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Crow's Caw

The silent short screams and annoying rants of an MMO player....not unlike the pecking and calling of the average crow.

Author: BarCrow

Only Idiots play casual, easy MMOS?

Posted by BarCrow Sunday June 5 2011 at 12:36PM
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There was a  recent post where someone was fed-up with uninspired MMOs

    The second poster said it was because people with high IQs play hard complicated MMOs while low IQ's play easy MMOs casually 15 minute increments. Granted this is paraphrased. It is also bullshit.

I initially replied ,referring to poster in vagueries. The poster...who basically insulted hundreds on this forum who actually like casual gaming as well as those that like complicated games with the occasional quickie. My post was deleted...I guess as an attack on the poster. It's ok to insult hundreds in a broad generalization but not in a disquised hidden attack made in a humorous manner. ( may think otherwise)

 Original reply:

 Apparently only idiots play games in casual short bursts. While those of higher IQ have all the time in the world to spend 100 hours a week playing mmos. Like the brilliant and highly intelligent women who let her kid waste away and die while she played world of warcraft. Hope they let that genius off the hook so she can divorce her husband and marry the intellectual godsend that is ...poster number 2.Then they can populate the world with billions of little Stewie Griffins ...though probably through cloning or robotic engineering as procreation is the "easy way out". Then they can lounge around all day playing "smart" mmos that they created and reading from technical manuals.


Anyway...I like a bit of a learning curve...but I like to jump on for a bit before work...or in between taking care of my bed ridden mother when I'm not at work. See...there is more to most of our lives than an mmo. I'm happy if the someone has all the time and money to play their favorite MMO without any responsibility. For most of us..this  is not possible.

So..I'm an idiot because I don't always have time for a 15 hour gaming session  due to the fact that others depend on me in RL? Well...then I guess I've never been more proud to be a moron.

GroovyFlower writes:

Just play and have fun who cares what others think, its totally not importend.

Sun Jun 05 2011 1:52PM Report
BarCrow writes:

Your right. I usually can. What really got me was the fact that the poster can make a blanket statement that could be seen to insult practically everyone...yet my reply to him was deleted by the mods. Just seems arbitrary. Since then the whole thread was deleted ..I think. Can't find it any rate.

Sun Jun 05 2011 2:26PM Report
GroovyFlower writes:

He can insult what he wants i still dont care its totally not importend, i only think he should get some social education thats all:) Leave it at that your only upsetting yourself for nothing. Unless its also importend for you that others think your intelligent?

Respect if your intelligent or not thats what this is all about. And leave it at that:)

Sun Jun 05 2011 2:59PM Report
ms_flower106 writes:

Very well written. However, I would like to think that the person who made the original post or thread that you posted in was a younger person who's yet to learn about life and it's responsibilities. If that's not the case, I will be very worried.

Mon Jun 06 2011 2:35AM Report
sazabi writes:

tbh i feel there might be quite a bit of sarcastic trolling in that...

Mon Jun 06 2011 7:23AM Report
pingworrior writes:

Hmm, it reeks of sarcasm?

Mon Jun 06 2011 8:39AM Report
Xziled writes:

Honestly, I dont know whats worse. The OP from the original thread making broad statements, or Barcow whining because he has RL commitments.

This is in essence, like blaming obesity on a busy schedule. You say your fat because you work to many hours and cant get to the gym...bullshit.

Life is about time management. Ive been a hardcore gamer for a long time.. 12+yrs. In that time, I work, I played(averaged 40+hours a week most times) and I spent time with my family. During that time, I got fat. I did it to myself. I have no one to blame. I cant say its cause I worked to much.. or played to much..It happened because I had poor time management skills.

Now.. Im back on track. With better time management skills you can still be a serious gamer, go to the gym, work and spend time with your family.

If you cant figure out how to do it, then maybe you are one of the Low IQ people who were described in the original post..

Just Sayin..

Mon Jun 06 2011 1:35PM Report
BarCrow writes:

I have no problem with time management. There are times I can manage gaming for long hours and others when I can't. Sorry you see one listed reason as me "whining" I gave  my mother as a example of other commitments where only a quick foray into a game is all I can afford.  That IS me managing my time...neither ignoring hobby nor responsibility but making a compromise. Hardcore when I can..casual when I can't.

 Glad you got on track.  Maybe you could write a book to teach all us low IQers how to manage our time better. Since... you got  it down and all.....

Mon Jun 06 2011 8:48PM Report
pingworrior writes:

You sayin I'm fat?

Chew on this then:......

See how I left it empty, what words could I have put there?

Constructive: Nope

Helpfull: Nope

Overall Score: In line with OP

Tue Jun 07 2011 2:35AM Report
Xziled writes:

I have the perfect title " Time Management for Dummies"


Wait, I bet thats already taken.

Tue Jun 07 2011 10:19AM Report
BarCrow writes:


Tue Jun 07 2011 5:25PM Report
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