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Crow's Caw

The silent short screams and annoying rants of an MMO player....not unlike the pecking and calling of the average crow.

Author: BarCrow


Posted by BarCrow Sunday November 30 2008 at 1:01PM
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I understand people like to complain. There are many comments on this site concerning what we are entitled to for our monthly subscription. I find it funny that over time it seems the distributors seem to owe us more and more for our money.  We are guaranteed a would hope that it is playable and enjoyable . This is completely subjective. You don't like it ...stop playing(and paying). The EULA is kinda vague for a reason...and Game experience may vary...pretty much could mean anything ...from future content to graphical changes. If they want to open an item store or TCG be it. They want grouping only...solo more than the mote it be. You feel it should be this or that   all up front and any changes  included in content...and no change unwanted. Not up to you. The only thing you control is your own wallet. for what you want...or don't. The  game gods will control the game in any way they see fit...hopefully it will coincide with player requests/needs/desires/demands and still be profitable. However, nothing is written in stone.

Libearty writes:

Hmm.... Somewhat agree and disagree on this. When you purchase a game and subscribe monthly you have a good idea after a month what the game is going to be like. Its understandable as tweaks are made to improve gameplay or to add content that some people may be made happier or disgruntled. This usually happens as classes are balanced and if you got nerfed a little for the balance then yer gonna get disgruntled a bit. On the other hand if you got improved for balance then you may be happier. This in itself usually isn't enough to make people quit a game. People normally don't quit games after a small change. As to what we our entitled to.... We should be entitled to a game that is fun to play and doesn't change so significantly from its concept design. A perfect example that everyone knows about and this may put salt in a few wounds is Star Wars Galaxies. A sudden dramatic change that not only changed game play but deleted charactes all together since the classes no longer existed and also made game additions that were recently published for the game useless. People put alot of time into characters and become attached to them. Much like the an investment.... Sometimes you keep holding on hoping things get better. Sometimes as you said its better to simply stop playing and paying and walk away. But... Keep in mind theres some attachment to the character and may even be attachment to other players and guilds. I know some people that are solely on a MMO despite not liking the game anymore just to talk to people they use to play with. However, when a company does changes like Star Wars Galaxies did it is highly irresponsible if not a betrayal for the people paying and playing for the game.  Many people left and in fact did as you say. They took their money and left. Many hoping for a better game to come out. Still.... Leaving behind characters or even having them forcibly deleted for game changes can be hurtful. Yes, its just a game but thats kinda like walking up to an artist and tearing up his work and saying its just a drawing. Investment of creative energy especially in the case of roleplayers went into that character. I guess I should make summary of sorts. I guess I feel that yeah, its pay for play but there comes a point where it can be hard to leave and often most people won't until the game becomes so unrecognizable or unplayable. Complaining isn't neccesarily bad. I complain (constructive criticism) all the time but I also do mention the good points of games. Take the new Kotor online being developed. There was some constructive criticism (complaining) of the giant sized light sabers and now they are going to tweak the size. Complaining can be good. Rather that than sit quiet and let a game you love get worse and worse. We don't always get what we want but theres nothin wrong with complaining. Course ya can always tell someone ta shut up with your constructive criticism too :)

Sun Nov 30 2008 6:39PM Report
Thekandy writes:

Ow, use some spacing and maybe a few paragraphs people, walls of text isn't exactly easy to read.

That said, i agree somewhat that people should go for a game that pleases them instead of wanting a game to change to please them.

Mon Dec 01 2008 9:55AM Report
dcostello writes:

Well, this connection may seem strange... I feel that this issue is kind of like the working class wage disputes during the industrial revolution.  Workers often received a lot more money at a factory than they ever could've farming.  As time progressed wages decreased exponentially to the point that people could barely afford food.  A worker could complain that he/she wished to be paid more because 5 cents wasn't enough to feed a family on, but the foreman or manager could say that people have the "freewill" to leave if they didn't like their wages.  However, both knew that a) all factories paid significantly low wages and b) if a worker could barely feed a family on low wages, then he/she obviously couldn't provide for a family unemployed... 

  This is the way that I see your argument, and I agree with it (if this is what it's sort of saying).  You can leave a game, but you know you can't find that same fun you used to have in that particular mmorpg nor can you continue to waste your money on an altered, and terrible game.

Mon Dec 01 2008 4:17PM Report writes:
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