 11:03AM Report
gan3f writes:

another one of his pointless blogs that ramble on about nothing.  You said pretty much all this in your last blogs. You just reuse what you said in your last 4 blogs and add an extra sentence of "oh i did this but iam still bored"..

We are even MORE bored of your blogs.

Fri Dec 05 2008 12:52PM Report
dcostello writes:

 So, final verdict of WH is...?

  I just want to know because I was thinking about buying it, but since I get bored of mmos quickly, and this one sucks, maybe I shouldn't get it.

Fri Dec 05 2008 3:11PM Report
Cosytus writes:

^  you will get bored of this one

Fri Dec 05 2008 8:18PM Report
Apocryphus writes:

Sweet Mary's raging menstruation crust, please never write anything again.  This hurt to read and I hope to God in heaven that English isn't your first language.  Wait, you're from Boston.  If I were you I'd be too embarassed to touch a keyboard, much less write a blog. 

Sat Dec 06 2008 4:30PM Report writes:
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