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BT's General Gaming Blog

BT takes a unique perspective on gaming, MMOs, and character creation. Through analysis, comparison, and a unique, twisted mindset readers receive the basic rundown.

Author: BlueCadwal

Hellgate London Why Fanboys and Flagship Deserves It

Posted by BlueCadwal Sunday July 20 2008 at 1:06AM
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Why Fan Boys?

My first experience in game was 2 weeks before the official launch because I opted to play in the beta.  Well, it wasn't too hard to get into it by pre-ordering.  I played it for 7 days.  During those days, I continuously heard players saying "this is boring," "the world is static," and similar complaints.  These same players also reassured each other "it's only the beta, it'll change after release."  Anyone who has participated in a beta can tell you that nothing will change at the release.  I tried to tell people that this last couple weeks of beta will be what the receive in the release, and was blocked, attacked, and disregarded as an ignorant baffoon.  This is why fanboys get a bad rap, because their game is not perfect but they refuse to admit its faults and continue to say it'll change.  Personally, I believe the fanboys all deserved this.

Why Flagship?

There's no doubt in my mind that Flagship promised more than they could provide.  In addition, they also made a point of charging a fee for what wasn't a true MMO.  There are many workarounds to charging a fee; for example, a micro-payment system like what Nexon uses.

Is there a future for Hellgate London?
The future seems bleak, but there are options available.  It's clear that the game does have a following, much like Starcraft and Diablo still have today.  This is obvious to developers.  If the following is deemed large enough, the game could be an easy pick-up for another company.  Activision (Blizzard) and ArenaNet, are the least obvious options due to the Flagship founders' connections.  It's unlikely for either Activision or ArenaNet to pick-up the game though because they have their own games to deal with unless their people believe they have enough resources to maintain the game with.

Hambitsoft and Namco on the otherhand are the major stakeholders, they could see potential in the game and may have the option to keep publishing.  Namco, being the publisher, it wouldn't be an impossible option since they had a contract with Flagship, and although the contract of publication may not be public the founders still have to follow through with it.  Another problem that may arise is the whole subscription issue where the players paid for lifetime subscriptions in advanced (woops!) . . . how will Namco and Flagship handle this?  I'm not sure what the terms and conditions were for the lifetime subscription, but a class action lawsuit may not be too far off.

Hambitsoft would be the second option.  We already know they have a lawsuit going.  They may eventually have the option to expand their service worldwide to allow other people to go on.  If this occurs, it's also likely that they would continue to develop it.  This option, for the moment, seems to be the most likely because Flagship has officially closed its doors maintaining limited service and ending subscription.

Even with these options available, there are many small developers who may see Hellgate London as an opportunity.  Look at how many MMOs have been ported from Korea and China.  Many of them appear to be brought over by people fresh out of college with a limited budget and little to know experience in a major company (I'm looking at games like Magic World Online - who names a game that anyway?).

Regardless of what happens, if Hellgate London sees a new light, I'll probably end up trying it out again.

Lidale writes:

based on the terms of service, lifetime membership is with the term of the servers existance.  Basically once service ends and changes to a new company they don't have to honor lifetime subscriptions, and a "class action lawsuit" would be a fruitless waste of your own money.

Sun Jul 20 2008 1:47AM Report
samuraislyr writes:

Actually I think what Flagship should have doen and maybe should still just talk to Arenanet (bunch of other ex-blizzard employees) and see about a partnership where really all A-net has to do is create low cost servers for Hellgate much like the guildwars servers. Very stable servers and mostly lag free. Would have been the smart thing to try but considering more than like what 50% of the staff of flagship is gone, I think it's just a company that will start to die out.

Sun Jul 20 2008 2:06AM Report
megaflux19 writes:

fact is this site never should have even covered the game since as stated above it is not a mmorpg.

and heck yea they all get what they deserve, hopefully we see this trend continue as far as companies releasing unfinished games (CONAN/TABULA RASA) and making unrealistic promises.

Sun Jul 20 2008 8:51AM Report
BlueCadwal writes:

I never said it wasn't an MMO, I said it wasn't a true MMO.  By true MMO, I mean hundreds of players in the same areas able to hunt and play together at the same exact time.  By my definition of true MMO, I would also include Guild Wars and Phantasy Star Universe as well due to their limited game rooms.

Also, the class action lawsuit would be in reference to the failure to provide servers for a reasonable amount of time.  As anyone can calculate, life-time subscribers paid somewhere around twice as much as anyone who subscribed from launch.  Lifetime subscribers had a reasonable expectation for the game to last at least a year based, and Flagship Studios Inc. can still be held accountable for failing on the expectation.

Sun Jul 20 2008 11:41AM Report
Burnthebed writes:

Fanboys deserve worse than this shit. They need their games to not only die, but take out their computers in the process so we don't ever have to read their forum posts ever again.

Sun Jul 20 2008 1:47PM Report
Crose writes:

Seriously, I can't believe Flagship had the balls to charge monthly for a game that isn't a true MMORPG.  They should have used a micro-payment system, since that system isn't copyrighted by the MMOU (Massively Multiplayer Online Union).  I'm surprised the union lawyers weren't banging at their doors as soon as they announced their plans for payment.  I heard Guild Wars planned to do monthly fees before the union stepped in.

Also, I'd like to thank the OP for making this post.  Without it we would never know that you were RIGHT ALL ALONG, and then where would we be?

Sun Jul 20 2008 4:51PM Report
Crose writes:

Burnthebed:  You seem very passionate about your hatred of fanboys.  Will we be able to look forward to blog posts of your own on the subject any time soon?  Personally I think people focus too much on the "boy" aspect.  I mean, a fan is a fan, right?  The blind allegiance fanboys show to games is no different than that shown by sports fans, or people who go to church, or people like BlueCadwal who show 100% faith in their own ability to be right all the time.  I'd like to see ONE good passionate blog about how much it pisses you off when people insult your sports team, then in the next paragraph how AoC fanboys won't STFU defending the game when you call it broken.

Anyways, looking forward to your blog *crosses fingers*

Sun Jul 20 2008 4:58PM Report
betatry writes:

ah dunno i find hellgate really fun and i like it pve i think is one of the best i played so far yes flagship destroyed the game be it payment system but agin good game is not all you need to succes

Sun Jul 20 2008 8:09PM Report writes:
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