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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

10 Things I wish More* MMOs had..

Posted by Borme22 Friday September 5 2008 at 7:39AM
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Hello, I am Borme, You haven't heard of me, But, I've Been around, I've Created Blogs on many sites so, I can get my Thoughts out. The Main Site Is But, You'll get Posts on the Site you found this on.

Here is 10 Things I wish more MMOs had, In order to establish a Profile of Who I am as a Gamer.

10. A well thought out lore. I hate it when you are plopped down in a world with no idea where you are, What you are doing there , or Why the Heck the Cows hate you so darn much!
9. Things to do outside of Combat. Sometime, I wonder who Enjoy just grinding all day long. When Did Grind become Fun? Things like, Racing Mounts,Fishing, Crafting..Is it so hard to have a Little Fun in an MMO?
8. A Good Crafting System. Crafting alone is good, I enjoy making armor for myself, But, Why don't give Exp for it? Would it be too hard?
7. Different sever types. I don't mean, "PvP" Or "RP" severs, I mean, "Casual" and "Hardcore" And "Kid-friendly" and "Mature only" That way the little kids with the whinny voices can stay out my Game..
6. Choices within the Game. Is it hard to add in that a Player Can Be Good or Evil? I am Always the good guy, But, can't be have the Choices to rob the Caravan instead of Defend it?
5. A Real Battle going on! Many MMOs have a Faction vs Faction Game play, Or like LotRO, The Forces of sauron are everywhere, So Why not Towns Be Attacked by NPCs?
4. Environmental Effects. Many Games say they have Weather but, that is not what I'm talking about. An Earthquake that acutely effects everyone! A Really Bad storm that destroys a Harbor, You now have quests to rebuild the harbor. You get faction Rep and Some Barter Items.
3. Ingame events! A duke summons everyone in the zone to his side, and a Dragon appears and Everyone has to fight it, but, there is a Twist, You can chose to fight the duke instead, Who ever wins has control of the zone.
2. Fun Little Things. A Reference to Star Wars in the Form of an NPC named Luke Skymocker. Or a evil boss named Dr. Horrible. Perhaps you kill a toad and get turned into a Toad as result.
1. Updates for all levels! Many MMOs give player High level zones to play in, But, never new Lower level zones. Why?


Reborn17 writes:

Nice post.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:07AM Report
Laiina writes:

Not sure what you have been playing, but nearly all of those are already in several current games, including EQ, EQ2,  & WOW.

Not all of them are in any game, but most are in the games mentioned and several others.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:56AM Report
Borme22 writes:

I have played WoW, Never Play either EQ but, Is there Real Environmental effects? Any Ingame Events?

If So, I should to try it out..


Fri Sep 05 2008 9:07AM Report
TdogSkal writes:

WoW does not have real environmental effects and rarely has in game events.

EQ(1) has in game events every year but no environmental effects

Fri Sep 05 2008 9:20AM Report
iriegecko writes:

The rock you have be living under, you need to crawl back under it.

10. blizzard lore = well thought out, SWG (star wars lore), Vanguard has decent lore from what I've been told.

9. Warcraft has all of this, SWG did have this, EQ had it.

8. EVE-Online, SWG (had the best in my opinion), EQ (you could fail at crafting)

7. You cannot police Adult-only or kid-friendly servers.

6. You should play turn-based RPGs if you want these choices.

5. Warhammer may have something like this.

4. This may be the only thing that you wrote that sounds cool. I am not aware of any MMO having this.

3. In-game events, have you never played WOW during the holiday. SWG had the Empire showing up at Rebel bases and kicking the daylights out of them. Tabula Rasa had a "christmas" type event.

2. WOW has all types of references to pop culture. Most games stay away from this because it doesn't jive with their lore.

1. I'm not a game designer, but it seems that most people try to progress in games and don't hang around the lower level tiers.

My question to you is what MMOs do you actually play to come up with a list like this?

Fri Sep 05 2008 10:43AM Report
Borme22 writes:

I thought you understood,I meant  things that MMOs Should have more of, Sorry for the confustion..

Though, I do belive your wrong when you talk about a few things..

10- Blizzard Butchered the Lore to the point it was laughible!

7- Why not?

6- Why? It's an MMORPG we should be able to make these choices!

3- By ingame events, I meant things like Asheron's Call did, Things that changed the Game forever!

1- Your view appears to be that End-game is the Only Game, I play game to have fun, Not to Get to end game!

~With Much Respect~


Fri Sep 05 2008 11:57AM Report
Borme22 writes:

iriegecko, I updated the name of the post so People wouldn't get confused sorry bout that!

Fri Sep 05 2008 12:02PM Report
Resin213 writes:


7.does seem difficult, you could do something like having a no nudity server - that would probably end up as the mature server unfortunately

6.I would like this and shades of grey as well so that you didn't just make one alignment choice and stick with it but had many character defining moral dilemas.

5.yeah-what AoC sieges should have been

4.absolutely- i loved the storms in ES IV, it would be nice to see something like that in an MMO where people could talk about being online for it and stuff, having areas get flooded and destroyed would be cool (i'm obviously not a resident of New Orleans), perhaps it could also effect traction increasing knockbacks/downs and nerfing climbing skills in outdoor areas for the duration of the storm.

3.Connecting this to game lore and changing the npc state of the server would be cool. What happened to that NPC quest giver? oh he died, meet his orphaned son, he'll be taking care of your questing needs now.

2.I hate that stuff, don't break the immersion please, if you do, be subtle. long as there is enough content to begin with it shouldn't be that big of an issue (AoC).


Fri Sep 05 2008 1:20PM Report
Sprtanredeem writes:

Have you taken a look at Darkfall?

Just might have what your looking for.

Fri Sep 05 2008 1:57PM Report
daylight01 writes:

3.The chronicals of spellborn will have this in abundance,I wont go into all detail as you can easily read that from the forum's but you do have things like Huge statue's of your player in major town's if you are the 1st person to do certain things,destiny quests that once you complete can and will change the game world forever.

Fri Sep 05 2008 2:58PM Report
Borme22 writes:

Darkfall sounds Great, And I want to try it, But, I have not Played it yet..

I'll have to look into That, I didn't CoS (Or is it TCoS?) did that..

Fri Sep 05 2008 3:47PM Report
daylight01 writes:

LOL cant believe I wrote destinty quests,I guess I cant get AoC out of my head,they are infact called Ancestral Quests and yes mate it is known as TCoS.

Fri Sep 05 2008 4:07PM Report
Alchem1st writes:

its called FFXI

Fri Sep 05 2008 5:30PM Report
Death1942 writes:

1. is my favourite.

as for the guy who said these are mostly/all implemented.  sure but no where near the level they should be.  i dont want to see some faction attack another factions base every 2 weeks, i want random events...

Sat Sep 06 2008 2:32AM Report
maskmurda writes:

Nice post. My comment? Darkfall :).

Sat Sep 06 2008 12:18PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Mortal Online imo, Darkfall to a lesser extent.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:13PM Report
Galaturc writes:

Darkfall my friend, Darkfall..

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:41AM Report
USFPutty writes:

You know what I'd like which is sort of a combination of some of these?  GMs or whatever running characters and giving missions, saving players, or doing other stuff in game in real time.  I always said, back when SWG was a game worht playing, that the problem with Jedi is that you should never be one.  ESPECIALLY from grinding every skilltree in the game in the hope of getting an invite to a dumb quest line that magically made yo ua Jedi.

there should've been a GM-run character who was a Jedi, or Dark Jedi/Sith.  And they would walk around, and watch characters and their behavior.  Then, approach them when they're alone and interact with them, feel them out for actual Jedi-ness.  And if they seem like a good candidate, give them a quest, and follow up with them.  Sure, it's time intensive, and limited, but that's just the instance.  And to be fair, ain't supposed to be ANY real Force-users running aroung.  As opposed to a thousand Jedi and Dark Jedi killing each other with lightsabers in every spaceport.

Thu Sep 18 2008 1:52PM Report writes:
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