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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Bah! The annoying Guest 'Bob', and In continuation of MMO's.

Posted by Bockin Tuesday May 6 2008 at 1:30PM
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Gah; Fileplanet... Got into the Age of Conan Beta yesterday, and was hoping to mabye play today! And yet Fileplanet late last night seemingly had a few errors and stopped it... Got about 8-11 Gigs out of Twelve. I love, really I do. And in my case, they are the ones that assisted in helping me GET the Beta key, for (If I remmember correctly) They are supporting the whole 'Beta-key Giveaway' as well as leading me to it. This may not be true, For now I have a bad headache after the long hours of trying to get all the download downloaded, but this is how it went on in my mind at the very least. But my GOD; Fileplanet needs to do Something of Some sort to get these downloads out faster-! Sure, I can understand the money train for people like them; Make people pay for something that is usually free with Quite good added benefits. Not a bad deal on the whole; I commend them for it. But they could do something more for distribution on something as Overwhelmingly populated the download is; I'm 900 in line! I have a 300 minute wait! And to download mabye no less than 500 megabytes! And so this effectivly makes Fileplanet, AKA 'Bob', the Unwanted Guest on Friday Card night with But, Sae la Vee; One big, disapointing line, But wrought with Meaning, Hardships and rewards.

Now then; On to the subject at hand. Thanks to the comments, by the way. How to work a system for players to work togeather in a world where they are allowed to not only have friendly fire, but in a way of which lets new players have some kind of chance against higher levels. I understand these problems that have long pushed the lines on MMO's; Guards just arent enough these days in games. You have to have a legion of NPC's just to stop a Decked out max level player from Destroying an entire City. The real problem is, how do you prevent people from abusing the system to 'Gank' low level Players? Thus far, Legions of guards seems to work... But there must be a better fix to the problem.

To let newer players level from the start undesturbed, and yet have a system that allows the players to sort everything and everyone out themselves, You have to look at the past. I have a close friend that plays EVE and LePoisson has a good point. EVE employs a system to a great deal of which I described last time, a World where the Players sort themselves out through Killing and Rewards, as well as Death and Penalty. I even played EVE a bit myself, But found it too 'Star Trek' rather than 'Star Wars' myself. I prefer Land combat over space combat, For whatever reason. Mabye it's too open for me? I don't know. However, It was a good and fun Game. Having Police or Guards in games provides an Area restricted to people either A( known to have a Criminal Record (AKA EVE's system) or B( People of an Opposing faction. In the same way we use Camera's to prevent roberies, Games use Automated warnings or defense. But what real impact does one have when one Destroys a town or city in a game these days? I don't know for a fact in EVE, but the way I see it, is the Police would Investigate the situation and Players who are hired for a Great deal of money get paid to kill as Bounty hunters, which EVE also employs, but more so than that, the Police should have automated Attackers, Like a Futeristic FBI or CIA, after the player, and  should take more hostile actions depending on what that player does or did.

Now, How to get more players active in the community for Killing Criminals and getting more people doing things to help? Give them good rewards for it. If you give somebody a Great deal of Money for doing something, and they are capable of doing it, they'll try to do it. Killing a Town should affect the Enviroment more. Now, the Risk would be Great for Bandits, and they would get massive rewards for raiding towns in that case, But a Class for My MMO, as I would call it, is the Enforcer.

The Enforcer is like a bouncer in a club; Doesn't do much besides stand there and look like a threat. Somebody who has to obey all the rules, or they lose the bonuses of being an Enforcer. For instance; An Enforcer can't kill any guards, but can buy things from the Armory that normal people would not have access to. So people would be more likely to be an Enforcer. Now the bounty hunter gets some of the lest powerful benefits of the Enforcer, but get's a Great deal less rules to follow. A Paladin in WoW should be more like a pally, and more powerful at that. And a shaman should be required to Assist nature to keep his power as a shaman. And then you have High-powered classes that have a new difficulty for players; Trying to keep that Alignment or keeping ot a strict set of Codes and Laws, while a 'Noob' Class would have no laws, but have a good deal of extra features that others have, mabye even a mix of a few good ones. And so you have people gaining Reputation for Killing other players, as well as becoming a wanted criminal for the crimes you commit. Now, for recient activity in a zone which the player is hostile with, like a Criminal inside a city, a lesson from GTA can be learned; Let more powerful guards come as they wait, till here comes a Boss of Insane power that would take 50 players of max level to kill. So instead of the players having to Go to a spot to find a Crazy hard boss, it may just happen on a random interval.

Now for what I like to think of the Child of the above; Living Enviroments. The upcoming Warhammer Online says the Cities will live and breathe, changing as the realm your on loses and gains power; It sounds Fantastic, and exactly the kind of innovation that MMO's need now. For instance; If I walk into a cave, lets say theres spiders there. If I go and kill the spiders, what happens if I kill the queen? In Most games, the cave resets after a while and another queen shows up. Whahuh?? Naa, you need to have the Children be Driven from the spiders cavern, moving into the surrounding forest, mabye even needing a new food supply. Why a new food supply? Mabye they killed the local Goblin population to move into the place they were, which before was food, and now the well of goblins are all dead and they need another steady supply. So they start taking children. And so, the spiders you just killed are in a diffrent place, invading the Goblins and the goblins move on to the town, need to sack it for a place to stay, ect ect. 

The Effects are endless. Now, eventually, you'd cleanse the whole place of everything; Human towns and cities would be created everywhere, and there'd be no more dragons after they were all killed. What happens?? A Server restart? I don't think this is the answer, even though it would be if what I like to call a 'Rollover' didn't work. Now, you come from a Fantasy world of Magic and Mayhem, where all the Goblins and Elves are slowly dying out as the Humans are the Dominent race, seen in such as 'Lord of the Rings'. It rolls over to mabye a hundred years from there; The world hasn't changed, just the time. Magic is still real, and Mabye there was one Dragon nobody could Find, hidden away, or some Eternal villian who lives through the Death of the Fantasy world. More possibilities open up, and a World unile the first emerges from the Fires the players created. So how it would happen is all the Hard work the players had done doesn't go to waste, but instead is reserved so that when the Server rolls back over, through a Means I'll explain later, but for now I'll call a 'Re-break', They can return to their old Characters and get even farther. And mabye this time the Higher levels players will do something else instead of being a Bandit lord, they'll instead be able to repick once it rolls over again and become a Enforcer, do all the easyier missions and make a name for himself in a whole new way.

And then you'll have a Living world where it changes constantly. Now, mabye some people don't want to roll over, mabye they want to stay in a time; Well, multiple servers will only partly fix the problem, but that's all I have for now.


Oh, and thanks to Melf_Himself for his comment; Helped me along in this as well as LePoisson's.

Melf_Himself writes:

Sounds like a good idea, I'm keen to see the next instalment to learn how the 'Re-break' will work.

Wed May 07 2008 9:14AM Report writes:
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