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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Warhammer Cuts; The Good, the Bad, and the Late.

Posted by Bockin Tuesday July 15 2008 at 2:56PM
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Well, it seems like WAR is coming soon, but a little has been lost on the way; 4 Capital cities, 4 Classes, Real time character changes (Based on Level), and quite a few Pre-orders that come to my ears. Seems that people are taking them cutting content as something suprising; I could see it coming, as I am sure others did as well. WAR is, not  was a great idea, and it Believe that even though Mythic seems to be trying to cut some slack, it still will create a Great game that I Will play for more than my fare share of late nights. Now, as always with everyone, I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Why is that, of course? Because; at least they're being Honest.

They seem to care about the audience of the great play before us more so than whats good for them; they promised too much, and are feeling the pains that many games go through; So much to make, so little time as it feels. Some games don't care enough for the players to tell them "Oh, sorry, but we're cutting this and that" Till it's three hours before the Grand opening. Now, what if they waited and played things out? "Sorry, but this class is MUCH more powerful than this one, and this guy is less useful than a glass canon... without the canon balls"

So, in the end, we'll have no Ork Choppa's running about hacking and slashing, no Dwarven Hammerer's, lovingly reffered to as a Rock rolling down a hill with a hammer and a beard tacked on; no Emo-tanks, as I'm sure they would be called at some point, getting more angry as they cut into enemies, and Alas, no Human Knights, running about with tall feathers and long swords, slashing and leading the way into battle.

And, No more "So which castle should we siege this week, Bob?"; but, alas, all is not lost. By doing what might turn people from a game, risking the massive blow of lobbing off a broken leg, waiting to be healed, they just amputated, and may suffer dire consequences for the loss. Now, what else is so good about the cut? Well, we get a more focused team.

I'm sure sleepless nights were spent, running around like a chicken with no head, trying desperatly to get that ability that this class needs, or how to weaken such to balance whatever. Now they can rest a bit easier, as the list has been shortened and content can see more attention, like the two Great cities that we'll have now, as well as a balanced product.

So, in delaying what they could have done, they are settling with what they can do. They feared, I'm sure, that another delay would mean losing even more attention than they already have lost, and in doing so they could drift off without a sound; They want that burst through the door, to attack when they think the weakest point is, and they aimed well. With WotLK coming at the same time, as well as Fallout 3, Starcraft 2, Spore and half a dozen more Titles that will move the gaming industry, I think that it won't be missed on store shelves in the mass of Great Titles.

So, Missing one leg, maybe even less, they are moving carefully, which in the end, is the most important issue. After all, a Mostly PvP based game should be balanced, and 20 classes is a bit much.

ProfRed writes:

Let's all hope that it gives us some great gameplay and entertains us as long as possible.

Tue Jul 15 2008 3:08PM Report
Psymyn writes:

All in good time im sure thats all they need, they just want the game out the door. I still think its going to blow us away, i just cant wait to have a taste!!

Tue Jul 15 2008 3:21PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

I dont mind the fact they cut classes or the cities... I just mind the fact they rather cut content and release the game instead of pushing back the release date and fix/finishing the content.

I understand its not a big deal to most but to me its a sign of things to come

Tue Jul 15 2008 3:42PM Report
fansede writes:

You can't fault the skeptics among us, being stung so often by over hype and excitement. Only to be given a broken toy with promises to fix it later. We shall see if Marc Jacobs and Mythic are masters of MMOs or masters of MMO Marketing.

Tue Jul 15 2008 5:15PM Report
xenogias writes:

The masters of MMO marketing title belongs to FC. As far as pushing the release back Tdog I complete agree. But I also understand that at some point the company needs to start seeing money comming in.  So long as they dont cut to much (and frankly I like the new idea's they are comming up with for the capital cities) and what they do release is solid and has enough content to keep us busy, the game will be worth it regardless.

Tue Jul 15 2008 9:53PM Report writes:
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