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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

The Warhammer Online Experience Day 1

Posted by BrianMMO Friday November 7 2008 at 9:47AM
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the DVD #1 couldn’t be read by my ‘PC DVD player properly. I’m wondering how the American publisher did his job.
After the installation and the activation of the account I could finally play Warhammer Online. The MMO which should last at least 3 months. If not, then the game is obviously *****. My expectations are a bit higher than average just because it’s a “pay to play” game. If you as a company ask money on a constant periode, you are competing with the A-class MMORPGs. You must give the player a reason not to stay at WoW, GW, Lineage 2 or Everquest. Most of the time it is the “new game” effect which draws many of them to the new competitors. Finally, new quests, new classes (well, not really ^^ ), new areas, etc. But seriously, how long can this last?
It is a matter of time till you did the last quest in this new game and then don’t know what to do next. Well, I’m a PvPer so that’s why I am even touching Warhammer at all.
I didn’t expect a good PVE game. Man, this is a WoW clone in so many ways that I sometimes wondered why I’m playing Warhammer Online at all. But I entered a scenario (PVP instance, very similar to WoW Battleground and the father of PVP instances Guild Wars) and I enjoyed it. Fighting against other lvl 1-10s was kinda fun. But will there be lowbies even in some months? Im lucky to join Warhammer at the relative beginning.
It’s Friday 7th. Next Thursday the new expansion of WoW is coming out.
Should I hurry before WoW wipes all servers in WH?
Even now players don’t answer when I say “hi” when I meet them on a random basis. This situation isn’t new. When I played LOTRO in the Open Beta and a trial after release, the same pattern occurred. I have no clue where this behaviour comes from.
I ended the day with lvl 2 of my nuker on the British “core” server. Core means PvE in this case. I also tried some other classes and other server types but I decided to go along with my dark elf nuker for a while.

Impression of the day:
PVE is very WoWish. PvP is amusing but I want more than just PVP instancing. I want real RvR. Well, im just not high enough. So let’s lvl a bit more before judging the entire PVP of this game.

MrListerSir writes:

To start, your DVD-ROM not reading the disc properly is your own computers issue.

Thats simply hilarious that you attempt to pin it on the publisher, when obviously your product is not defective, you did manage to get it installed - hardware issue my man, learn2diagnose.

This is mostly just a mish mashing of other commonly spewed, negative opinions. You couldn't even be bothered to use a spell checker for christ sake, I've seen elementary students with a better grasp on the english language. Maybe you should have gotten one of them to help you write this pile of garbage?

Making the most minimalist effort, especially when you are either young, uneducated or all of the above, causes credibility to be lost before you ever had the chance to gain it. All of this is really beside the point though, as you were very obviously not real open minded when you went into the game to begin with.

All in all, obvious teenager is obvious, and what a piss poor, half assed attempt at writing. Absolutely disgraceful.


Fri Nov 07 2008 11:38AM Report
Aetherial writes:


You would be wise to heed your own words before criticizing someone else's grammar. I see incorrect or missing capitalization, a comma splice error, an incomplete sentence, and that is just at first glance.

Consider this, and consider that you felt the original poster lost credibility.


Fri Nov 07 2008 11:50AM Report
JonMichael writes:

I had no problems with installation myself, so yes, it might have been a problem with your computer... or the actual DVD, but certainly not a widespread problem.

It's easy to tell from the tone of your blog that you're in the game to compare it to others.  If you're going to compare the PVE to WoW, add EQ, LOTRO, GW and the others... they're all similar.

When people use the WoW comparison, I stop reading.



Fri Nov 07 2008 12:15PM Report
BrianMMO writes:

I was googling about my installation problem and I’m not alone with it. Maybe and just maybe, it was my DVD player. But can you explain me why other games, especially offline games, NEVER make trouble?
I compared Warhammer with WoW cuz u have to take a game most readers are familiar with.
Myself, I would have preferred to take Guild Wars. But not everyone knows the features and content of GW.
Example: If I wanted to explain the Christian religion, I need another religion people know. If I take a sect, people get confused, right? :P
Warhammer wants to be different. You can feel it. But it’s undeniable that the graphics and some other things reminds you on …guess what….WoW
So far I haven’t made a real judgment on Warhammer Online. So save the critics for my review which I wrote some weeks later. ^^

Fri Nov 07 2008 2:45PM Report
MyPreciousss writes:

I'm tired of wasting my time on those ignorant "first impressions" lacking inspiration, depth and argumentation.

Fri Nov 07 2008 4:39PM Report
Pelagato writes:

wow... thats is amazing... someone actually expect grammar... here in a gaming forum lol...

I dont expect cherries from a orange tree dude... but sounds like u are...

If u want grammar go and add your-self to a college association or something like that... u are in the wrong place buddy, not to mention that english is the third most popular lenguage in the world... the first one is one of chinesse variants and second one spanish lol.... u hear right spanish blow out the water the english in popularity... i dont care why but there is more people talking spanish around than english ones...

Oh by the way... sometimes the disks comes from bad burns, even from the manufacturer....

Fri Nov 07 2008 8:56PM Report
daltanious writes:

Just burried, this post does not deserve anything more.

Sat Nov 08 2008 1:08AM Report
A1learjet writes:

Ill add for you switch your server now...if you enjoy  or are looking for PvP  then dont play anything but the RvR  or  open RvR servers..anywhere you go but the starter areas is  pvp  and dam fun it is.

And as for quest when you wont to stop from pvp  well there plenty to be  numerous and you just might get alittle PvPing in while your trying to do them.

Yep better ditch the server your on...Go to Praag but roll order please...Dark Elves cant Pk  each other.





Sat Nov 08 2008 1:54AM Report
NotArkard writes:

Ouch. So, yeah... Lot of things to cover.

DVD issue: Googling around isn't really the greatest source of information. I'm sure if I google "Warhammer: Online DVD caused my computer to develop a consciousness and kill my entire family" I'd find at least one other person that had this happen. Not only that, it's possible every post you read was resolved on the user side eventually, since it's more than likely faulty hardware or user-error.

I don't even think I could analyze your post and provide any coherent or useful tips for improvement. It's your experience with the game; nothing I can really change about that. The WoW-to-X-Game comparison has been done to death. Your experience with WAR also seems, very, very limited.

If you intend to provide a "first impressions" review, then the only thing you can really judge are: graphics, character creation, setting, and any other non-gameplay features. You can't compare anything but the initial PvE/PvP to any other game, because such comparisons tend to be extremely biased.

If you'll allow me to make an assumption, I'll say you've been around the WoW world for a bit, perhaps to even have a level 70 or two. Thus, a comparison between the PvE you've experienced throughout 70 levels in one game, is hardly any good when contrasted to the PvE experience of two levels in another game. It'd be like saying Resident Evil had a better ending than Fallout 3, after playing Fallout 3 for only 15 minutes.

Gremmatical and speeling arrors aside;! yuor post doesnt really convey a clear message to you're reader's? even if your not good with wrods, speeling or formating, you can make a clear statement of your thuogts and/or experie;nce wit a certain product.(see what i did thar).

It's not enough to swear, try to be witty, or compare X-game-that-was-released-two-months-ago to Y-game-that's-been-in-the-market-for-four-years. There has to be a clear and valid point somewhere in there, and all I saw were bits and pieces of subjective thoughts sprinkled with comparisons to other games, with no real break-down of similarities and/or differences.

If you want to improve, well, there's your feedback. If you don't care for feedback, well, then that's that.

Sat Nov 08 2008 10:14AM Report
Kyleran writes:

Actually, to all the doubters out there, funny the OP should mention a DVD installation problem.  I ran into the same issue however since I had purchased 2 copies of the game I was able to switch the one copy of the 2nd disk that was working.  Not my player, brand new computer and is working great.

OP voiced his opinion of the game, and that's what blogs are for I suppose. Not surprising to see all the posts denoucing the OP as a hater and that his opinions are invalid (is such a thing even possible?)


Sat Nov 08 2008 6:21PM Report
lornj writes:

buried this post. when doing a review of a game dont compare it to others and your experiences in other MMOs. instead actually try to write about the game itself and what you thought about it.

Sun Nov 09 2008 2:33PM Report writes:
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