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BT takes a unique perspective on gaming, MMOs, and character creation. Through analysis, comparison, and a unique, twisted mindset readers receive the basic rundown.

Author: BlueCadwal

Laptop Lifestyles at Their Finest (Part 1)

Posted by BlueCadwal Saturday August 16 2008 at 2:03AM
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For the past 3 and a half years, I've used an HP Pavilion zd8000.  We've had some really good times together from the OOB experience music to the first boot of running of Guild Wars in the beauty the game is supposed to have.  As time goes on, my PC is beginning to show its age and its about time to find a good replacement, but where should one look to fill their desires?

Kicking off the search, I start with the three major companies off the top of my head: Dell, HP, and Apple.

Some people may be wondering how the heck Apple got into the search; however, just as quickly as it got into,  it was removed.  I looked at Apple for its simplicity.  They have standard packages and limited customization.  And their customization is absolutely amazing, it game the high and the low at an excellent value.  However, with a Macbook Pro, I'd face the same problems I have now: space.  I may be able to get a 500gb hard drive, but if I would hardly ever use the Leopard partition, then what's the point to a Mac?  There is no point.  All my Software (Windows Office 2007, Adobe CS3) would need replacing for compatibility, only two of my games would run on it (Battlefield 2142, World of Warcraft), and the multiple partitions would set me back further than I desire.  Thus, this time, Apple's not for me... maybe next time.

Next it was off to HP.  I was blown away with the performance of my current PC for the past 3 years so maybe they can carry on the standard for 3 more.  This trip was, however, quite depressing.  As I visited the site, I must've missed the gaming laptops because nothing compared to my current laptop.  At the time of purchase, my current laptop was only a couple notches below the standard PC at the time of purchase.  Now, they're not just a couple notches, but several notches.  On a Desktop, I could easily purchase a Core 2 Quad processor; however, the HP laptop lines fails to even reach the maximum Core 2 processor potential of 3.2.  I admit, these are quite high expectations; however, I expect my laptops to last, and even now I know that my current PC could last another year if I really wanted it to.

Finally, I checked the Dell laptops.  Comparatively, they blew me out of the water.  Their hard drives were top speed and top size with a maximum potential of 400gb at 7200 RPM.  Their processors, although not as powerful as I had hoped, were slightly more powerful than the HP counterparts at 2.8ghz (compared to 2.6ghz).  What has me sold at the moment is the TV tuner option, which from what I can tell is actually built in (if someone could clear that up please do), unlike the HP model I'm currently using which has a USB box that connects that is about the size of an external hard drive.

Overall, I'm looking for a laptop that has hard drive space and gaming potential.  I'm generally not the most up-to-date gamer; however, I want to know that my laptop will survive at least 3-4 years.  One of the biggest issues that I'm running into now isn't the lack of processor speed, RAM or graphics card, but rather a lack of hard drive space, thus 400gb at 7200 RPM is looking very nice at the moment.  Seeing as though I've pre-ordered Warhammer Online and I only have 9gb of HD space left, this isn't something that I'm delaying on completing.  Since I do a lot of work with the Adobe Suite, space isn't really something I can spare at the moment.

Now that I've done my research, what research have you done?  Know something that I missed or a different company?  Let me know and I'll see about putting it in my next post in the series.

Cursedsei writes:

Well, I'm no computer geek so I dont know much about building my own computer, but AotS had a nice laptop being shown

but I'm sure there is a bunch of people who can make something better than this for less than $1K lol

Sat Aug 16 2008 2:57PM Report
KRILE0N writes:

Do NOT go with those retarded name brands. If you want a high quality laptop then it needs to be a sager or a asus.

The best place to get a custom laptop for a low low price is:

A computer built there would cost 3k from say Dell, but only cost you half that from xoticpc.

It's best to go with Asus laptops though. They by far make the best mobile motherboards.

You can also get custom graphics for your laptop at that site.

Sat Aug 16 2008 7:00PM Report
Dmofoc writes:

What about  I bought a desktop from there for Xmas and I have no complaints.  They are cheap too.

Sun Aug 17 2008 4:44PM Report writes:
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