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MMORPG Addiction

When does a game become your life? I remember playing simple console games such as street fighter, mortal combat, and zelda. These games all attracted my attention but had some end. You could beat a boss or battle through different levels, all leading to

Author: BrendonB

Game Addiction

Posted by BrendonB Tuesday January 8 2008 at 4:57AM
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It was Christmas day. My sister woke me up. I felt like crap because I stayed up til 3am playing Diablo 2. I slugged into the kitchen area where my family was patiently awaiting my arrival. My hair stuck up, I had bags under my eyes, and I was wearing some boxer shorts with a blanket wrapped around me. Thankfully, my attitude was gratiful for the feast that lay before me. After saying thank you and finishing the eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and biscuits, we headed for the christmas presents. Family tradition is to take the old video camera and photo camera out to document the festive day. I still looked like hell and didn't really have the energy to put some clothes on. My blanket acted as cover. After all the presents, after all the trash was slung around the tree, I needed my early hit.--Diablo 2. Even on video tape, I look anxious and ready to get back to my favorite past-time.

I always wondered  why that game controlled me for nearly two years. There were only four acts-then five with the expansion. You couldn't ride a mount, own a house, or customize your character besides gear--yet, this simple game wouldn't let me go. I eventually broke the disc in half, then bought the game again, then broke the disc again, ect. I have around 3-4 copies of Diablo 2 and the expansion because of how many times I broke the disc on purpose. WHY?!

My answer is simple:  I'm addicted to computer games. I've played dozens of these virtual worlds since and each time, the immersion gets better and better. I was 15 then, now I'm 21. I can control my behavior now, thankfully, but it illistrates a dangerous time in my hobby which I call MMORPGs.


(I know-Diablo 2 isn't an MMORPG)

patas writes:

thats right, I'm pretty adult now and simple dont have a time to play, but sometimes I even force my self to play at least a hour. Last year I got addicted from WoW on two month, after that I couldnt play more, because the game simple wasnt attractive enough for me anymore. So I had to force myself to play, to increase my level, to get some fun...

Addiction is bad, but when you can control it... thats a hobby

Tue Jan 08 2008 6:41AM Report
LordConan writes: Well thats the main idea behind mmo:s, they are supposed to be addictive to us and keep us PLAYing and PAYing. They offer an immersive world just like the author said, many use that to escape reality (me included). It offers many things people are striving for in Real Life but for much less effort: sense of accomplishment and progress (character development), feeling of importance and pride (phat loot), etc.. But. "You can escape the reality. But you cannot escape the consequences of escaping reality." I learned this the hard way. Tue Jan 08 2008 8:23AM Report
patas writes:

well matie,

our real life is mostly piece of cr@p, some people are rude, some are stupid, sometimes you cannot afford what you want, sometimes you just want to stop thinking about something. in virtual world you can allow yourself to realize the wishes your wishes, you can get a glory, you can be vainglorius, you can get kill people, making them sad, or you can help them, making them happy. you can get all these stuff for a very short time. someone offended you at work? go and kill someone in the game!

what I experienced, its when I had very hard time in my life, by an accident one of my very close friend was close to death and I couldnt stop thinking about it, I was trying to do all stuff I usually do, reading, working, watching movies, nothing helped, but when I tryed to play I understood that I completely absorbed by the virtual world and I dont think about anything else except "okey, whats the next quest, aha, I must go there now" and it really helped me to pass that black line in my life.

Tue Jan 08 2008 8:55AM Report
LordConan writes: patas: I'm glad to hear that you manage to use games in constructive maner, thats great. I think thats why I love playing games too, you can relax and forget all troubles for a while. Thats awsome. I was just making a point that games have this compelling/addictive element on purpose. However it doesnt automaticly make you an addict and make you abuse games. Tbh I think under some circumstances in life one might be prone to addiction of any kind (due to emotional problems) it might be games, but it could just as well be work, drugs, alcohol, shoping, eating, sport etc etc... (I'm just speak from my experience, I have no intention to prove anyone else wrong) Tue Jan 08 2008 10:02AM Report
slyths writes:

i love this cràppy world we are all in... i love the ppl who lie; who joke who mock others; who argue with others; ecc. Simply because this things make this "cràppy" alive. Instead in virtual worlds what u get is only the immagination of one or a group of ppl. I'm not sayin' i hate mmorpg's or stuff like that (i've played several mmo's).... i'm just asking u to not consider it as another world.

Tue Jan 08 2008 10:07AM Report
Jamkull writes:

Yeah I know what you mean, honestly I don't have any major goals in life.  Guess it could be because of me being just a simple person by nature, I really don't care for material wealth all that much.  Just enough so that i'm well off and i'm able to pay the bills and be able to do my all time favorite pass time which is play video and pc games.  I'm happy...  my mom is the one that started me gaming on old coin-ops back in the early '80s then we owned an atari then a nintendo when they came out.  I got my first PC when i was 15, which was a 286 type system  back in '88. 

Overall I'm a very intelligent person, I know a lot about programming and game development.  I've understood every area of which games are developed.  I know I would be an outstanding employee for game development if i could somehow get a break at doing so.  Because i'm just such a die-hard fan of gaming period I would end up working non-stop until everything was done and in the best of quality.  But something tells me when you make your favorite hobby your job it no longer is that fun :P

But all in all i don't see it as a bad thing as long as it doesn't effect my work or anything else in my life.  But I do spend an incredible amount of time gaming and life is good.  I have a wonderful and beautiful fiance for whom is also a gamer so there is plenty of mutual understanding there as well as many other facits.  All i can say it's all good :)

Tue Jan 08 2008 10:08AM Report
patas writes:


Well, according to your profile you are 17y.o. it means that you havent seen the real life yet, the real people as they could me. When I finished the university I was... lets just say, a bit shocked.  And after a few years I got accustomed with that thing. And I know how people can be rude, avoiding their conscience, and lies, its not that lies that maybe you get used to see, like someone told you about something that is not a truth. Its when you did a huge job by making a project, and your colleague told to boss that he did it, and he got a reward for it 1000euros, but you got nothing. Would you enjoy such thing? I'm pretty sure, no.

I just dont like to see a black stuff. Not only the local things, but the world stuff too. I dont feel alive, the only thing I see in our major society is degradation. Including cinema (these Saw series for example) and politics (these local and external conflicts).

I'm not saying that we all need to stay inside the virtual world, no. I have other stuff in my life which I put a soul on. But such thing like games, help me too and how, I said above.

Tue Jan 08 2008 10:31AM Report
devacore writes:

It's beautiful.  Games can teach you self control, reality and more.  If you become consumed by a game then work you're way out; you begin to learn how to manipulate emotions and feelings. This mental growth is priceless.  I believe only through suffering will one see the truth. 

Games can open your eyes to a new plain of consciousness or at least for some.  Ever ask yourself what makes a dream a dream and reality real.  Master the three illusion of reality and you'll find the idea of self, somewhat vague.  I digress but I truly love seeing people grow in positive ways.  I would love for more people to see pass the follies and work towards grander plans.. never know.

Tue Jan 08 2008 2:00PM Report
sh4dowst4lkr writes:

Games are a good thing when you can control yourself and have fun, it helps since life and the real world suck but don't give up.

Tue Jan 08 2008 4:39PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

Good post BrendonB. I used to be pretty hooked on some MMORPG once too. It was the last thing i spend time before going to sleep and it was the first thing I though when I woke up. While studying and trying to maintain your job, girlfriend and dog there just wasn't enough hours in one day for you to play and sleep on top of that. Pretty soon I became more or less zombie and on weekends I just acted like it was a one long day with no need to sleep. I even lied to my girlfriend when she woke up on mornings and said: "Yeah I've already slept and woke up really early today..." Oh, and that's when you faced the one big question: "Take another beer for the taste and joy and get tired - or make some coffee to keep you up?" :)

Well, don't remember how long I managed to pull this off but after one vacation when I was few weeks without computer it hit me. I realised my life hasn't been actually that good for a long time, since it was horrible to think mostly in-game stuff all the time and keep your real life in control. So I closed my game account, threw the game away and started to act more "normal".

I still do play games and mostly MMORPGs but I know where the border between sane and insane goes and I'm glad I myself was the one putting and end to my bad addiction. :)

Tue Jan 08 2008 9:34PM Report
Whesky writes:


I don't usually read blogs and when I do I've only really read most of them through fast. Yours picked my interest because I got similiar memories like you do.

My game was SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) and at that time I was 14-15 (I'm 20 now, still a youngling). I sat up all night, all day and played this game with some 'online' buddies. We chatted through microphone etc. I kept playing it intesely for 1 year I think.

I remember even skipping visiting my cousins at christmas and stayed home alone playing SWG,  I loved it, and for some reason it's a good memory of mine. Just as my brothers first MMORPG is a good memory of his, though he wasn't addicted when he played it.

I can't come up with the reason as of  why I was playing so much. I think it had to do with maybe my future plans at that time ( I had none ), I was skipping school alot and that made me feel good, and maybe  in the same way  SWG made me feel good.

Now, like you, I can also control my gaming, though I still play ALOT now and then. Just these past two weeks all I've done was play Dark Age of Camelot-- I'm about to break that soon though, with work and my editing of my short-movie coming up, also gonna begin writing my next screenplay in 1 month or so.

I am also aware of the addicts in my family both of my Grandfathers were alcoholics ( My mums dad died when he was 60 of a heart-attack ).

All in all. I think that I still use MMORPGS to escape reality. But I still got ambitions I want to take care of, like my writing and interest in writing screenplays. For me it sometimes feels like I have to pick 1, thinking like this I always end up skipping responsibilities and play more PC. It's that inner voice that says 'Fuck it' , my dad admitted his inner voice often says the same.

I'll keep an eye on this blog post. It was nice to get reminded of gaming addiction, when it gets outta control etc.

All the best to you fellow gamers.


Wed Jan 09 2008 2:12AM Report
ycluk writes:

I started playing games when I was 13, about to entered junior high, and I will be 30 this year.

I love games. In this shitty world, it makes me feel I can be what I want to be in games and forget how bad real life is.

I still remember when diablo 1 came out, I was only on a Pentinum 120MHz CPU computer. I played 16 hours non-stop.

However, as I grow older, there are more life responsibities, and there are more experience playing games, so I don't get excited as before because I can feel if new games coming out are similar to what I have played or not.

Life enforces you to take attention aways from games, and more games you play, you will see some of them are essentially the same but just different look or background, so you will get bored fast if you don't play different kinds of games or lack of innovation games.

You are still young, you probably still don't have much life responsiblilites,  and as you grow older, you will move more and more away from game, either life forecs you or you force yourself, 1 way or the other.

No matter how good the game world is, it's still a game, and it can never replace life.

Wed Jan 09 2008 3:00AM Report writes:
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