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BT's General Gaming Blog

BT takes a unique perspective on gaming, MMOs, and character creation. Through analysis, comparison, and a unique, twisted mindset readers receive the basic rundown.

Author: BlueCadwal

Finishing Final Fantasy XI

Posted by BlueCadwal Thursday July 9 2009 at 12:55AM
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I've had an account for Final Fantasy XI for nearly 8 years now.  Yes.  That's how long I've had an account.  Of course I've closed my membership every now and then to pursue other interests (like WoW and Asheron's Call), but I've found myself going to it time and time again.  

And this is the first time in 8 years that I've been subscribed to an MMO for a full year!  I was so excited to login this past month and see the decorations for the Celestial Nights.  Watching Princess Amdina and Prince Yahiko again this year was a wonderful experience.    Its exciting to know that I got to view this even twice and I look forward to  participating again next year.

Now, with that behind me I just gotta move forward.  FFXI is nearing the end of its lifespan and FFXIV has been announced.

With this in mind, it's my goal to reach level 75 by the time FFXIV is released.  I don't know what class I want to do it with; however, things are becoming tricky.

I used to rely on a steady influx of new players to keep my character leveling up; however, Odin has recently closed down to new players, which leaves me more or less without a home to level new jobs in.  I'm considering switching servers, but for the moment I'm more or less happy with things the way they are.

In fact, today I ran into someone I leveled up with while leveling my original Monk and Dragoon- Spccdog, though I don't think he remembers me.  Who would?  I haven't run into him in nearly a year.

Right now, I have 5 classes at or around level 25.  In otherwords, I should just pick one and stick to it.  I'm thinking my best bet would be to go DRG/WAR or DRG/MNK or WAR/MNK or MNK/WAR.  I've found Mages to be the hardest to get leveled up, and DPS to be the class most in demand (not Tank).  Which is most likely because every party in theory should consist of 2-3 DPS, 1 Tank, and 1-2 WHM/RDM depending on your overall purpose.  DPS also encompasses every other form of mage, and there are also crossover classes like Dancers that just bend the traditional "leveling" sequence out of whack.

Regardless!  I'm probably going to focus on a DPS.  Right now I'm leveling my RDM for the heck of it, plus it gives me time to farm more gil to buy new armor with for my DRG or MNK.

So, if anyone knows of a good server to level up on at low levels... I may be looking for a new home so feel free to give a recommendation.

Hyanmen writes:

 Dragoon is a good choice, but do level sch, whm, or rdm as a sub for it if possible. DRG/mage can actually solo up to 75, so it's great for those long lfg times! 

Thu Jul 09 2009 4:16AM Report
BlueCadwal writes:

 Really?  I never knew that, now I'm glad I've been leveling WHM and RDM just for fun.

Thu Jul 09 2009 12:00PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Yes, with a mage support job your wyvern heals you when you cast a spell. At level 20 if I recall correctly the wyvern heals you for about 70~ hp. You can just use the spell that costs least mp, so your hp healed/mp used ratio will be quite good! 

I personally preferred Blue mage as sub because I could use Cocoon (+50% defense) and the weakest spell only costs 5mp, unlike Dia that is 6 or so? But any mage sub works fine!

The wyvern will only heal you when you're under <33% hp though, so fighting weaker mobs is advised ;). I got my Dragoon to 40 using this method, and while after 30+ it became slower than partying, it wasn't bad at all still at 40 (at that level you get a boost to the spell, and it'll heal you for about 150+ hp for the same mp cost!)



Thu Jul 09 2009 12:08PM Report writes:
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