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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

How NOT to promote your favorite MMOG

Posted by BadSpock Wednesday December 26 2007 at 5:03PM
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How NOT to promote your favorite MMOG:

1. "On the other, a bunch of PvE-loving weaklings, still suckling on the tit of their over-tolerant parents while they contemplate moving out of the basement next decade." Insult your audience, smart! *NOT*

2. "But in general I think they are destined to be less popular simply because it takes more brains and innovativity to be succesful in sand box style MMORPGs. And sadly since MMORPGs have become mainstream now it means that the average player has the brains the size of a peanut and want everything easy (read casual) so they wont be succesful in something that requires mental capacity and dedication so they wont play it." You want people to come play your game after calling them all idiots?

3. "EVE however, IS successful, but it is also a niche game for the simple fact that 1) The IP is not widely known, and 2) The gameplay isn't simplistic enough for the "average" gamer." Further insulting the "average" gamer.

4. "The graphic ain't that bad, I guess that you're blind? but everything else does suck." Translates to: "My opinion is better then yours! RAWR!"

5. "Your loss for having bad taste." "Your opinion isn't as good as my opinion!"

6. "Graphics? horrible? are you colorblind? maybe you have no sense of art, or color theory, or design ability or artistic cognitive thinking or extrapolation." "I use big words to insult people!"

7. "b/c WoW is for kids and alot of us dont like to deal with kids in mmorpg." I hate children! F the fun our youth are having! They don't deserve to have fun! Fun is reserved for snotty adults!

8. "Fact is, WoW was only successful because it was an entry level MMO, the next big hit will definitely be a more complex one, but developers haven't realized that yet. Asians and kids are the other reasons." Translation: "WoW is too simple for my COMPLEX MIND! Oh, and I also hate Asians and kids." lol

9. "Honestly, all the new jacks think WoW is where it began, and thats another big annoyance, sorry.... your crap game isn't nothing, and regardless of the population, the game will never flourish like old school mmos." I really LOL'd at this one. Flourish like old school MMOs? What?

10. "I think the main reson is that most devs see that WoW has 9 mil subs and assume its becuase thats what everyone wants so they try and emulate that. [in other words they are lazy]" "We shouldn't look at what works, but instead reinvent the wheel every time so that we aren't accused of being smart!"

Just a few examples I found around

I may get in trouble for this, but the point is...

Think before you post.

Bashing on everything but your game, name-calling and blatant insult to people who play other games, and racism/sexism etc. etc. don't do ANYTHING to further promote your MMO of choice. In fact, they actually hurt it. I know when I see stuff like this, it makes me glad that I don't have to share my virtual space with people who obviously have no clue what is going on beyond their own noses.

To end, my favorite example of how NOT to promote your favorite MMOG -

11. "I was looking for a guild (perhaps to get into the beta) and realized that all the guild that seem to be interested in darkfall have flaming gay names.

Usually, these guilds have some sort of emo name that includes a reference to 'shadow', 'darkness', or something; and has some sort of paradoxial word like 'reverie', 'saga'.

Either that or just something like 'chaos', 'mayhem', 'damnation'. Think chaos space marines from DoW and you have these guilds all figured out.

Sometimes you get a gay guild that has taken it in the rear so hard and so many times that they decide to use a word like 'order', 'republic', 'nation'.  This is to try to sound orderly, so people think they have jobs and wake up at 6am every day.

Where are all the cool guilds? Are there any mature darkfall guilds?"

Yes, because I'm sure a "mature" Darkfall guild would just LOVE to have someone so MATURE and TOLERANT as you.. hahahha..

Rulero writes:

you might have a point there

Wed Dec 26 2007 6:08PM Report
Aczero writes:

i agree on all points, eventhough I misbehave myself sometimes on the forums too when i'm defending "my" game

Wed Dec 26 2007 6:30PM Report
Kordesh writes:

I agree somewhat. Personally I see games being too complex for a mass audience or too simple being valid points. Personally, WoW does not interest me any more because it lacks depth and is "simple." However, many WoW players may hate a more complex and deep game because it's too much to take in and they don't find it fun for some reason.

Wed Dec 26 2007 7:40PM Report
goldenr1 writes:

Since so many people like it, I'll hate it to be different. Be a non-conformist and think like me.  Wait a minute...

Wed Dec 26 2007 8:23PM Report
Enahowae writes:

The development stream of MMOs has fallen into a creative "rut" as of late, Players are (impatiently) awaiting whatever game they view as being the "savior" of the genre, and feelings among the community are running high as a result (cf. DF, WAR, AoC forums). However, even though none of these games are live yet, we must remember that we are unofficial ambassadors for the game titles we favor, and for the MMO community as a whole. When people are dicks, they create negative presuppositions (whether accurate or not) about the in-game community environment. Translation: the posters are X board are all dicks, so the players in X game are likely all dicks. I'm not trying to make a sweeping overgeneralization here, but people will make a correlation between the communities here and the communities in their games.  

Wed Dec 26 2007 8:25PM Report
anonymousse writes:

Yes, think before you post. You certainly should.

Thu Dec 27 2007 5:57AM Report
Romir writes:

I agree with almost everything you said.

I do think you were a bit harsh on that post about emulation.

Thu Dec 27 2007 10:04AM Report
BadSpock writes:

I should think before I post anonymousee? I did. And I thought, this is hillarious, maybe by spotlighting some of the ridiculous stuff people say on these boards, people will take a step back and think about the reputation they are giving their favorite game by using these kinds of childish arguments to attack others/other games.

Maybe you should think before you troll. :)

Romir - which one?

Enahowae - You hit the nail on the head. "When people are dicks, they create negative presuppositions about the in-game community environment. Translation: the posters 'on' X board are all dicks, so the players in X game are likely all dicks."

goldenr1 - it's a funny social phenomenon. The anti-conformists end up conforming to a different set of standards. South Park said it best - "In order to be a non-conformist you have to dress like we dress and listen to the music we listen to." hahah

Kordesh - You must be careful when you post like that. It's not that many WoW plays can't "take in" a more complex game, it's just that they choose mindless fun - it's not because they are mindless. Know what I mean?

And yes Aczero, I too am of course guilty of behaving in a childish way on the forums every once in a while... but I try hard not to. The difference, is that I/we know we are doing it and are trying not to. Many others just type and type and type behind their online anonymity and have no idea how badly it reflects on them and their game of choice.

Thu Dec 27 2007 10:14AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Just found another gem.

Check this one out-

""hardcore" "elitist" gamers don't hate WoW because it's popular.  We get good at WoW and win just like everything else we're better than you and all your friends at.  The problem is that by WoW sucking and being so incredibly successful (by dumbing down the market so that any half wit can pick up games and play just fine...), it is causing games that have looked promising to turn into suckfest version 2.0...3.0...4.0...ect.

And yes I suppose this is the same kind of 'hatred' music nerds have for corporate music... but it's a little different because the musicians still produce the music the nerds love until they get bigger and sensibly 'sell out'.  Gamers don't get that.  Games that make it to production and land on the shelf at the store have been 'checked over' to make sure they have enough suck in them to sell to the general IQ 95-105 market. 

WoW set the industry standard... and that standard is suck."

All hail the mighty condescending elitist!

Thu Dec 27 2007 1:52PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Another good one-

"WoW revolutionized the MMO industry by simplifying game controls and the UI ( user interface ) making it so easy to play, even a monkey could do it, or in this case 8 year olds. So, that is the main reason WoW has caught flack for it's overwhelmingly obvious level of player maturity. Not to mention why it's community is so huge, like almost 10 million and growing."

All Hail the over-generalization of 10 million people and the snotty attitude towards them from... someone being an anti-WoW conformist!

What's really funny is that in almost 3 years of off-and-on WoW playing, I've seen maybe a half dozen examples of the "overwhelmingly obvious" lol. Maybe it's not that overwhelming, nor obvious as the haters would like you to think.

I've played with a few different guilds and out of the hundreds of players I played with, most were over 18 and (for the most part) acted like adults.

And even the under 18 "kids" acted in a mature manner because they knew they were playing with a group of fairly mature adults.

I honestly love this "WoW community = 8 year olds and monkeys" arguement becuase I've honestly never seen that community in WoW lol.

I think that many WoW haters are the immature and/or intellectually challenged ones because they all repeat the EXACT same arguements over, and over, and over. A sane person sees that something isn't working and instead tries something else. Only a crazy person would keep doing the same thing over and over with the same failure rate.

Who knows... maybe it's because I roll Horde?

Thu Dec 27 2007 3:52PM Report
Rollotamasi writes:

That last quote is great.  Irony at it's best.

Thu Dec 27 2007 4:54PM Report
Flungmuk writes:

Number 11 nearly made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. :)

As for the 8 year old monkey....I've know a few in my year of mmo's, but from what I've seen, they are fairly rare and often get shout out once its know they are a tool.

Thu Dec 27 2007 7:01PM Report
SeanSPS writes:

This article highlights the typical mindset of MMO gamers--a plague, if you ask me. Nice job.

Thu Dec 27 2007 8:01PM Report
vazzaroth writes:

"Your opinion isn't as good as my opinion!"


The cancer that is killing the internet.

Thu Dec 27 2007 11:40PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, some of those guilty of writing these examples of internet garbage will see how ridiculous it looks and stop to think before they post.

Vazzaroth - You're 100% right. Give someone a virtual megaphone + internet annonymity and what do you get? These kinds of posts...

Fri Dec 28 2007 10:00AM Report
pixledriven writes:

Why is it everywhere I look it's  WoW haters condeming WoW lovers for having the brains of a poorly trained 8 year old monkey, and/or WoW lovers condeming WoW haters for being garbage spewing morons?

Umm... It's a game. Aren't we all gamers? I swear the only battle that rages hotter then the whole "WoW debate" is the Catholics and the Prodestants in Ireland!!!

Fri Dec 28 2007 1:41PM Report
Rowanblaze writes:

I agree wholeheartedly with your editorial, heerobya. However, I don't think anonymousse's comment was directed at you, but at the people you quoted and their ilk.

Fri Dec 28 2007 8:21PM Report
BadSpock writes:

I do hope so Rowanblaze. Unfortunately, anonymousse has been spamming my mailbox so, I have to beleve it was indeed his intention to troll this blog.


Mon Dec 31 2007 11:07AM Report
fiskbulle writes:

The only ones that piss me off are the elitists. Don't even care if they do good or not, or if they are better than ME! for example. Good for you.

The ONLY reason anyone takes you people (the elitists) seriously is because there is a market interest (yes, people like Intel etc make money thanks to you).

Despite that I doubt there will ever be any gamer events in the olympics. Sorry :P "E-sport" isn't really a sport, it's just something they let you believe as long as you're a cashcow.

Sat Jan 12 2008 12:31AM Report
FenikSar writes:

LOL gotta love them. Athough my half brother plays WOW and is infact 9 but he cant read or write so its okay cos he doesnt sound like a 9 year old cos he cant type to say it.

But it is fun watching him get to lvl 6 then restarting a new character on a different server over and over because every time you have the screen suggesting a new server he actually makes a new one.

Sun Jan 13 2008 3:34PM Report writes:
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