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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 4

Posted by BrianMMO Wednesday November 19 2008 at 6:45PM
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There I am. I’m lvl 12. Was it fun to get there? Not at all. The quests didn’t get better. The PvP would be better if the RvR was boosted more. If you want to PvP there is no alternative to scenarios. But why should I play Warhammer Online then? Battlegrounds in WoW and Random Arena in GW aren’t worse. I get ignored in Warhammer constantly. I wanted to give it a chance but the game needs a lot more than it has to offer at the moment. Games should be fun! Warhammer Online didn’t fail because it doesn’t have any features. This game offers a lot but it isn’t fun. Saying that the game will be fun later is a bad excuse. A good game should be able to entertain from the beginning. I have only 2 weeks left until my free days are over. I have no good feeling about it. The release of lich king (wow) decreased the population of Warhammer drastically. Warhammer is the proof that a “pay 2 play” game isn’t necessarily better than a “free 2 play” one.
What is the alternative? Well, a trial for 2 weeks of “Pirates of the burning sea”; testing how the release version of Atlanica Online looks like; Spellborn will come out soon and Darkfall is announced for December. There is not much I could say now but one thing:
It’s not over yet but I’m loosing faith in Warhammer Online.

DeathTripp writes:

Yeah well nobody cares, you are an idiot if you think there is no alternative to RVR in warhammer other than scenarios, maybe if you actually looked.

Wed Nov 19 2008 11:54PM Report
tool089 writes:

Eh.. you might notice he got to level 12 in a month... 

I don't think there's much PvP in WoW if you're lvl 10-12.  You get to play warsong, but you suck compared to everyone else.  And practice arena maybe? If you can find anyone to join on the other side..  Or you can open world pvp at level 12 in WoW.  Oh no, at that level you'd squished by just about anything.  Oh well, good job judging the game.  You should try playing a game less relient on putting continous hours into it.  Like tetris.  That's something you can pick up and play.  Plus it's like you and alts.  You can complete the first 4 levels then start over as many times as you like.

Thu Nov 20 2008 1:11AM Report
markoraos writes:

Thanks for nothing.

Probably the lamest, laziest and the least informative "review" series ever. It took you 4 installments to reach rank 12?! That just goes to show how much you actually cared for the game. I'll level my toon to level 20 in WoW and take 2 weeks to do it and then make a "my experience" review to enlighten and educate.

Thu Nov 20 2008 2:32AM Report
Azmaria writes:

OP, the commenters have a point.  Level 12 is something that should be accomplished in your first 2-3 days of play, not a 2 weeks.  Within 2-3 hours, you should have hit at least level 4-5.  I feel like you are judging this game unfairly from your experience, and that having been tier 1 primarily and a touch of tier 2.  Perhaps you should think about using your two weeks of remaining free time to continue to level your character to, say, 20 or 21.  If you make it half of the way to maximum level, you might get some credibility.

Thu Nov 20 2008 7:20AM Report
JonMichael writes:

Level 12?  What the heck are you doing?  Sounds like you're just standing somewhere waiting for the fun to come to you.

It's obvious you don't want to like the game, no matter what you say. 

Thu Nov 20 2008 7:43AM Report
A1learjet writes:

Once more...go to Open RVR server...get off the zoned area  RVR and qued  scenerios....Open RVR   IE  Praag  theres always  fighting/seigin objective taking ect.....PVE and the Pq  quests are only done if needign a break from PVP action..Put up  or Shut up  go on a open RVR server then check back...

Thu Nov 20 2008 8:26AM Report
LiquidWolf writes:

Bury this.

Wost series I have ever read, and not because it puts a bad light on WAR, but mainly because the OP didn't even try.

Didn't try to write, play, or probably even try to read his own series.

Bury This.

Thu Nov 20 2008 10:22AM Report
nogardnaz writes:

Probably the most fair review of WAR I've ever read. You realize it's not all, yet you're still giving it a chance. That's great to hear. Unfortunately, you're just going to be wasting time during those last 2 weeks anyway. The game is horrid. Probably one of the most boring games to ever be released.

Fri Nov 21 2008 12:32AM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:

 your only alternative is to start playing wow and forever bind yourself to wow with eternal loyalty and never question a thing blizzard does and you will be granted the reward of FUN AND HAPPINESS!!!

Fri Nov 21 2008 12:48PM Report
indyonline writes:

Dont it just piss you off to take that long to get somewhere and mess up...

Sat Nov 22 2008 10:21PM Report
Kaenash writes:

Let's key in on this sentence from your blog:

"I get ignored in Warhammer constantly."

Is it possible that is not the game's fault or even the people ignoring you's fault? 

Could it be that you are just an insufferable dolt?

I mean if EVERYONE ignores you, maybe it's not them that is the problem.

I have no problem interacting on Warhammer (Granted, I picked an RP server for the very reason that more mature gamers seem to congregate there).

You've wrote enough about why you hate WAR, and you are welcome to your opinion, but just so you know, your Opinion is "Wrong" in the same way if my opinion was Krispy Kreme Donuts tasted like fish sticks would be wrong.


They taste like delicious donuts.



Fri Dec 19 2008 11:19PM Report writes:
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