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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

The Effect is Massive

Posted by BadSpock Saturday November 24 2007 at 6:27PM
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Any fan of MMORPG games

Any fan of RPG games

Any fan of Action games

Any fan of ANY game!

Go buy Mass Effect.

Yes, it's that good.


I am now 100000% confident in whatever MMO Bioware secretly has in production. Even if it is only 1/10th as good as Mass Effect, it will be the best MMORPG ever released.

Now that Mass Effect has been released, and has sufficiently wowed and amazed anyone who has seen/played it...

I expect Bioware's announcement of their MMORPG to happen soon.


Once I spend some more time playing Mass Effect, and have more time to collect my thoughts, I'll do a posting on some of the great ideas they have in the game that could (and hopefully will be) implemented into the future MMO.

Anyone who has seen my signature on this site knows I was hoping for a Knights of the Old Republic MMO from Bioware..

Scratch that.

The universe they created for Mass Effect... the technology, the story, the environments, the worlds, the races... everything...

I pray for a Mass Effect MMORPG.


mauchoman55 writes:

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Bioware's Mass Effect is the most amazing game I have played in a while. It doesn't matter what you are into Mass Effect is for you.

A Mass Effect MMORPG would be pretty awesome but really whatever they make will be golden so I really don't care.

Sat Nov 24 2007 6:32PM Report
Kordesh writes:

I just got my copy in the mail today, and I'm freaking tortured. I want to play it so badly but I can't even start until Monday but I still have Assassins Creed to finish! Why must the gaming gods mock me!

Sat Nov 24 2007 6:39PM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

ehm, i have it- i dont really like it :( kind of feel as if i wasted my money..

Sat Nov 24 2007 9:46PM Report
Mequellios writes:

Sounds like the MMO they will be making will be awsome. I don't play console games too much but it looks like a pretty sweet game.

Sun Nov 25 2007 2:33AM Report
vajuras writes:

I would agree if Bioware Austin is a totally different studio from the one that made Mass Effect.

Mass Effect would make a great MMORPG. But I wonder- did you enjoy the combat in Mass Effect? I know I love it

Tue Nov 27 2007 6:27PM Report
BadSpock writes:

I love the combat in Mass Effect

Would it work in an MMO?

It'd be exactly like TR lol.

Wed Nov 28 2007 10:48AM Report
vajuras writes:

Interesting point of view. I think its interesting you enjoy realtime combat in offline RPGs. But at least this is good because it will help make more fans open to integrating this experience more into MMOs

So let's say what if Mass Effect went MMO and that they could bring the combat system over to MMO space intact. Would you play? I am just curious. Or would you not one to play due to Ping and LAG. Is it the technical issues that you would not want to deal with?

I love Mass Effect it is very confusing too me you know. I am LOVING Class/Level implementation here. Well I guess I always love the progression in offline games. But in MMO space it feels like they remove the strong roleplay and impact we have in Mass Effect and only salvage the progression. But if Bioware could pull it off I would play forever+++

I love this game though I got like 34 hrs clocked in and still not done. It feels like a BIG, Uber, sandbox done right.

finally a game that pulls me away from Oblivion

Btw, tried playing Tabula Rasa I do enjoy the combat but I'm thinking I like SP RPGs more nowadays. And will probably head back to FPS for a bit

Wed Nov 28 2007 3:34PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Well, actually my friend, Mass Effect isn't real time combat. You can pause it.

All MMOs have real time combat because you can't pause it like you can in say.. Final Fanstasy games.

I imagine you are instead talking about more FPS/skill based combat :)

But yeah dude, I love mass effect.. I am not nearly as far as you, only about... 12 hours I think?

So much side content, so much freedom to go where you want to go.. I landed on a random planet, found a pirate camp, killed everyone, and then discovered some data that is of great importance to one of the citadel council members!? how cool is that?

Thu Nov 29 2007 2:10PM Report
vajuras writes:

ah good point we can pause Mass Effect (yes I made great use of that). bah my attempt to entrap you into agreeing to something more twitchy has failed again haha.

Mon Dec 03 2007 4:17PM Report writes:
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