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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

A helping hand...

Posted by BadSpock Thursday December 20 2007 at 12:53PM
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I'd like some help, some good opinions from my fellow players.

I need to play a MMO. It's true, I'm a MMO addict.

I'm currently re-subbed to WoW, I haven't touched my level 70 raid-geared toon, I've been fooling around with an Undead Rogue on a PvP server and a Dranei Hunter on a PvE server.

I'm currently active in Tabula Rasa, but I cancelled the sub and it is set to expire somewhere around January 7th I think. I have a level 16 Commando and a 15 Ranger.

I have LOTRO installed (high res client) but don't have a subscription. I've downloaded the trial and tooled around with it... 3 times I think. Never got past level 8 or so.

I have EQ2 basic purchased and installed, but am not currently subbing. Got a warrior (cat person) up to level 12 I think before I cancelled the sub and stopped playing.

My problems -

WoW - burnt out on high end content, don't have the time nor will to go back to raiding. PvP is pointless and just a gear grind. The prospect of leveling up a new toon is interesting, but to what end?

Tabula Rasa - Fun and interesting, but I really can't play for more then 2 hours or so at a time without becoming bored. I find it hard to have the motivation to log in, knowing that in 2 hours or so I'll get bored and log out.

LOTRO - Haven't really seen anything that makes it "special" or stand out from the crowd. Combat seems very slow and painfully boring. The classes seem really limited. Monster play intrigues me, but is it enough to justify a subscription?

EQ2 - Loved it at first, but it got very bland and stale. I hate the character models, the cat person and lizard guy are the only two I can stand looking at.

EVE - I enjoy it, and actually would like to check out the new client... but playing EVE requires such a commitment of time and effort, I'm really just looking for something casual and fun.

I'm hoping/praying for Beta invite into AoC and WAR (who isn't) and I'm really, really hyped for WAR. I know WAR is going to end up the next MMO I play.

So I guess I'm just looking for a MMO to pass the time until WAR and/or AoC comes out. Problem is, I'm not too big into any of the MMOs that are currently available!!

I need help. Which game from those listed above should I play until WAR / AoC is released?

I've got Halo 3 and enjoy it from time to time, but at the skill level I'm at, every game is very competitive and playing gets me really high strung... I need games to relax not raise my blood preasure. I've got Mass Effect, and it's awesome, but I've already played through the main campaign once, and am finding that the side content is really quite stale and unimaginative in comparison to the main story.

Please leave me your pick and why you picked it in the comments sections, I'm very grateful for any/all comments.

So, to sum it up, I need a MMO to play for the next few months or so till WAR and/or AoC come out. I want it to be something fun and casual, yet not completely pointless and stale.

This is the million dollar question everyone seems to be asking, so maybe by helping me, ya'll can help each other and help yourselves!


Alundre writes:

Apparently, SOE really fixed some of the big issues with Vanguard so maybe give that a try. I played it at release for a bit and it was a pretty good game but the bugs finally got to me so I quit but I just found out that SOE gave me a free month to try it again so tonight I suppose I will be reinstalling it and checking it out again.

Thu Dec 20 2007 1:48PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Yeah, I forgot to put Vanguard on my list... I played in Beta and really enjoyed the game play, but it was just too buggy and ran like crap on my system...

I have an updated system now, and I've heard they have come a long way, but I'm too jaded from my beta experience and the terrible launch to do anything with Vanguard but wait for a free trial.

Thu Dec 20 2007 2:39PM Report
Terminus-Est writes:

You seem rather self contradictory. On the one hand you don't like Tabula Rasa because you "really can't play for more then 2 hours or so at a time without becoming bored" but you say that you don't want to play Eve because you are "just looking for something casual and fun". 

I would have said playing something casually meant playing a hour or so now and again.


Thu Dec 20 2007 4:21PM Report
BadSpock writes:

True... Let me clarify.

I guess I don't like TR because I know that it's going to get boring quickly.

So I guess I want a game I can invest some serious time into without getting bored, yet not a game where I "have" to spend every free moment playing (like I had to for WoW raiding)

Thu Dec 20 2007 4:27PM Report
daarco writes:

I think you are in a normal situation for a MMO player right now. just take a quick look at this forum. 40% of all post is about finding a new GOOD MMO.

Im also looking for a MMO.

I really dont know what happened, but all of a sudden...all MMOs become really simple and boring. Almost as its not supposed to hold a player for more then a few months.

I miss all the big sandbox MMOs....

Thu Dec 20 2007 8:19PM Report
LØST writes:

Seems like there is an ever growing number of us mmo'ers out of an MMO. I got rid  of wow for the first time since retail (beta) about 2 months ago, but lost interest somewhere between the months before Xpac (cause we were doing naxx for no reason) and getting all arena 1 gear real fast when it came out then got screwd once arena 2 came out.

I am looking towards AoC but it could be awhile.

I was hoping hellgate was going to atleast take up a couple months but that got the boot.

so heerobya i would suggest play steam games as crazy as it sounds. a regular dose between DoD, source, TF2, portals, and mods. I am currently playing empires 2 mod for HL2.

ya other than that fury just became F2P that could give u a laugh for a couple of hours.

The only other thing i play casually is Archlord but thats only when i need a grind fix.

It seems like there are to many MMO's out right now that just don't satisfy our growing appetites.


BTW i agree with your analysis of the MMO's you have played. I have played all of them either beta, trials, sub and you're right there aint that much to do as of now.

Thu Dec 20 2007 9:09PM Report
Cway214 writes:

Not an MMO but Assassins Creed for Xbox 360 looks fun.

Thu Dec 20 2007 9:37PM Report
Crose writes:

I haven't played Tabula Rasa any time recently, but I was in early beta and even then I knew that I would never buy the game.  They combined FPS with RPG combat and ended up with a system that doesn't draw upon the skill required in either.

Anyways, WoW is the best MMORPG right now, no doubt.  If you want to keep it interesting, try joining a reroll guild on a new server, or perhaps starting a new character with a good friend and leveling with them.  Having an RL friend play with you breaths a whole new life into a game.

Definitely try out AoC.  Don't count on WAR being anything other than WoW with less meaningful PvE and more engaging PvP objectives.  There won't be any breakthroughs there.  On the other hand, if AoC pulls off its designs with polish, it'll be a game that revolutionizes the genre.  If it doesn't turn out, join Bioware's mailing list.  They haven't failed us yet.

Fri Dec 21 2007 5:11AM Report
Interl0per writes:

WoW really is the ultimate casual experience that I have seen, I rolled a druid alt and copied an old mage alt to my current server. They're both low-mid 20's and I can quest for 30 minutes here or 90 mintues there and have a blast.  I also find EVE quite relaxing when I'm in the right frame of mind, flying through warp to the beautiful visuals and exotic music can be very therapeutic :)

Fri Dec 21 2007 8:08AM Report
haibane writes:

Well if u want depth and dun care much bout graphics, why not playing Ultima Online on a free shard ? U can be casual as u want, it's still super fun and has a wonderful community with enough people to have fun with.

You can also play CoV/CoH and get some good fun till AoC release (i guess WAR's gonna be way postponed, for what i heard :s)


Fri Dec 21 2007 9:25AM Report
haibane writes:

Sorry for the triple post... The proxy's acting up here :(

Fri Dec 21 2007 9:30AM Report
BadSpock writes:

no problem haibane, i'll just delete two of them.

I did download the new EVE client for the 14 day trial. The new graphics are farily awesome, and I plan to make good use of my play time in the 14 days of trial I have... we'll see if I find enough fun to continue after that...

Watching the new WAR podcasts/videos in the December Newsletter made me jones for WAR even more! I need a beta invite! It'd solve all my MMO related problems.

I do have a couple of steam games, I've got episode 1 i've never played through, perhaps I shall...

For now I'm resolving to just play WoW every once in a while when the mood strikes me. I know it's the "easy" way out, but it is fun to play in small doses, and fun to level up a class I haven't experimented with much.

Fri Dec 21 2007 10:53AM Report
Zulika writes:

Also looking bud.  I went and got the Oblivion GOTY box when it came out.  It has been more fun than any of the MMOs I have played since AC.  We should start a group so some dev company can see how many potential subs there are for a MMO with substance - maybe that will break the copycat crap that is being put out.

Fri Dec 21 2007 10:02PM Report
Romanjisan writes: Sounds almost like you have MMO burnout, Heerobya. I currently have a bit of it, too. I've only been playing MMO's for a little over a year (mainly WoW, Anarchy Online, and Tabula Rasa), but they are all starting to look the same no matter the genre or style. I don't even feel any compulsion to "level up" or advance anymore as I know it happens no matter what. What keeps me enjoying MMO's is the social aspect of it. I love to chat with people in real time while I'm questing or whatnot. Anyhow, this post is just to let you know that you're not the only one who is feeling a bit lost for the "perfect" MMORPG out there somewhere. Tue Dec 25 2007 2:49AM Report
maryxiao writes:

i need help 2 cause i am a new player of mmo

Tue Dec 25 2007 3:30AM Report writes:
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