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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

My Perfect MMORPG - Part 6: Crafting and the Economy (Part 3)

Posted by BadSpock Thursday September 20 2007 at 11:08AM
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First, a repeat from a previous post-

So the first thing I want to do is make it so all recipes and all resources are used throughout the life of the game and at all levels of game play. But how is this done? Easy.

Say a low skill level crafter wants to make a bronze shield. So they gather up some bronze ore, melt it into bars, then heat and shape those bars into the shape of a shield. Add a leather strap or something, and you're done.

Now say a higher level crafting wants to make a bronze shield. But he knows bronze is a little softer then iron, so he gets some iron ore and melts it with the bronze to fortify the metal, and then created an iron spike to attach to the face of the shield for some added "ouch" to his/her enemies. They also know that the leather handle tends to weaken and break, so they cure the leather to increase its strength and durability.

Then we have a very high level crafter who wants to make a really nice bronze shield. They do everything their less skilled crafting friends do, but adds some mithril to the metal to further strength in, and inscribes the face of the shield with Runes to grant magical bonuses to the wielder. Our high level crafter then takes the shield to their alchemist friend, who dips the shield into a magical brew that make the shield feel magically lighter and easier to carry/use in combat...

So you see, I want a crafting system where more advanced gear is made from a lot more base components. Not just higher end resources, but the SAME resources PLUS the higher end stuff. That way, the lower level crafter can sell their resources and crafts to higher level crafters to use as base components, and nothing goes to waste or becomes obsolete. The higher level crafters will still need the same resources as the lower level crafters, so the market for them will never die.

But how will the actual crafting mechanics work?

I liked the crafting mechanics of SWG, and just got into crafting in Everquest 2. I like crafting that requires you to participate, to deal with different variables, and requires a certain degree of skill.

I'm not going to lie that I want to propose anything evolutionary or revolutionary with this part of the game, but instead would rather break the trend a lot of new MMOs are going for: which is to over simplify and trivialize crafting.

Get materials, hit button. Wait. Done.

Too easy, too boring, and no real point to it.

I think that during the crafting process, not matter which crafting profession, there should be events that occur that require the player to choose which actions to take to correct the problem. It's hard to go into specific details without using examples completely ripped off from other games crafting systems, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Again, I'd rather use "what works" with systems like we saw/see in EQ2 and SWG then downgrade and stupify crafting like WoW and other games has.

I guess then the "main" difference in my crafting system vs. that of other games is that all craftable items are usable and necessary at all levels of gameplay / crafting so that no items are used simply as "grinding tools" for leveling and are worthless.

Sorry this one is short, and sorry it's been a while since I wrote another blog post, but I've been busy at work! Haha

That's about it for crafting and the economy, next section will probably deal with travel options in the game.

After that, I'll get into PVE options, combat, and the interface (though combat/interface will probably be rolled together into one, multi section part.

Thanks for reading!

Shadowvoid writes:

I just read every single post you made here. I am astounded. Truly in awe. Honestly this is like the first post that I have come across that has defined The state of MMORPGS as they are now. If you read my last blog, and truly I am not one for blogging. I am in the process of creating a mmorpg myself. I am no 10 yr college grad. with a lifetime of experience in making games. Altho I am experiences in playing them. If its alright with you, be it there will be no posts on my game as of now. I would love to use this blog as a back drop sorta into my thinking process. I am always looking for ideas and opinions from gamers.

Fri Sep 21 2007 9:51AM Report
BadSpock writes:

all of my ideas are out there for the reading enjoyment of others.

I'm glad you are taking my thoughts into consideration when making your own game.

Feel free to use any/all of them, but if you seriously make this game of yours, let me know! Hire me! haha

Fri Sep 21 2007 10:16AM Report writes:
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