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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Switchblade early review

Posted by BadSpock Monday December 31 2007 at 10:15AM
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So I got a new wired Xbox 360 controller for Christmas.

I got it because I'm too dumb/lazy to keep a charged set of batteries in my wireless controller. With the number of hours I sit playing Halo3 and Mass Effect, I was going through batteries too quickly.

Having a wired 360 controller also gave me the opportunity to try out Xfire and Switchblade to play World of Warcraft with my 360 controller.

It sure is interesting...

Takes a bit to get used to, but I've found the default controlls are the best.

A,X,B,Y are your buttons for action bar keys 1-4. You can then press and hold the right and left trigger to get action bar slots 5-8 and 9-12. Takes a little getting used to, but it works.

The left bumper is the same as a left click, and the right bumper the same as a right click.

You tab target by clicking down the left stick, and jump by clicking down the right stick.

The left stick moves you forward and backwards as well as strafes. The right stick controls the cursor. In order to move the camera, you have to hold down the right bumper and then use the right stick.

I've found you need to turn auto-loot on so that you just have to right click (right bumper) once on a corpse to loot it.

I haven't touched my level 70 toon nor have I done any PvP, dungeons, or raiding... but playing a few of my lower level alts using Switchblade is a blast.

It completely changed the "feel" of the game. For anyone who is bored of WoW but just can't stop playing and enjoys leveling up an alt, I'd recommend Switchblade. It's fun, it's different, and it's actually functional.

I don't know how it'd work with some classes tough. Like pet classes, you'd have to set up a button or two on your action bar to have your pet attack and/or use abilities.

Do I recommend Switchblade for "serious" WoW play? No. But for simple questing/grinding etc. it really does allow you to "kick back and put your feet up."

No, I don't work for whoever makes Switchblade and/or Xfire... just thought I'd share my experience with Switchblade and recommend it to anyone with a spare 360 controller. 

Anywho... Happy New Years!  

LØST writes:

so are you panning on coming back to MMO's if you get in the AoC or WAR beta's. Or are you planning on coming to AoC when it comes out depending on hype/reviews. Just wondering cause you seem like a intresting player. would like to party or even kill you(if you know the mood struck) in game.

Mon Dec 31 2007 1:16PM Report
Lizante writes:

Box games don't interest me - and I was surprised to see non-PC toys taking up space on MMORPG ...

Tue Jan 01 2008 2:34PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Lizante - it's software made specifically for playing WoW, a MMORPG. Has every right to be here on

Lost - i still tool around in WoW a bit, but I'm hoping WAR will be my savior from MMO boredom / burned-out

As for AoC, not sure about it. I have seen things that look interesting and things that look disturbing. We'll just have to wait and see.

Tue Jan 01 2008 5:57PM Report
VidEoGAM3R writes:

Seems it would be difficult to use the controller in crisis situations where you are about to die or something.

But for farming/dailies/etc it might be useful to have.  I think I will look into getting one maybe.. would be cool to hook WoW up and lay in bed and farm haha (Assuming you have a decent sized monitor near your bed).

Wed Jan 23 2008 2:49AM Report writes:
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