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Bowbow's brainstorming sessions

I love to propose ideas, So this blog will be to post my ideas about CU, regarding any topics i can think of. I do tend to write long posts, so make yourself comfortable, and i hope my english will be good enough ! Thanks for reading !

Author: BowbowDAoC

Souls in CU : So many possibilites opening up !

Posted by BowbowDAoC Friday May 3 2013 at 10:22PM
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The souls in CU ...Here comes a long thread (oonce again)


I thought it would be nice to think about what could be done with souls, if the BSC idea from CSE is implemented eventually

Quote from MJ "What if when you kill another player, you get a piece of his or her is that player hurt by it ? gain something you can use or even the crafter can use"

I think it's an interesting concept, that could lead to some very interesting possibilities, but just like any BSC ideas, has to be thought carefully. So here is all that i can think of regarding Souls.

How Souls will be "distributed" on the battlefield ?


This is basically the most important question about Souls. You want the Souls to be given in a "fair" way. So i'll basically suggest a few questions and we can discuss the consequences of it after


- Will the Soul be given to the person who got the deathspam ? 

- Will the Soul be "divided" to everyone that contributed to the death of that player (damage dealers, healers that done some healing in the fights, buffers for their buffs that helped the fight) ?

- Will souls be some kind of glowing orbs that floats over someone's body when he dies , and the first person that picks it up owns it ? (Was mainly a question but i hope this will not the way it goes...too many issues there...speed classes would have advantages, long range caster would probably never end up picking a single one...etc)

- Would they be glowing orbs that instantly travels to the players that earned a piece of that soul ?

Because obviously, not only damage dealers should be able to collect more souls just because they do the most damage, its a group thing, so everyne should have their piece of the pie. If we i.e. transfer the Soul into Soul Points, it would be easier to distrubute but if the part that MJ also mentionned "what if you can put a bounty on someone to get your soul back" would then become pretty hard, as there could be 8 players who has part of your soul. One player in the group could possibly be chosen randomly (or according to the overall contribution of that player's death), to be the "official Soul bearer" of one's soul (would not be set in stone, every time someone dies, the "official part" of the soul would be given randomly).


How long can we keep someone's soul ?

That will mostly define what can we do with the souls; if we can only keep it for a specific amount of time, we won't be able to do the same things with them that if we can keep them indefinatly or trade them.

Should souls from players that dont die often worth more than those who die all the time ?

It could be an interesting way to go, but of course this could add complication : Instead of having "souls" per say, we would then end up with "soul points", wich could eventually lead to a misconception that soul points are just replacing Realm Points. Personally thats not an direction i would go, but then again, ideas ideas ideas.


What could we do with the Souls ? Here i will suggest many ideas, some would probably not even be possible due to unknown factors, basically just brainstorming as usual.

Many different things ! If the souls can only be kept for a specific amount of time, then they could be used instantly for (suggestions only)

- short duration stat or skill buffs of any kind

- heals

- extra damage

- traps/"mine"

- allows a short duration teleport to the Veil


But if the souls can be kept indefinatly, it brings a ton of great options regarding what we can do with them. (I personnally hope it would be this way, it opens up so much more possibilities)

1)  they could serve as imbue points when spellcrafting an item. You would need those souls

First of all, Souls could be traded between players. Souls could have specific "values" or purposes, depending on the player's class from wich the soul comes from (that i think is pretty awesome). Here is what i mean : you could have "tank souls" "caster souls" "crafter souls" and so on. This would be very awesome to implement this, as the souls could be used to imbue weapons, armors and jewelry.

Exemples (i tend to use examples a lot since i'm not always sure if i'm being clear lol) : A tank soul could be used to imbue an item for : strength bonus, constitution, weapon skills....Caster's soul would be for : intel bonus, mana, spell effectiveness...Crafter's soul for : better chances of making a higher quality item, reduce amount of ressources needed to craft something....and so on.

Doing it this way would give some interesting trading values to souls. And also, it makes sense that souls are different depending oh whom it is coming from.

2) Souls could be used to "unlock" some new skills or spells (not like Realm points/abilities, but i.e. you could unlock a 4 seconds stun shield slam with 20 tank souls and 5 caster souls (think of this suggestion as recipes)

3) Souls could be used to permanently raise your stats : obviously each new points added in one stat would require more and more souls. (i.e. 1st point = 25 souls...2nd = 100....3rd=  400, etc). no hard cap, but it could be so costly to do so that it would discourage most players to gather i.e.

4) you could "drop" souls in the Veil, they could be used as decoys agaisnt Veil creatures ( i see a problem with this one....VWs could abuse of this and avoid the risks usually attached to being in the veil for too long....But had to mention it, this is just brainstirming after all)

5) In the Depths, they could be used as "baits" for the npc creatures...a kind of npc magnet. when you lose the Depths, the souls could be placed at various places to create some hard spots for the incoming realm to pass. Also WHen MJ mentionned his BSC idea about the depths, and how players could control the npcs, oone solution to finding out WHO will control the big mean creature, everyone that wants to control it could toggle it on or off, and the one player that has the most souls, and is willing to sacrifice the souls he own could be the one controlling the monster. that would also fit well into the Depths concept that already has various creatures in it. controlling a minor npc could cost 1 soul, medium oone 5 points etc. 

So, basically, it would be the souls combined with the living thing that is the Veil that allows ghostly creatures and such to actually exist as some kind of physical entity within the Depths.

6) Souls could be used to enhance magical resistance on buildings, walls, etc

7) Souls could be used as "alarms" too : i.e. you use a soul on a keep door, when the door begins to be broken by ennemy realm, the person who placed the soul would know it (and why not the soul's owner too ? it could this way have all 3 realms at the same keep. the one that was attacking it, the one that owns it, and the soul's owner would run there to try and take back his soul)

8) Souls could be used to open a portal between the land and the Veil (i.e. 10 souls needed to cross, 10 more needed to cross back)

9) funny one : owning someone'else soul could make it possible to look "through" the soul's owner eyes for a few minutes. of course the soul owner could find out about it, or not, (i.e. saving throw). after i.e. 5 minutes, you lose that ability, and lose that soul.

10) possibly a good suggestion here regarding rezzes : Souls could be mandatory to rez someone. it would allow rezzes, but would cost alot (Souls SHOULD be very valuable, thus not spend it lightly). The spell itself should also be costy manawise and time wise, but if you add a soul cost to it, everyone would think about it twice before rezzing someone. also:  the more powerful the dead person is, the more souls could be needed. Also, you could NOT rezz a tank with i.e. a caster's soul.

11) A FREAKING HUGE quantity of souls could maybe allow a realm to summon a dragon ? an even greater amount could allow someone from the realm to control it ?

12) building a house with souls put in the walls could make it more resistant to destruction


The things you could do with souls is basically endless, but in the end, i think there should plenty of ways to use those souls, not just a few. For diversity reasons, it could also prevent from a long term overuse of souls into 1 specific way to use them, which could eventually lead to some kind of imbalances between old and new players. 

Thanks for reading !







TimothyEisenzimmer writes: 2 in one night! Stop setting the bar so high for the rest of us! Fri May 03 2013 11:29PM Report
TimothyEisenzimmer writes: Another good read btw Fri May 03 2013 11:30PM Report
Warcub writes:

Heres a copy/paste of my earlier comments in KS.


Id like to see my weapons imbued with my enemies souls. For example... You could make the souls of a person con differently. Like a n00b level 10 in the field that you kill is a Green con soul. Or that Level 50 guy you killed was a purple con soul. You can then use the same soul colors to combine and make better enchantments for your weapons. Combine 10 (same con color ) player souls to a weapon = 5% faster attack speed or style damage or the like. Just thoughts...

Tue May 07 2013 1:00PM Report writes:
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