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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Perfect World, RF Online Sho Online, And Pirates.... The disney one.

Posted by Bockin Friday June 13 2008 at 10:16AM
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Well, okay so it's a fair question; What DID I expect when I went to Pirates of the Carribean online? And I got a little more, but suprisingly no less than what I thought I would get. It had a combat system that would keep me interested for all of twenty min (About the time that I quit is when It got tiring), and the Character custumization is actually quite good; I enjoyed having a choice between a Sleezy no good Salty Dog and a More dignified man whom would never steal, If he hadn't already been stealing in the first place. I pulled a nice center and had an ok time with it. The PvP kinda functions like WoW's on an RP realm; You have to flag yourself with one of those nasty golden coins from the Isle de Moirte that makes you a zombie in order to attack other players. Rather Odd, but at least it was fun to see my character as a Zombie (Or skeleton, don't quite remmember which you were). If this game were Free to Play? I'd stil be playing it. You lose quite a bit of features for Not paying, I hear. One time payment though. No item Shop either (I don't believe)

As for perfect world, The graphics weren't a factor, and the customization was also fairly good. I'm glad so many MMO's value people being diffrent, it's quite refreshing. However, some just seem to miss that 'Hook' that gets you at the very start. Warcack has it's 'Cinematic' opening, with RP elements abound, Pirates had it's VERY movie-barrowing opening, with the great Jack Sparrow himself breaking you out, and the rest of the Crew showing you the Ropes. Anyhow, as for perfect world, It had no really good Hook to start with, so I kinda got bored and quit. Killing mobs is only so satisfying, and Flying (With Wings) On only One (Elves, of all races) feels kinda... Unbalanced. It'll all work itself out in the end i'm sure, as every one else levels and gains a bit more grit.

Sho online Felt very... Japanese. Kinda like 9Dragons, just with a little less hook. Grinding was fun for a while, though. Too many 'Kill Quests' in games these days. You need something Besides the most boring and Repetetive gameplay element to be shown first. I mean, yes, I understand 'Complexity' as well as 'Noobs' could be a factor, but maybe you should, *Gasp* Innovate there? Every single game has em though, not just Perfect World, Sho Online, Pirates and....

RF Online. Eh, I got to play as a robot (Which EVERYONE Told me not to, but I did anyway). Even the OTHER robots tried calling me a noob and getting me to cry to the shortstop other race of Noobs. I like the Robot, and I was sticking with it. Sigh, more kill quests... but at least I get these on the field. Just gotta answer the Dang text message (What Am I, a Track Phone or somethin?!) to get the next Dang kill quest. But having a shotgun entertained me long enough to stay for another extra days. As you can tell by now, I played the Ranger or whatever class. It kept me going mostly though because My guy was Remeniscent of an Old Phantasy Star Universe character. Too bad you couldn't be a Fem-Bot, but Sae La vee.

I suggest Trying all these games for yourself, they all seem to be easy to get into and fun to play. Good for some off time from others, like WoW.

Oh, and About City of Heroes/Villians... I tried it out, and it was fun; I enjoyed the Customization by Far, plus a veriety of super Powers (No static electricity like Pants man? Aw...) gave me a lot of extra time playing through it. I robbed a bank six times in a row with (I think it was) a Pyro mage dude, and he got L33T new skillz and etc etc. Plus, making costumes kept me a bit longer than I expected, and the first five min was still Nothing but Choice A( Kill these for me over here Or B( Kill these for me over there. But I got to make 'The Justificater', a Knight-armor clad man with a large Broadsword. Too bad I couldn't get a shield.

And, Last but not least (Well, okay mabye it IS least), Hello Kitty online... Now after readin part of an article, What will they do about, Well, Adults playing the game? Less than looking-to-have-fun-with-thier-own-kid Adults? Cybering has been a bad part about games these days, and I'm sure that even *IF* Child Melestors were to come on to kids, they would still have a hard time finding one in a state-wide Area. Will the Cutest MMO to date be the Most contraversial? Will it Just be another way for Sleezes to get to Children? We can only hope that the People making 'Hello Kitty Online' have already Forseen these Possibilities. If it does Overthrow the Children, and Even WoW (Heh... that'll be the day I throw my Comp through a window), Could it support the Crime Industry? And Gold farmers... Huh, they couldn't pay me a thousand bucks to play that game for hours on end.


demotronic writes:

I share your concerns about Hello Kitty Online, especially because my 9 year old daughter is really excited about the game now that she's aware of it. I'll probably play too, to keep an eye on her and on the community. That's why I have accounts at gaia and myspace, to watch out for my teenagers too and see what they are saying and who is talking to them. 

There are a lot of 20-30 year old women who collect Hello Kitty stuff, so I hope that there are enough ladies among the kids to make potential predators think twice because they might be talking to someone who will turn them in. Probably wishful thinking. But I will be there looking after my own kid anyway.

Fri Jun 13 2008 3:26PM Report
Raizeen writes:

sounds like to me your just a big noob who cant level and want max lvl in 1 day or you will quit

Sat Jun 14 2008 8:48AM Report
KAIxDEATH writes:

ive never played these games but i know what you mean. But you didnt give the games enough time i'd say. give it a day or two before you judge it. WoW cant be judged until you hit 70 and start raiding

Sat Jun 14 2008 11:54PM Report writes:
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