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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

My MMO idea,

Posted by Borme22 Tuesday September 16 2008 at 7:47AM
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 Well, I've had a MMO idea for the longest time never got it down really, so Today I'm gonna throw a good amount of ideas out and see what sticks. No, I am Not a Programer.

I just act like one ^.^

Begin Long list now.

Age of the Clans:

Story: In the times of old, or what would be 50 years ago in your years, Mankind lived in Paradise. Massive cities filled the land, and Mankind thought it self greater than Everyone else. How ever with the discovery of the old city of "Atlantis"  a strange Plague was released. The plague Was spread electronically and killed mercilessly, Man and Woman were destroyed and Mankind's great wonders Render Powerless.  However, The plague spared something that no one thought it would, Children. Now, The children live in the shattered world, with four clans to govern them. They must band together to fight a Greater Darkness..


Ok, That may have sound a little odd, but, yeah short stuff: It's a Post-apocalyptic world, all adults were destroyed 50 years ago, so WIth no Technology, Four Clans Were formed, Dewdrop, Dragonheart,Cat Clan, Stone Clan. 


As stated above, There are four Clans, That you can play as.

Dewdrop - A Group of Rangers from the North.

Cat Clan - Female Hunters that live in the Great Forests of the east, Though a few men have been spotted amongst there ranks.

Stone Clan - Proud Warriors from the mountains to the west. Men are considered powerful, whilst woman are just now trying to get rights.

Dragonheart - Refuges from the south, that live in the swamps, They were once evil, however there new leader "Blood-bane" has made them a Kinda and peaceful nation.

There are only Humans in this world..

The Clans Will be working together however, If you are A Stone Clan, You cannot gain rep with Cat Clan. Then you may chose to either gain rep with Dragonheart or Dewdrop. But, Not both.


The Class system is rather hard to explain, so Bear with me.

You start out in any of the clans As a "Recruit"  during this time you gain skill for each of the "Fields"

At level 10 you get to choose a "Field" you would like to go into, The three fields are, Warrior, Specialist or Crafter.

At 20, You get to choose even Further, So, For instance, Say you picked,  Specialist, You could choose either, Alchemist, Dragonlogest or Bard.

At 30, You go even further, Lets say you went with Alchemist,  You could choose, Bomb-Brandger, Herblist or Toxin Wilder.

and lastly, At level 40, you choose one of Two classes depending on your class. if you chose Herblist, Then you could be a Deflier, a Combo of The Herblist and Toxin Wilder, or you could be a Boomer (They make things go boom.)

Game Type:

To define a game like this, would be hard. The truth is that is it Very Real, But, With just a hint of fantasy.

Severs Types:

I really want to have a good amount of Diversity in the severs so that everyone can enjoy them selfs.

All severs are Divided into two categories, Casual and Hardcore.

On Casual Severs, You get a bonus to logging off, and there are Fewer Elite Mobs, However, you have a lower Chance for good loot..

On Hardcore Severs, The longer you are active, the more exp and Bonuses you'll get. However, There are more elite Mobs and there for you'll need a group much more. Although, You get better loot if your in a group...

Then, You can choose between PvE Severs and PvP severs,

On PvE severs, NPCs are Harder and All Clans work together.

On PvP Severs, Dewdrop and the Cat Clan fight for control against Dragonheart and Stone Clan.

Then, on Casual severs you can choose if you want a normal sever or a Kid-Safe sever, which makes the players use a Pre-written Chat like in Wizard 101, There is also Dictonary Chat.


Things to understand:

You Do Not only play as children, However they May be a Ageing sytem ingame.

There are a few things that are not Normal, Dragons, Great Worms, Wargs (Many Dogs after the Plague), Dinousars(The atmosphere is being changed, By what, We may not know..) The Lords (Powerful beings that Are)

Gonna Add more to this later, So keep looking.

Resin213 writes:

 I spend a lot of time making up MMOs in my head myself, so I can appreciate your post.

I think your best idea is post-apocalyptic children only world.  I would explain less about how this came to happen, make it confused, with conflicting stories, perhaps each clan could have their own version.

I like skill based instead of class based-but whatever. I think you should drop the "Age of" between AoC and War we've just seen enough. Finally what level of realism do you aim for, is their magic, scifi, or gritty realism? All of the above with an emphasis on...?

I think the real fun of such an MMO would be working the child angle.  Things like finding a modern day movie/news clip or book and interpreting it completely wrong, perhaps unable to either read, distinguish fact from fiction, or just not having the background info.

I think genetic cloning experiments, created to resist a more common mutated pandemic - but again it doesn't have to be spelled out.

Tue Sep 16 2008 10:18AM Report writes:
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