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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

How do we encourage Grouping?

Posted by Borme22 Monday September 8 2008 at 3:26PM
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Grouping in MMOs seems to be Dying, And A good amount of Bloggers and Others in the MMO community Want  "Encourage Grouping"  But, How?

In WoW,  a Group was Rare, expect in Guilds (But, then came Guild Drama).. and Then If you wanted a PUG you were "Odd" becuase *Everyone Know that The Only good Players are in Guild* :Roll Eyes: And They Put you into a Group when you PvP

In DDO, Group is Forced, Pushed, and Required for you to Continue in the Game. Never Played the PvP..

In LotRO, The Epic Quest Chain forces you to group and get things done, Not too badly though..In the Ettenmoors, (The PvP zone for LotRO) You Must Group up on Creep side because, On the Freep Side, A Freep can Solo Two Creeps..

In WAR,  Pubic Quest tell you it's Great to Group, buuutttt.. You don't Have to.. And In the PvP (It's not RvR, It's PvP It's Not "Unique") Well, I can't really Comment , I've not been the PvP

What Can you do?


(And, No, I don't know what to do either..)

Meltdown writes:

I really like what WAR did with the grouping mechanic. It made the "group" less cubersome. The idea of public groups where you just click a button and start fighting alongside people. It's a fantastic idea. We have come a long way from using /shout and /ooc as a means to LFG!!!

But I agree, grouping has become seen as cumbersome. I remember playing through EQ and not even thinking about how much LFG sucked. Heck I played a rogue, one of the worst soloing classes and I made it, so why am I so picky now? I think we've just been spoiled with solo game mechanics and it takes games like DDO, EQ or FFXI that "force" you into groups to play. Another method I perfer is giving groups VERY big benefits vs. solo play. Like huge xp bonuses, drop rates, etc. Think about games like Diablo II. The more players in the game, the harder the mobs, the more xp and the more/better the drops.

Mon Sep 08 2008 4:51PM Report
SteamRanger writes:

I'll start by telling you what not to do. Forced grouping accomplishes nothing but making people look for the cancel button. I always liken it to your mother making you play with the kids down the street. Some people (like myself) will rarely ever group. We have our own reasons and, as paying customers, we're entitled to experience the game on our own terms. Groups are time-consuming and I've often found that being in a group forces me to hurry when I may just want to casually play at my own pace.

The answer to your question is really very simple. It relies on the community, which is the biggest stumbling block to players reluctant to group, If you are one who consistently needs to be in a group, then be the person people will want to group with. Swearing at other players for perceived missteps is a no-no and will cause you to be exluded, as will having a stupid name. MMO players need to learn better manners instead of crying to developers to "Make them play with me!"

Because we won't. We'll just leave and find something else to do.

Mon Sep 08 2008 4:51PM Report
Abrahmm writes:

I agree, grouping needs to be encouraged and prominent in MMO's. The idea of solo play that seems to have taken over the genre is the exact opposite of what the genre is supposed to be about. What is the point of playing an MMO if you only want to play solo all the time? Play a single player if thats what you want.

Here is how I think grouping could be encouraged.

Eliminate penalties for grouping, and even provide bonuses to grouping. Make grouping way faster leveling than going solo. Give an xp bonus for leveling in a group. Give a damage bonus, or a damage mitigation bonus for being in a group. Provide a large amount of difficult multiperson quests that give better rewards than the solo quests.

I believe with more grouping you get a better community. In a community that requires no grouping, there is no reason for the players to act mature or considerate. While in a game that requires grouping, people that act out of line will quickly make a bad name for themselves.

Mon Sep 08 2008 6:27PM Report
Resin213 writes:

 I'm not sure about the penalty/bonuses bit. I don't like spending a lot of time looking, I much prefer to solo until I find a group that looks good. I do think encouraging grouping is a good thing though having strong buff and debuff classes is one way to do this or possibly aura based buffs. I also like pressure pad operated traps and doors.

Mon Sep 08 2008 9:12PM Report
Dibdabs writes:

I hate grouping with strangers and just won't do it.  I solo 90% of the time, and apart from that I'll play with RL friends, but that's it.  I don't really want to be "forced" to group, either!

Tue Sep 09 2008 9:03AM Report
jeddak writes:

Grouping is the best and worst of mmo's. If you could weed out the anti-social types and give the soloers a comfort zone when it comes to grouping you'd have a hit on your hands. As a confirmed soloer I loved grouping in ddo early on but hated it later due to 2 things. Raid design and the necessity for precision and raid leader dominance as they played the game by the numbers or face failture. I can't deal with such a loss of freedom.

Fri Sep 12 2008 7:30AM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

Are you crazy? Forcing players to work together is what every game does these days even FPS types, in fact theres too fucking much of it. It's only fun if you have a friend to do it with, and if you have one you don't need encouragement.

Sun Sep 14 2008 4:31PM Report writes:
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