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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

More, WAR open beta impressions.

Posted by Borme22 Sunday September 14 2008 at 7:21AM
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Well, I got some Real PvP in yesterday, I have to say they do make it easier to find PvP fights, A Little Dot on your map that looks like red two swords. The PvP is PvP in any game, though they do try to make it "fun"

Well, I don't have much to say about WAR..

But, I will tell you I'm not going to buy it.. It's Good PvP and Aweful PvE.

LotRO has Good PvE and Good PvP (Which is really PvMP)..

WoW made everything easy to it doesn't matter that PvP was Meh, and the PvE was Meh..

So, Bottom line, I'm sticking with LotRO, Monster Play is awesome.

I am not saying that LotRO is a better game, I just like it more.


And No, I don't want Darkfall either.

fantazmat writes:

 Omg so why you wrote this shit... stop discouraging people.. it sux. when ppl write comments about it and then in the conclusion they say it sux and they like wow anyway.. so get lost.. we dont care what you think. i mean i dont if you ask me. I know one thing, i know i like WAR and its the best mmo atm. Its my opinion but i am not writing blogs like "WoW sux, WAR is the best" stop saying u go back  to lotro, who cares. omg ;o  geezus........ when you write the bog bout war try to be fair and wirte some facts and if you dont wanna do that just dont write anything.

Sun Sep 14 2008 7:31AM Report
gan3f writes:

Congratz you like a PVE game.. well stick to your PVE games then and don't judge a games content for the 20 mins you probably actually played it. I am sure you know absolutely nothing about warhammers pve at all. and if you do please inform me about those things you have tried and accomplished in the PVE part of the game.  If you cannot then you have no right to post about a games content w/o trying it fully.

Sun Sep 14 2008 7:54AM Report
just1opinion writes:

To the above 2 posters...

Last time I checked, blogs were for writing your opinion.  Everyone is entitled to HAVE one of those.  You don't like his or hers?  So what?  Apparently immaturity dictates that you flame the person for writing their opinion if it differs from your own.  Congratulations for looking immature?

He/she did STATE that it was their OPINION and they preferred another game.  When will forum posters grow up?

I've been playing WAR since the Preview Weekend now, and frankly...I wasn't that "AWED" either.  The game isn't for everyone...NO game is.  Play what you like.  Everyone has a right to spend their money wherever they want.  For ME...Warhammer is just missing something.  There are things about it that I really really like, and things that just leave me...."meh."  And I seriously doubt that there won't be a LOT of people that feel THAT way, and a lot of people that just "love it" as well.  Does it really MATTER????

Sun Sep 14 2008 8:57AM Report
fantazmat writes:

 Omg dude, but look above you see 900 k ppl there registered.. plz but i dont want them all to create blog writing 2 sentences "im goin back to wow, war sux" sry

Sun Sep 14 2008 9:09AM Report
toddze writes:

People have a have a right to write their opinion. The readers have a choice to read it.

If you cant understand this then a MMO coverage website is not for you. I found this blog helpfull as I am a PvE fan and I like hearing what other PvE'ers have to say, but granted he didnt have alot of time to play so I know he could  not have played all the PvE in WAR.

Sun Sep 14 2008 10:45AM Report
Hugolin writes:

war is the fucking same as sucks gamplay is more of the same...

its just another game...nothing else

Sun Sep 14 2008 12:10PM Report
Kaelaan21 writes:

Regarding the blog, a lot of people will be playing WAR for the RvR and will for the most part ignore the PvE. It does have some nice PvE World Quests, but yeah, I can see why most would think that the standard PvE quests are 'meh'.

Girlgeek, you are absolutely correct. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, as with everything in life, voicing your opinion has a consequence. Not everyone will agree with your opinions and will share their feelings about your opinion.

Arguing that someone can't post their opinions about an opinion - but should be able to post a blog on their own opinion is ignorant. And No... that wasn't my opinion, it is a fact by definition.

Sun Sep 14 2008 12:12PM Report
tirallum writes:

I think the poster made a clear statement. The pve in War is not even worth to mention, and he will continue playing LOTRO which also has PvP he finds enough.

If any is gonna state that War's PvE is more elaborated than WoW's or LOTR's, feel free ;)

In my case, perhaps I'll try out War for the RvR (though I *hate* zerg style). Not worried about the PvE at all, but it's a shame it's not up to the current main games of the industry, and the only vending point of WAR is RvR.

Sun Sep 14 2008 4:15PM Report
Anzie writes:

so basically you're saying

wow suck

buy WAR!!!


GTFO seriously

Sun Sep 14 2008 6:55PM Report
piotrsan writes:

Well well look at those comments ,see what kind of community warhammer will get , the same kiddie crowd you can find in wow.Just look at those comments , thats a discouragement enough not to buy warhammer.




Sun Sep 14 2008 7:25PM Report
Cotswold writes:

... /yawn... wake me up when someone says something worth hearing.

Sun Sep 14 2008 8:47PM Report
Totuka writes:

Warhammer online is a great game love the pve and  public quest system and after  hrs of doing and  i want to differant taste of the game i can go kill some  people in  RVR which is a nice break from quest grinding

For those who want to bash Warhammer,WoW,Lotr and other games remember this we all have differant taste in games  thats the beauty of this gamingage we live in we have a choice to find what we like so there all great games find one  you love to play and play it ignore the little kids bashing your game and have fun good luck and may the gaming gods smile on you

Sun Sep 14 2008 11:19PM Report
crawlspace writes:

 Lotro has decent pvp at times. I wouldn't say its great. WAR is 100x better IMO.

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:15AM Report
Squirv01 writes:

While the search for legitimate, fact based information about any game is what I'm looking for on a message board about MMORPG's, all this bickering is what adds entertainment.  Please continue.  I ROFL whenever I see these sort of posts.

Mon Sep 15 2008 7:52AM Report
USFPutty writes:

1)  No one cares what you want.

2) No one wants to hear your opinion on the original poster's opinion.  If you have a different opinion, post your own editorial.  Your comment on someone else's opinion, especially one as poorly written and useless as the first two here, are just proof that you are, in fact, a tool.  And an uneducated one at that.

Bottom line, this person posted their opinion on the game and why they think that.  If those points are valid to you, take the advice and move on.  It may affect your choice later.  If the points are not valid, or you disagree with the conclusions, ignore the advice and MOVE ON.  Your inept rebuttal of stilted English isn't changing anyone's mind, and is essentially verbal masturbation.


Thu Sep 18 2008 2:36PM Report writes:
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