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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 2

Posted by BrianMMO Sunday November 9 2008 at 6:04PM
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Today I lvled to lvl 4. I’m getting used to questing. Unfortunately, I still don’t get parties here on the beginner island. Well, to be honest, I didn’t expect it anyways. I made almost all quests I could get. But one quest seems to hard atm.
After a break I got fed up with the nuker. So started a new char again. This time it’s the white lion class. I’m liking it so far. I did all quests. Now that I’m a bit more familiar with the UI (User interface) questing in WH is going faster than ever before. Was it fun? Not really. But why? Well, The FEDEX quests are boring and the “kill x mobs of species y” quests are grindy. Why are so many people complaining about Asian grinders if other games do it the same way but in disguise of quests. Really frustrating. Now I am lvl 4 and don’t know what to do. Am I quitting it already? Well, not yet. The PvP is still entertaining. Less amusing than the first 2 days but it becomes repetitive. That’s okay but the fun has kind of gone. Where has it gone? The job classes suck badly. There is no real economy so far and the graphics aren’t stunning. Wherever I go, people don’t seem to take the RvR offer although it seems to be the game’s big advantage. Somehow ironic and embarrassing that the players don’t use the possibility. My free 30 days will run off at November 30th I think. Three more weeks to try out the rest of the game. I should stop creating new chars and get to max lvl. I don’t want to regret to have a great game cuz I didn’t give it a real chance. As I said: Im lvl 4. I should hurry up but shouldn’t’ forget to have fun while doing so. Is that possible at all? Only time will tell. See you in 2 days.

Vistaakah writes:

I was bored senseless after week two release. PVE is boring. PVP is instanced or non existant entirely. Gold has no use as there is nothing to buy since drop rates are rediculously high. Crafting is a joke that anybody can go to zero to max in an hour at leasy in apothecary. This game would of worked perfectly reguardless of the lack of cool looking armor/weapons or player models had they left the very thing thats killing th game off for most players out. *SCENARIOS*

Sun Nov 09 2008 7:32PM Report
maritpra writes:

Good game is fun while playing. Bad game is playing for fun at end game.

Sun Nov 09 2008 7:42PM Report
gan3f writes:

i will let you on in a little secret, before you try to rush to endgame, if you can even do it since with 2 days you havn't passed lvl 4.  The eariy levels of the game are ALOT more fun and entertaining.  End game you will have nothing to do other then grind scenarios because nobody does RvR.  Most people are grinding scenarios or login and run the pve instances until they get locked out and then log.  So if your looking for endgame fun then Warhammer falls short.

Sun Nov 09 2008 10:23PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 I can't really agree with you on the graphics, the graphics look pretty damn good to me. However, the RvR won't get better. As you get higher its just more and more people running scenarios, nobody doing anything else. Also, don't expect to find an economy, there isn't one. Money is good for siege weapons that are never used and respeccing, thats about it...

Mon Nov 10 2008 12:15AM Report
Iapi writes:

I just joined the forum to comment on this game. I generally like RPG's and especially sci-fi rpg's, but the only MMORPG that ever kept my attention at all was pre-NG SWG, so my opinion may not be that informed. This is my experience with a lvl 29 witchhunter.

I really wanted to like this game. I have played on/off since day 1, even though I didn't see the point after the first week. I guess I just wanted to believe it would get better at the later stages. But I'm done fooling myself.

This is simply one of the least immersive games I have played. There's nothing wrong with the graphics. But NPC's repeatedly say "Oye oye!," "You're a funny looking one!" or "What's that smell?" in a bad sounding British accent when you talk to them. They all have different names... but it's not like you'd care to notice. They're all the same.

The world is pitiful. Aside from the capital city, the rest of the cities are literally 5-10 npcs standing in a circle with signs above their heads indicating which ones are which. They either give you BORING quests, or they are a set NPC such as a trainer, merchant, flight master, or healer.

There is NO sense of wonder at arriving in a new area/city. Because all the merchants sell the same WORTHLESS gear and are only good for buying generic crafting supplies (same ones at every merchant). There are Rally Masters who give you a couple items of "special" loot for killing a bunch of mobs, but there is no sense of achievement for attaining these items. The stats on your new sword are a couple points higher than the last one, and you know the next Rally Master will be there in the next town offering another slightly better one, tomorrow.

Travelling around this world is very tedious. Despite the modest size of the maps, there seems to be only one stupid winding road to get from any point to another. You are forced to follow this road due to massive mountains blocking off your path. In the rare event that there is flat terrain, there are always mobs within spitting distance if you attempt to take a short cut, and even if they are much lower level than you, it's annoying to stop, target, and dispatch these mobs. So you end up galloping down a winding road for long minutes of boredom, fighting to maintain consciousness cuz of course the road is winding so you have to steer! This also removes any possible sense of exploration or discovery.

Economy: what economy? You pick up worthless junk items to sell to merchants. Merchants ALL have an identical set of worthless crap items and the only things you'll buy from them are some generic crafting supplies (which are basically free, but just wasting your time to click on them when you need them, but you can't just stock up because it'll take up all your invertory space). The good items you either get from Rally Masters or drops..... and they're all identical. If you go to the auction house, you'll find multiple example of the same crap that you have. So this leaves no wonder why the gold seller spam is becoming more rare... who the heck needs to buy gold  when there's no purpose for it?

Community: nonexistent. This world greets you with dead silence. No one uses world chat. I joined two guilds, and pretty much more silence and people doing scenarios.

Crafting: Simple, boring, unrewarding, pointless side game that just takes up inventory space and enables you to make some mildly useful things that are identical to everyone elses'.

Combat: PVE: yawn. Difficult to find a group for PQ's, which all force grouping. Was a ghost town before the server merger. Now you actually see other people in town.... not talking and waiting for scenarios to pop. 

PVP: Scenarios: button mashing lag fest. Kill, die, wait, respawn, go back and do it again. No smacktalk, cuz you can't talk to the other side.

Open RVR: exremely rare and contrived. In areas of "keeps" where RVR is supposed to happen, there is absolutely nothing else of interest. There is no compelling reason for single/small groups of players to be moseying around in RVR territory. Keeps are guarded by ridiculously powerfull NPCs. And there's nothing else there except a reknown trainer/merchant. So there's no reason for the holding team to stick around there, cuz there's nothing to do or experience until it's attacked. And single player/small groups have no reason to be there, cuz unless you have a huge siege group there's absolutely nothing to do in RVR territory. It might be different if there were some scarce resources available only in RVR territory, but there is NOTHING there except for empty buildings until there's an attack. So there are no gankings, hunting, or small skirmishes.

Worth the price of admission, I suppose, till level 20. But I just couldn't find anything worth sticking around for.



Mon Nov 10 2008 3:00AM Report
Iapi writes:

I'll also add that it's usually painfully evident which side is going to lopsidedly demolish the competition within the first 30 seconds of a scenario, often resulting in the losing side to start leaching players CUZ THERES  A FREAKING EXIT AT THE SPAWN POINT so the losing team can easily abandon the lost cause at their earliest convenience.

In a "sandbox" type game, players could arrange duels or battles with varying goals and rules against friend-opponents. In WarHammer, you can't talk to the opposing side. You can't make personal relationships with your opponents or revel in a discussion over the last great battle. Both sides are just cannon fodder in what is nearly inevitably a lopsided, button-mashing tromping.

Mon Nov 10 2008 3:42AM Report
Digna writes:

I would never judge a game at level 4. In WAR you can get to level 4 in about 30 minutes (if you've played hour if you are new and have any basic MMO skills). I will say that while I enjoyed leveling to 40, I essentially 'broke' the game for myself. I did primarily quests and would jump from racial 'chapter' to racial 'chapter' to do the quests and work the PQs. (My server was essentially destro owned and the first couple of weeks made scenarios a time sink rather than a benefit). Unfortunately as I did all 3 racial 'quest lines' I effectively killed going back with a different character of a diff race and getting the 'newness' all over again. The end game is sadly lacking, IMO. And the queuing for scenarios. Very disheartened. I haven't given up but am very reserved in my hopes for this game over time.

Mon Nov 10 2008 7:47AM Report
MrListerSir writes:

I cant believe judgments have been made by Level 4, I stand by every single comment I made in your prior "blog post" (part1) and clearly none of this can be taken seriously.

At level 4 you are not even out of the starting area....what a pathetic joke.

Mon Nov 10 2008 10:30AM Report
MrListerSir writes:

You also complain about Kill Quests being grindy at that level, the kill quests at that level involved killing 4 of one mob and 5 of another. 9 mobs for a quest is far from grindy.

The game could be the biggest hit since WoW, not that I am saying it is or isn't, and useless haters like the OP would still come here and tell us all what a pile of shit it is. It is simply the nature of a site such as this, where the admins allows any and all questionable content to be posted freely, as long as its called a "review" or tossed into a "blog".

Not even worth laughing over.

Mon Nov 10 2008 10:47AM Report
markoraos writes:

Get a PQ group going - that's what PvE in this game is all about. Single player quests are just a fill-in for those times you'd like some "time for yourself."

Spam that /1 channel that you're doing PQs and declare yourself open for grouping (the little button next to your portrait - it goes both ways you know).

Mon Nov 10 2008 11:50AM Report
Iapi writes:

MrLister:  I agree that you shoudln't give a review at lvl 4. But it doesn't change the fact that he's right.

As for the number of mobs you need to kill, it doesn't matter if it's just 1 mob that takes 1 sword swing to kill. It's still plain grinding, because after travelling to the quest area (then travelling all the way back to the quest giver) you only get a very small XP and option to do another similar "adventure," whereas doing scenarios will give you more XP and is practically the only way to advance your reknown rank.

In one of the patches, they noted that "now we have added the ability to REPEAT some tier 3 and 4 quests!" How grand.

Mon Nov 10 2008 1:17PM Report
Iapi writes:

The very first PQ I came across, I was immediately disappointed at how childish and contrived it was.

Sign: "Here, guys! This area has a kewl quest. Why don't you guys party up and kill these hundreds of mobs! The winners gets a bag of stoopid trinkets!"

Mon Nov 10 2008 1:20PM Report
Iapi writes:

... When there's anything worth looting, people will figure out where to get it, and they will even spawn camp. In this game, they clearly label the spots that are supposed to be interesting, and you're hard pressed to solicit people to even go there. The fact is the only way to get good gear is through reknown. The only way to get reknown is by PVP. The only way to get PVP is doing the same scenarios over and over.

Mon Nov 10 2008 1:27PM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:

stop denying it... you hate the game... it's boring to you... 2 days at still at lvl4? o.O!? only at lvl4 and already getting bored and making new chars? O.o!? come on... denial is ones ultimate destruction...

Mon Nov 10 2008 2:51PM Report
Dracofly writes:

I played a lot of MMO and Warhammer is one the most boring game I played. Anything you do is grinding or disguised grinding. And the only place where you could have fun and no grind is open RVR which is desperatly empty most of the time. /quit

Mon Nov 10 2008 4:41PM Report
Setsuno writes:

Quitted WAR after 2 weeks here, boring, slow and FLAT

Mon Nov 10 2008 11:14PM Report writes:
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