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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 3

Posted by BrianMMO Thursday November 13 2008 at 8:28PM
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After I logged off, I was busy with real life for 2 days. I told a friend that I’m playing Warhammer Online. He was surprised that I’m playing a game with WoWish graphics. I explained him that ArenaNet, the developer of GW, isn’t doing enough to hold the players there. I also told the FunCom/Age of Conan story. After that, he understood why I gave the cartoonish game a chance. When I came home I tried to lvl my dark elf nuker. But somehow he wasn’t fun at all. Well, not for me personally. So I checked the internet to see which class should be my final main char. It was the marauder. When I created him, PvE began to be fun. I really can’t explain why but the stupid quests were more fun with the marauder class. I’m pretty sure that now some readers will say that I just forced myself to like the marauder so I don’t have to quit the game. Well, I don’t care! Sure, okay, the PvE lacks of clever ideas or a cool combat system. Many things are just average. But seeing my marauder rising by the lvls, that made me liking my char for the first time in WH.
The exp you get from quests s*** extremely. Seriously, I was in just twice in RvR scenarios and my exp rushed to the top as much as in tons of quests.
20mins PVP = hours of questing
That’s not okay. Luckily, I am beginning to accept the PvE but just because I’m wandering around the whole Warhammer globe so I am seeing various places. That awakens the explorer in me. Before I wrote this blog entry here 5mins ago I was lvl 7.
That is my highest and my most favorite char so far. I have 4 friends on my friend list. But only 1 of them is active enough to be on when I am. No guild so far, no REAL RvR so far either. I won’t say: Warhammer is boring but I’m beginning to wonder when the REAL fun begins.

gan3f writes:

i can' t really see the point of your blogs. you never raise a character past lvl 10. you never go out and try to accomplish rvr or anything for that matter. What really is the point of these ongoing blogs of nothing.

Your next blog will be about you getting bored and trying another class and that one is the best ever!! until lvl 4, once there you get bored and play something else.  Then we get a new blog 5 days later with "i found the best class ever !!".  Repetitive?   thats how we feel.

Thu Nov 13 2008 9:29PM Report
Tekkaman writes:

I got to level 60 in WoW and wondered when the real fun was supposed to begin. I also throught that the entire time I played the game and even after destroying all end game content and becoming a top 5 Warrior on Ner'Zhul I realized I had wasted a long time of my life.


Maybe you shouldn't play MMORPGs buddy.

Thu Nov 13 2008 10:58PM Report
tool089 writes:

I sadly must agree with gan3f..  I'm glad to see someone posting something not entirely negative about WAR (even though I haven't played since beta), but this is sad.  You realize it takes an hour or less to get to lvl 4.  So you could have tried every class within your first two days and decided which you wanted to use.

I really hope you stick with marauder, so that you can experience part of the game instead of the starter area.

Thu Nov 13 2008 11:01PM Report
Syyth007 writes:

You don't get a sense of what the classes can do until around level 10-11, and still some don't really open up untill tier 2-3.  I've never had a problem goinging from rank 1-10 in a few hour play period by mixing up questing/scenarios..  I've played casually since preview weekend, and have 1 T4, 1T3, and an army of alts ranging from late T1(rank 10-11) to late T2.  Scenarios really are the quickest way to get xp, but doing open rvr in tier 2-tier 3 can be LOADS of fun, even though you won't gain as much experience as grinding scenarios.

Fri Nov 14 2008 12:27AM Report
MrListerSir writes:

Same song and dance as usual, OP is a one trick pony, and these "blogs" are a joke a best.

I admire, what is obviously, a young person's attempt at writing. But in all honesty this just isn't going to cut it, at all.

Fri Nov 14 2008 3:12AM Report
Eridanix writes:

I'm elder betatester and can say you are right, the game is fun and marauder is a really good main. I dont like pve but this time I got into it with my marauder i enjoyed it.

I'm a explorer too. It takes longer to top leveling, but it's a lot more interesting :D


Fri Nov 14 2008 8:07AM Report
FE|Tachyon writes:

This guy is Right.   I have 2 charactors 28+ and cancled my Warhammer subscription.  I personaly didn't mind the style of the graphics, just the fact that they weren't what I expected from a MMO relased this year.  MMO's released 3 years ago look sharper.  PvE is dull, and more repetitive then WoW.  For a game so similar to WoW,  they fell short.  I think if your going to go after the same market as another game you've got to do something BETTER then the previous game.  Warhammer doesn't.   Class balance is poorly designed.   Lack of decent skills to use.  There no "WOW" factor to this game.  I was never impressed.  RvR is DECENT at best, but turned out to be just a constant juggle of KEEP controll, where a Zerg guild always dominated.  Definitly wasn't what I expected.  I was very disappointed.

Fri Nov 14 2008 11:04AM Report
daltanious writes:

In WoW have 2 lv. 70, rest of 8 possible classes between 60 (dk) and 68 (druid). In War have 8 lv. between 20 and 25 and 2 lv. 15.

Very rarely in this two games happend that I'm what somebody would call bored. Always fun, always something to do. In not other, then I will level some profession in WoW or join scenario or ...

I guess for next year I will be occupied with duo WoW & War, then I guess will return to try AoC, later maybe back to WoW or War expansion, .... Of course in free time I'm more or less regularly going to fitness, run, just walking in nature, .... etc etc. Maybe some good movies. Kids are adults now but before they were at center of the universe. In all my life I had something fun to do.

If you are so bored playing any game i guess maybe games are not for you. For that matter, Im wondering what is in life that would at all intertrain you.

Sat Nov 15 2008 11:08AM Report writes:
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