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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Ultima Online - The Glory Days??

Posted by BadSpock Monday December 3 2007 at 11:34AM
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There are a lot of misconceptions about what old UO was like, and what/why people thought was so great and good about it. It's true; there were a lot of great things. The skill based system, very low dependence on gear, housing, the easiest and fastest travel ever, etc. But a lot of really bad stuff too.

There is nothing honorable or competitive about ganking. It doesn't "teach" you anything; it's not an experience that you learn from... it's you being killed and having no chance to defend yourself.
Pre-Trammel UO, you had to grind your skills on training dummies until they were maxed from that, I think you could only get to 25 out of 100 or so... and grind your attributes like strength on mining random rocks on the very outskirts of town, so you could still run back into town if you saw a red and spam your "Guards!" macro...
Nearly everyone who "knew" the game would start out with 50 points in Anatomy and 50 points in Magic Resist. Or 50 in Resist and 50 in Magery if they wanted to be casters. Why? Magic resist was one of the hardest skills to gain, and Anatomy was the slowest of the combat skills. So you'd grind training dummies up to 25 or so as soon as you started out, unless you started w/ Magery.
And then you'd wait for the monster attacks on the city, so you could build your skills on mobs without leaving town. Then, once you did all of that for a long while, brought your skills up to the 60-80 range, you might have been able to survive going out of Brittania and fighting the red gank squads who had been around since Beta, because they didn't reset Beta characters...
But if you went solo you were toast anyway, so you had to find companions. Which wasn't always easy; remember this was the "old days" there were maybe a few hundred people at most online at once during "peak hours" per server.
Trammel was the best thing to happen to UO, and anyone who says otherwise is probably an @$$hat ganker d-bag. Factions PvP was the second best thing, because it brought people back into Felucca and gave them meaningful PvP.
People seem to forget the UO was one of the most "carebear" games ever. They allowed macroing, or didn't have the tech to stop it. You could grind your combat skills to maximum in a day. Because the game was 2D, and most of the pathing the AI did was so horrible, there were a few spots in dungeons where you could just sit and kill mobs over and over and over without any real risk to yourself.
Many remember that the only real way to grind your Magic Resist was to summon Blade... what were they called... Blade Storm maybe? in your house and just let them attack you while a friend bandaged you until they despawned.
Travel was a joke in comparison to modern MMORPGs. Anyone could carry and use a Rune book to mark your own instant teleportation spots. Every dungeon, towns, your personal house, etc. Instant teleportation, for just a few Reagents. If you didn't have the 25 Magery skill necessary, you could easily buy a spell Scroll that would cast the spell for you. It was cheap. Also, no restrictions on mounts, and you could pick up a horse for the WoW equivalent of 80 copper.
Or, train your Taming ability up to about 25 (took 5 minutes) and get yourself a Llama to ride.
There were no instances, but there also weren't thousands of people on the server at the same time. You'd go to one of the "premium" grinding spots in a dungeon, and at worst I think there were maybe 10-15 people already there. I swear 90% of the time people just hung out at the bank in Brittania.
You could become a bard/musician/tamer combo and clean out an entire dungeon by yourself. Tame a big dragon or two, then use your music to have all the monsters in the dungeon attack each other and your dragons. You didn't have to do any work but run around and pick up all the gold.
There were SO many things that were 100000000% more "carebear" then any modern MMORPG like WoW has.
When they added the Factions PvP, it was amazing. People were going back to Felucca and the PvP was awesome. Territorial control of every city and town in the game... 5 waring factions. It was awesome. We fought for pride, for honor, for our Faction. There was no uber loot or real ranking system (they kind of hide a ranking system in place... kind of) it was all about being able to own people and say "my Faction controls all the major towns. I am awesome."
I played mostly on the Atlantic server, but I also played a lot on Siege Perilous. Skill gains were much slower, and there was no Trammel. Also, you'd be capped at how many skill gains you could get in a day, so it was painfully slow advancement, no grinding/power leveling.
I RP'd as an orc of the Shadow Clan, a red murderer.... We took over a NPC orc fort and made it our home, put up a few houses buy it, but the Fort was our base. Other guilds would come try and take the Fort, but we'd spend time practicing and honing our strategies. Because there was collision detection and the game was 2D lol we could easily do what we called "krimping."
Because of the 2D nature of the game, four players could surround another player, north south east and west, and the trapped player couldn't move. So we'd surround an enemy player and beat him/her to death, then "krimp" the next target.
We wouldn't just attack random players. We weren't gankers. We'd hide along the major roads and jump unsuspecting players. We'd demand they pay "tribute" and only attack if they didn't pay up. We didn't ask for much, we didn't need it, it was more of just a RP thing... I spend 90% of my time on that server in and around our fort, training my skills on the random NPC orcs that would spawn, and defending our base from attack. We were allied with a Vampire guild to fight the humans.
By the way, you could only be human in UO, so we'd wear Orc helmets or masks and RP the part of an orc because we couldn't actually "be" an orc. Same with the vampires.
We had a code of honor, we were murderous orcs, yes, but we wouldn't just gank people randomly. I have NEVER seen any PKers in any game, ever besides us that could say that.
So yeah, UO had it's great moments, but was also a very flawed and simplistic game. Obviously, I miss certain aspects of it, but it wasn't the "perfect model" for a MMORPG.
I'm glad the genre has moved away from games like UO, though I miss a lot of the freedom that the first (and really only) great sandbox game had.
It was a simpler time. It'd never work again.
Anywho... That's all I got.
Drolletje writes:

I guess I'll say the same about WoW in 10 years :)

Mon Dec 03 2007 11:56AM Report
BadSpock writes:

True. UO is still around after 10 years, though it's obviously changed a whole heck of a lot.

Will WoW stil be around in another 7 years? Who knows.

Mon Dec 03 2007 12:02PM Report
mcrippins writes:

Pretty much the entire article is biased. If you enjoy reading other peoples opinions on a game which they liked/hated at the same time, I guess this one is for you.


Also, to the author. The reason why a lot of people didnt like trammel is because it took away the hardcore aspects of the game that people came to know and love. Picture it like this.. You have a big sandbox which people are playing in. Then all of the sudden, a big bull dozer drives in and takes up half the sandbox to build his pretty little city with pretty little trees and a big wall so noone opposed to his anti-sandbox town could benefit. They essentially took over half the UO world with trammel, and divided the people making Felucia a much more desolate place.


Also, they were called Blade Spirits.

Mon Dec 03 2007 12:12PM Report
vajuras writes:

I still wonder what carebears mean by "ganking" are they crying about losing a fight against more then one guy? In pretty much every MMO I ever played I would solo more then 1 guy. sure, not always but many times I've killed a duo+ by myself

I'm still confused what people mean by ganking. I can handle a "ganksquad" just fine and I've made the films to prove it.

not trying to be rude but its the truth. This is why pvpers tend to be so condescending to pve'ers and come across as mean and impatient. It's like- we totally dont understand what you guys are complaining about.... You complain because you "lost"? I'm sorry but unlike PVE developers can make it so you can always "win" every fight

Mon Dec 03 2007 12:50PM Report
vajuras writes:

oh BTW sounds like in this article it took zero skill to do what you did because you zerged the shit out of everyone. you didnt use player skill you used "superior numbers" hell who cant zerg the crap outta people

Mon Dec 03 2007 12:52PM Report
vajuras writes:

darnit those posts came out really rude. Bah, guess im overdue for my regular ban. I must learn how to make intelligent posts that are polite. I swear I'm much nicer in real life :P

Mon Dec 03 2007 1:07PM Report
BadSpock writes:

it's allright Vajuras, I know you just get touchy when we debate this kind of stuff :)

Ganking isn't "losing a fight against more then one guy." Ganking is killing people who have absolutely no chance to defend themselves.

No one can handle 4 vs. 1 in PvP, 99% of the time. That's not a gank squad, that's a group of players versus a single target. That is tactics.

A gank squad is a group of gankers (see above definition of ganker) that prey on the weak instead of attacking each other. Very rarely did fellow PKers attack each other, because they might lose, so instead they'd ignore each other and focus on ganking blues/noobs. When the blues would organize to try and kill the ganker, the PKs (gankers) would organize together for mutual defense so that they'd still have no chance of losing. then after the battle go back to ignoring each other and ganking nobbs. that is a gank squad.

afropuff420 - UO with trammel was still a sandbox game, it's just that trammel took away all the fresh meat from the gankers so they had to either A) fight each other (which means they might have lost! oh no!) or B) roll a toon on Siege Perilous.

I had a toon on Siege Perilous because i did like the freedom, fun, and chaos of FFA PvP. BUT JUST NOT ALL THE TIME. I'd play my main on Atlantis to explore the PvE world, and my Orc on Siege for some FFA PvP fun.

It's all about CHOICE, you have to give players a choice. Pre-trammel = no choice, you walked out of town you got ganked. Period. Post-trammel, you had choice. Choice = good.

Mon Dec 03 2007 2:00PM Report
Kyleran writes:

Ug dir lat Heerobya...   I too was part of Shadowclan, however I joined them on the Mordred server in DAOC.  (we couldn't be orcs their either, we were kobolds though we rp'd an orc language)

I always sort of figured that many folks fond memories of UO (especially pre-trammel) were colored by their rose colored glasses.

I remember being an avid gamer at this time, but stories about what a huge gank fest UO was kept me completely away from it.  I ended up playing Lineage 1 (which 'borrowed" heavily from UO) because they had more sanity in terms of retribution against griefers.

In fact, most people with really fond memories are those who enjoyed the ganking, and became upset when their "victims" were taken away from them by the rule set change.

Gankers w/o victims = no game..... which is why harsh pvp only servers tend to fail more often.


Mon Dec 03 2007 2:07PM Report
BadSpock writes:

I'm really sad I missed out on DAOC.. sounds like it would have been right up my alley at the time...

Oh well, waiting on WAR :)

Thanks Kyleran, I agree 150% that "most people with really fond memories are those who enjoyed the ganking, and became upset when their "victims" were taken away from them by the rule set change."

I'm all for FFA PvP, as a RULE SET for a specific server like UO and DAOC did, but NOT for the only option.

And, obviously, 99.9% of the gaming industry agrees with me because we don't see games with only FFA PvP servers anymore... the other .01% is Darkfall.

Mon Dec 03 2007 2:18PM Report
BadSpock writes:

What I never understood was that each game with a Shadow clan, they were all the same Shadow clan.. but all had different 'dialects' to how they spoke Orcish.

I joined up with them in WoW for a while, but that game was 100% gank fests on PvP servers in the beginning. At least in UO, a few players that weren't as powerful could take on a veteran player, but in WoW, three level 20's couldn't touch a level 40 no matter what they did. It was crap.

Mon Dec 03 2007 2:21PM Report
PhoenixFhire writes:

Yes...I remember those days...I started somewhere between T2A and UO:R any played until AOS (although I was on-and-off by the end). 

While UO did have it's flaws, I feel that I find more flaws with today's more complex and "refined" games than I ever did with UO.  Maybe that's what made it nice.  Truthfully, I still use UO as my baseline when deciding which game I want to give my money to.  I've played many MMORPGs and I still sometimes go back to UO (but,'s not the same...damn item-based crap and mage-nerf!)

Oh well...*Goes back to EVE*

Mon Dec 03 2007 2:33PM Report
BadSpock writes:

I heard Siege Perilous still exists.

What is it like now? Anyone know?

Mon Dec 03 2007 2:45PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

I left UO (pre-Trammel) because of the PvP.

I did not return post-Trammel because when I thought back, the world seemed so bland compared to EQ and DAoC (but not AC -- blandest world EVER).

Some of the systems, though -- animal taming, especially -- were kind of cool.  I always wished someone would pick those up and put them in a better game.

Mon Dec 03 2007 3:12PM Report
vajuras writes:

once again I apologize for the Troll its simply inexcusable. Was a good blog yo.

Let me try again. I agree with 4 vs 1 the victim has no chance but that is how wars erupt. Without the freedom for this sort of "gank" then how will a war get started? I am speaking in general terms for any MMO whether it be WoW or any game with FFA pvp. Sure, people get mad and call in their friends and thats what we wanted. We didnt run until we saw a ZERG (like 50 vs 4).

So, ganking is seriously okay in my book. The alternative equals Instances and controls- which is something my kind is not fond of.

but like you say different server rulesets are needed I agree or a game with a Justice system or something nichy like EVE

Mon Dec 03 2007 4:11PM Report
gurvy1 writes:

Interesting read,  though i find the fact from what you posted you probably didn't play the first year.

To me UO is still the gold standard, having played it since Beta (and I don't remember getting to keep my character), it really caught me as a game were you could do anything, The only thing that drew me away was the fact in EQ you could really chat and play with friends. having to use ICQ or IRC with UO i think was what ruined it for me over time.

in the begining everybody started with 50mag/50resist and carried either a war axe (no shield), Halbred or Bardiche, and most of us wore good old bone armor, if you didnt resist EB you died, and fireball would take 2/3 of your hp, it was magic arrow then EB for PKs. Nobody cast EV or anything else because half the time they killed you.

The PVP was what was fun (and frustration if you were just starting) in the begining, you would have PKs, Anti-PKs going at it, were there ganks, sure, but there was also a ton of all night/day battles between even PK guilds. 

oh and an Lich, (before they had arch lichs) was what we used to train mag resist, couple of flower bags in a tower, trick them into a moongate, and your own personal trainer, in out the door till 100, this was before they removed them all from your properties, nothing like having a dragon loose in your tower roof either.

Mon Dec 03 2007 7:04PM Report
Mazero writes:

I would love to a UO server with the classic ruleset, except a little more penalty for the PKers (like a well-paying bounty system (the one that existed wasn't well-paying) or guards trying to track them down or something). PKers had few threats, except from their own kind, and they seldom attacked eachother.

Mon Dec 03 2007 7:33PM Report
vajuras writes:

yeah I only played the Classic ruleset never tried this new siege perilous. not sure which era it was I played but for sure it was pre-trammel cause you wasnt safe anywhere and after getting PKed you had to look for a rez. There was no arrow to show ya where to get rezzed. also there was no global chat or anything. you just had speech bubbles onscreen

Mon Dec 03 2007 8:48PM Report
BadSpock writes:

It is hard to remember all the specifics. It's been so long.

I started playing on a friends account about 5-6 months before Renaissance. I actually bought the game when UO:R was in stores.

Siege was a great time, and as I've said before, I did very much enjoy the FFA PvP aspect, it's just that when it was the ONLY server type in the game, it just didn't work.

People tend to think I am anti-FFA PvP, well, I understand how you may have gotten that impression. Truth is, I enjoy it as an "alternate" play style, but FFA only is not worth the monthly fee for an MMO in my opinion.

Mon Dec 03 2007 9:23PM Report
vajuras writes:

A gank squad is a group of gankers (see above definition of ganker) that prey on the weak instead of attacking each other. Very rarely did fellow PKers attack each other, because they might lose, so instead they'd ignore each other and focus on ganking blues/noobs. When the blues would organize to try and kill the ganker, the PKs (gankers) would organize together for mutual defense so that they'd still have no chance of losing. then after the battle go back to ignoring each other and ganking nobbs. that is a gank squad.

funny that's pretty much what you still see today even in MMOs like City of Heroes whereas us villains rarely attack each other in the FFA PVP zones. This is not really due to a sense of honor but more due to a sense of 'need'. usually, you need people to team with later and its not cool to get refused to join a guild, etc. Also, PKers will just eventually grow to know each other due to having verterancy on the server. So, its not really much fun ganking a fellow PKer. Much more interesting ganking a fellow stranger.

This happens in city of heroes more noticeably in relation to PKers vs Badgers. We know the badger types they are chasing after the NPCs. So we try to nail them quick and hard

The poor badgers they never understand why we kill them. They just stand there, defenseless, and just die over and over. But sometimes you have the more aggressive type Badgers that will defend themselves

yeah, pkers are a self destructive bunch. But we all know each other. We all hunt the same spots and tire of fighting each other. When new blood shows up, its in our nature to give them a warm, bloody reception

Mon Dec 03 2007 10:56PM Report
mezmoin writes:

The good ole day's about UO hmmmm there is alot of them really from the world it self with lumberjacking , mining , fletching, smithing etc .... I personally remember being a PKer in the beginning and how you became red was through a rep system so to speak if you stole etc it would lower you to dishonorable to dastardly all the way down to Evil lord and to get that red status off took alot of time.


I even miss when byzantine took over that little penn. up nw of minoc.... yes i even remember towns! We would have weekly battles with Byzantine and the dread lords over control on the region was actually great.... some of the name was Lord of Pain Lady of Destruction and some other ones since you got the lord title for either going up and down the scale.... Ganking ? Well never really did that i remember able to take on 2 or 3 people at a time alchemy was great..... the downfall that came with pvp later was the game was designed when the 14.4 modem was out..... was in the sys requirement so connection played a major part in it.


Another strange aspect i liked of the game was that you didnt need uber guilds or anything for you to get well equipped items like Of Power and Of Vanquishing.... And i remember this one smith on the Chesapeake server named ShoNuff was the first Grandmaster Blacksmith i knew ;)


All in all it was a great game it helped develop of alot of games down to the crafting , alliances to towns etc for other games cause remember Buc's Den was the only city a Red character could go. And they had saiding in that game! i mean it was sweet.


And with houses I remember staying up all night hiding outside their house waiting just waiting for them to log on even and come out so I could steal the key and the loot was mine for the takin.... before they had secure containers and all that...


Anyhow just some fun times in that game.

Mon Dec 03 2007 11:22PM Report
deucallion writes:

Just for the record, UO was greatly enjoyed by more than just hard-core Gankers.  I played from release up until just after the Trammel split, and the only players i killed had red names, or were kill-stealers.  I liked the risk-vs-reward aspect of the game.  I liked to really EARN what i got.  Despite what the OP would have us believe, you COULD learn to avoid the PKers, as i did.  Also, to refute the OP again, 4 players vs 1 is ganking.  Good tactics yes (guaranteed victory is always good tactics) but ganking nonetheless.  By your own definition of ganking- "killing people that have no chance to defend themselves".  I'm of the opinion that one person cannot possibly defend themselves against 4 other people.  But hey we're all entitled to our own opinions eh? 


UO was the best because it was skill-based.  UO was the best because of the freedom it allowed.  But mostly UO was the best because it was challenging.  The risks were great, but so were the rewards.  No MMO since has offered that same level of gaming experience.

Tue Dec 04 2007 12:50AM Report
vajuras writes:

hey heerboya you would like Ryan's blog on this subject:

If you read below he calls for a "Justice" system. Iw ould paste it here but I've spammed you enough for one day. start up a blog on justice systems one day if you're interested.

Tue Dec 04 2007 3:08AM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

It's really nice to see some good ol' UO blogs on here.  I just love reading this stuff, brings back memories.  UO had some really great times.  Sure it was annoying when you were trying to do something productive, only to be smashed by a ganker.  But it was the reason why the game rocked; you had to have a friend an ally to hang with you in sticky situations.  Luckily I had a RL friend get me into the game, so automatically I had a 7x GM helping me out at all times when I was trying to raise.  Sure, when he wasn't on and I got into the Chaos/order battles, I usually lost.  Lost my items etc...  But they could be replaced rather quickly.  When I think about it though, now, I don't think UO would work for me these days.  Sure I have the very fond memories of great battles, dungeon sieges, and LOVE the music. . .but a game like that today would not hold my attention.  I simiply don't have the time to play a hardcore game anymore.  I've tried going back to UO, got a house and everything. . .but I didn't know what to do anymore.  I didn't have felucca (ghost land) the quest are very bland.  IT came to me just hanging out with my brother and we would go shopping for items for the house.  That and we went on a few dungeon raids, but that got repedative.  I think what it comes down to is that UO was one of the first MMO's, a new experience.  FOr most of us UO was the first MMO.  Everyone loves their first MMO, but we grow up.  When we grow up, our taste changes.  I still go through my screenshots often and listen to some of the old .midi songs from UO.  I will always cherrish the times that I had in UO.  But when I quit, it was time for me to quit, time for me to move on in the genre.  And to be quite honest, I'm enjoying myself very much in WoW.  I mean, what other game out there can you get your non gamer GF to play?  lol.  Thanks for the read heerobya!

Tue Dec 04 2007 8:07AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Well our little "krimp" tactic wasn't just "4vs1 ganking" it was "despite how many they have, don't let the battle descend into chaos of tons of different one vs. one battles... follow your leaders, take out one target at a time." 

So it was a strategy and tactic. We were actually almost always outnumbered, even after making an alliance with the undead/vampire guild.

I agree 100% Vajuras that the REAL answer to FFA PvP is a really well thought out and implemented justice system. UO the bounties didn't really work, PK reds would just get their friends to collect the rewards and split them.

Being a red did make life more challenging in UO, but not to the point that it was really all that more difficult then not being a PK. You could still go to Skara Brae to do your town stuff, as you said Vaj there was kind of a mutual "pact" between different PKs to not mess with each other too much...

Yeah, I know from experience there were some really good Anti-PK squads that would hunt the PKs, when I was a PK on Siege we had everyone and their mother against us...

I'm just saying it only "worked" in UO for a reason... a combination of so many factors that ya'll have illustrated in much greater detail then I remember... it was because it was the first, because it was 2D, because it was a skill system, because of the unimportance of gear.. etc. etc.

Tue Dec 04 2007 8:57AM Report
ostrogoth writes:

I totally Agree. I miss having my GM blacksmith and stand all day selling gear and RP. I miss an rpg where player not only can lose there gear, but mostly it happens often! It created such a vibrant economy so much better then auctions. I miss UO of old, pre-trammel i might add. Sure its hard at first, but then it forged alot more experience then just going to kill a harder mob.

If Osi would release an old-school server, fuck those modern game im going back. Im sure it would sell well.


I used to buy tons of lvl 1 treasure maps, use the rune library to teleport on the spot and farm magic items. put them on my vendor at high price. aha! so easy. Cant do that now

Tue Dec 04 2007 10:03AM Report
The_Elder_CLOWN writes:

OP, I stopped reading at "Trammel was the best thing to happen to UO". It really tells alot. /shrug

Tue Dec 04 2007 10:13AM Report
Fzoul writes:

"Trammel was the best thing that happened to UO, and anyone who thinks other wise is probably an @$$hat d-bay."

What a joke. That ruined the whole article for me. I loved UO pre-Trammel. Why? Anti-pk guilds. What a blast it was to be a part of a guild that was dedicated to hunting a killing pks. It made the game so involved and gave it a sense of community like I havent seen in any other game. I was a pk on one character and in an anti-pk guild on another. We would have weekly training fights in the hedge maze south of Brit, then hunt down pks throughout the week. It was definatly the most fun I've had on any MMO ever. Trammel did away with that. Ah well.

Tue Dec 04 2007 11:09AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Trammel was the best thing to happen to UO.

Siege Perilous was the second best, because there was no Trammel.

The serious PvP types who weren't just @sshat gankers came to Siege to continue the FFA PvP fun.

Giving players choice is the best thing any developer can do. UO figured that out a long time ago, and ever since then we've had multiple server types. FFA doesn't work as the ONLY option, but makes an excellent alt server rule set.

If OSI would release an old-school server, like pre-Blackthorn's revenge, and another pre-Blackthorn that was like Siege, I'd go back.

Tue Dec 04 2007 11:11AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Factions PvP in Felucca+ Siege Perilous FFA PvP (no Trammel, only Felucca) + Trammel on other servers for PvE was their glory days, in my opinion.

Again, all about giving players choice. There were still Anti-PK squads, PK guilds, lone PKers, role players... everything.

But there was also freedom to PvE safely.

Tue Dec 04 2007 11:32AM Report
NightCloak writes:

UO pre-ren was awesome. The 1 hour a day of pure pvp because of rollbacks. The house looting. The dungeon crawling thieves that stole the black pearl from your bags while you were fighting dragons/lich lords/balrogs. The pvp was open and fun. Trammel ruined UO. That and AoS.

I was not a Red nor was I a PKer. I never ganked anyone and I never had a bounty on my head.

I did enjoy running from them though. It made the game more immersive and engaging. Pre-Ren the game was one of the least carebear games ever. They turned it into a carebear frenzy.


Tue Dec 04 2007 11:46AM Report
Arzacane writes:

I understand the whole ganking...I remember quite a few times when I would start up, not even have a chance to look in my inventory and along comes this guy in his fancy bone armor and kill me. Now granted one time some guy tried to gank me and we were running around the bank, I noticed he wasn't hitting me so I turned around and started chasing him around the bank and I was doing damage. That was fun. I didn't like the idea that giant spiders could kill me when my stats were maxed, but alas, it was UO. it did have it's fun parts and it's bad parts, but doesn't every MMORPG?

Tue Dec 04 2007 12:31PM Report
NightCloak writes:

Heh... UO was about skills and mixing them to your pleasure. Some skills like magic resist and parry were some of the most difficult to train. So hard, in fact, that mid 80's was extremely rare. Very few people ever GMed one of those two before they ruined the game.

Tue Dec 04 2007 1:02PM Report
Strayfe writes:

In a way, I'm sort of sad that I missed the glory days of UO.  I was playing a MUD back then, and never considered trying any graphical MMOs.  I've been waiting for a good FFA PvP game for awhile now.

EVE is one, I guess... but the space environment is just not for me.

Tue Dec 04 2007 1:17PM Report
BadSpock writes:

wow, you are so awesome, I'm sooooo happy you took the time to post a comment in MY blog. 

Amazing, just amazing.

You are quite possibly the smartest, funniest, most intelligent, and absolutely awesome person in the entire world. I wish I was just like you! 

Fri Dec 14 2007 9:51AM Report
BadSpock writes:

i just deleted andreibaru's comment, the one I was refering to in my above comment, so no one else take offense, it's directed to no one but andreibaru.

no one else needs to read what he wrote, trust me. I've done everything in my power to prevent andreibaru from ever posting on ever again. we'll hope they listen, because stuff like that just has no place on any forum or blog, anywhere

Fri Dec 14 2007 12:26PM Report writes:
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