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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

Keep on playing, the MMO playing experience part 1

Posted by BrianMMO Friday December 26 2008 at 3:24AM
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First of all, all current MMOs suck. Not a bit, but big time. The only reason I am playing MMOs at all is the communicative factor. If u don’t have any similarities or common interests with someone, there is nothing to talk about. For me, MMOs are beautiful chat programs with content. My girl friend is hot but she is boring to hang up with. My friends play soccer. A sports game I don’t like. So I need MMOs to find new friends. People who can role-play. People with a certain kind of humour. Sounds pathetic, right’? Well, it is my will. I don’t have to find new friends. But somewhere out there, there are some pretty cool people. Since I’m not Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, I won’t be able to travel all around the world to find these cool people person. Here is the part where the MMOs come into the play. Currently, I’m playing Mass Effect: A cool offline RPG. I don’t need a crap MMO to play a nice video game. After Mass Effect, I might buy Fallout 3 or Little Big Planet. I haven’t even won MGS 4 yet. I want to chat, damnit ! ^^

I tried “The chronicles of Spellborn” and I didn’t like it at all. I could tell u why, but I doubt u really care for a detailed version. So here comes the short version:
1. Weird graphics
2. Worst Combat/fighting system of all 2008’s new MMOs
3. Bad PVE -> whats the aim of the PVE?
4. senseless PVP ? no RvR, no tournaments, no real ganking, so what PVP is that? Just
a GW arena copy?
5. pretty much average in everything it offers

Only one good thing to say about Spellborn: technically (besides controlling) satisfying. I never lagged, didn’t notice any bugs or graphic glichtes so far

I have to mention that I haven’t play the game much after the character creation. But I didn’t feel at home. Nothing special about the game. It is just boring. So….if u can live without a cool atmosphere, this game is great. Personally, I hate the controlling. I hate it so much that I can’t forgive it. A good combat system is essential. Even if the rest was awesome, I couldn’t ignore the combat mechanics.

I played “Runes of Magic” (open beta). It is so bad. I’d rather play WoW than RoM. Btw, I am not a big WoW fan. No matter how bored I have been or how crap the competition of WoW was, I didn’t feel that WoW was a MMO I could play for hours. But after several F2Ps, I appreciate WoW a bit. RoM is total crap. The hype about it is embarrassing. That hype is the proof that there are many idiots without taste out there. The screenshots didn’t convince me to try it out. I just wanted to see what’s behind the hype. RoM is a VERY bad copy of WoW. Yes, I compared them! RoM is too similar to ignore that fact. What can I say? It is just F2P. I should have known better. ^^

What am I doing next? I have no clue. Maybe, I will do a “one-month” break from MMOs. The offline games are waiting for me. On January 22th, Darkfall Online will come out. An interesting online game with old school concepts. Cya then!

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 7

Posted by BrianMMO Friday December 19 2008 at 4:58AM
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Disappointing. Warhammer Online is not a bad MMO, but surely doesn’t do its PVE right. If you want to get items, go questing or farming. Don’t rely on the auction house! You only get crap there. Don’t expect to craft it, cuz this game doesn’t offer a real crafting. Don’t look out for a PVE gear merchant! The NPC is checking your PVP rank. So if u don’t PVP, he won’t offer u the stuff appropriate to your PVE lvl. Well done, mythic! You really don’t want people to PVE. I like PVP but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to PVE. The dungeons aren’t good for solo. The events in WH suck. What really makes me angry is the economy. I have money but I can’t do anything fun or cool with it. No lvl40 mounts, no housing, no accessories, no pets, just nothing. In RVR areas, there is still emptiness. Okay, more action than before the 1.1 patch. But players still don’t really care about it a lot. The Scenarios get boring by the time. I sometimes have the feeling that I am playing a cartoonish version of Guild Wars. What is the worst thing about Warhammer Online? I’m running out of quests! Oh, please! Not enough quests…..why is everyone complaining about AoC’s lack of quests but Warhammer is spared? The 2 new classes added recently are boring. I could complain further but you probably noticed what will happen next: I will quit Warhammer. In my opinion, it got a fair chance to show me that it is better than AoC. If you want to know more about my Warhammer Experience, send me a mail here. I will continue to write my tryout of other MMOs. Right now, I am downloading the client of the Open Beta Version of “Runes of Magic”. ‘ So, see you next time with “My RoM Experience Intro”. ^^

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 6

Posted by BrianMMO Saturday December 13 2008 at 12:06AM
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I did it! I finally did it. I reached lvl 20, therefore I got my evil horse (mount). It isn’t just for a faster movement, it’s a symbol of my journey. It’s half-time. Well, theoretically, because we all know that the lvls are progressing exponential, meaning that u have to do more and more to reach the next lvl.
I participated in some RvR action, of course. Today, the patch 1.01 arrived. I didn’t play much, so I have no clue if it has any influence on my playing behaviour. The higher the area, the more epic do the PVE areas look like. Hell ya, I know. This isn’t my favorite MMO. I don’t have to play it. There are a lot of alternatives out there. 2 days ago I tried the “Chronicle of Spellborn” trial. OMG, Spellborn sucks big time. I don’t care what the Spellborn think about my bad comments on the game. It IS the worst MMO this year. Yes, it is worse than AoC! Considering the crap we all had to witness this year, one can only hope that 2009 won’t be similar. Myself, I can’t stop feeling that Warhammer Online has a lot of potential waiting to be exposed. At least, the developers try to do their best unlike others (I won’t name any developers this time ^^). No doubt about it: Warhammer Online is a true PVP game. If u don’t like or even love PvP, u r playing the wrong MMO.
I’m wondering if I should try “Runes of Magic”. I’m still not sure. The more I read about the game, the less I wanna play it.
My WH guild is still a bit boring. The reason is obvious. Too many different lvls. What shall a lvl 34 do with a lvl 15? I have to become 40, so the other 40s have no excuse why they don’t want me in their party, PVE and PVP wise.
What do YOU think: When will I reach lvl 40’?

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 5

Posted by BrianMMO Thursday December 4 2008 at 9:18PM
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Before I start the next chapter of my WH-Online Review, I have to mention that I expanded my Warhammer Game Experience by another 30 days. Yes, it’s right: I’m a WH subscriber now.

Well, the most important question is: “Is Warhammer Online fun?” Not fully. I am PVEing, even a lot if u consider that I’m not a big fan of the WH way of PVE.
I’m level 18 now but the quests don’t get better. You just need to complete more of them to reach the next PVE lvl. The PQs are no fun cuz it is rather about grinding than telling a story. And still you rarely find people who want to party with u for PVE. But it isn’t WH’s fault that present MMO players are arrogant or solo-narrow-minded. You have to travel all 3 realms to have enough quests to get the next PVE level. PVE in WH is boring. No question. Why am I questing then? Because the revolution of open RvR is in development by Mythic. We just have to be patient. My guess is that I need to lvl much more to meet more advanced “chattish” players. By the way, did I mention it? I am in a guild now. The leader is a sympathic guy. I just wished the rest of the guild was similar to him. He is the only guy who has a conversation with me in a funny or role-playing kind of way. I’m pretty sure that some readers are wondering why I am so slow in lvling. Well, I don’t play 24/7. I chose WH cuz it seems like a nice casual game. But not too casual. It still has to offer much for the case I am in the mood for a long adventure.
For the critical readers among u: I admit it. I tried some other games during my Warhammer Experience. U won! WH isn’t perfect. So what! Pirates of the Burning Sea is a promising game but man, the fighting is very tiring. The rest feels awesome. Hm…..except the quest marking. That really su***. Why am I not transferring to PotBS then? As mentioned before, the ship fighting is bad. No exaggerating, it reminds me on EVE online pretty much. Quite lame.
Back to Warhammer. PVP is great. The best thing is that it gets better and better. Especially the open RVR is the best PVP u can imagine. U just take any enemy u see and try your best. From all other the server, players of your side are coming and join the big sieges. It is amazing how much fun u can have although u are not even close to max lvl. In most games u have to be high lvl if u want any PVP at all. Having fun instantly is what I always loved about GW.
If I keep up this speed, I become 40 before 2010! :P
My temporary goal is getting the horse mount at lvl 20. Just 2 more lvls.
I created some other chars. Usually, that is a sign that u are beginning to get bored. Well, time will tell.