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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

The funny thing about opinions....

Posted by BadSpock Friday June 26 2009 at 2:47PM
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Here's the funny thing about opinions....

Let's say you want opinions on a new economic measure, something like a new Bailout proposal for Wall Street.

You ask the opinion of two people, one of them is a highschool student in an economics class, the other is a economics professor at Harvard who has written a half-dozen books on the economy.

They are both entitled to their opinion right? They are both entitled to have an equal say right?


It's called having an "informed opinion" rather then just an opinion. Everyone has an opinion. Most people are arrogant, ignorant of the "real" truths, and self-righteous idiots.

Or it's like when they had Ron Paul debating a Baldwin brother on Fox News... let's see, long time serving US congressman and a medical doctor, or a washed up 2-bit actor.

Both are entitled to their opinion, but are they both equally right?

No. The long term congressman and medical doctor's opinion is "more right" because it is a MUCH more informed opinion.

Not everyone deserves a gold star for being special and unique and having their own special unique opinion...

Many on this site and other MMO sites would GREATLY benefit from realizing that no one cares what they think because they are more then likely wrong and their opinion is based around feelings without any relevance or facts.

Even me.

madeux writes:

Truth is universal.  An opinion is either correct or incorrect, regardless of where it comes from.

Your example of Ron Paul is a very poor one.  You should have chosen someone with a smaller tin foil hat collection.

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:08PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

 But which opinion is correct more often? The informed or the ignorant one?

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:09PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Oh madeux you ruined a perfectly good post with your own opinion.

The informed opinion Hyanmen is usually, I'd say nearly every time, closer to the "universal truth" that madeux smartly refers to when compared to the ignorant one.


Fri Jun 26 2009 3:20PM Report
BadSpock writes:

It's really all about understanding both sides and being as close to the middle as possible, and avoiding an opinion that is too strongly focused in one direction or the other..

Funny enough, having no opinon is usually closer to undestanding the universal truth behind something then actually having and supporting a particular opinion.

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:22PM Report
Autarch writes:

People's opinions on certain subjects can never be absolute, such as the death penalty, because it requires weighing up a huge variety of advantages and disadvantages, which will all have different subjective weights in people's minds.

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:38PM Report
BadSpock writes:

While this is very true Autarch...

Some people's logic, what they subjectively weigh as advantages and disadvantages, is totally illogical and irrational...

It's often "the mob" that is the loudest and most vocal, not the intellectuals. Plato understood this, and thus created the idea of a "neccessary lie" thought I can't remember what exact term he used..

But it was a fable to placate the masses because they simple weren't intelligent, rational, and logical enough to be making decisions that effected others.

Oh how far our society has advanced right? Haha I wish...

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:52PM Report
BadSpock writes:

I only put this on MMORPG in my blog because..

We're the mob, not the intellectuals.

Fri Jun 26 2009 3:54PM Report
t0nyd writes:

The death penalty is a very bad example. I for one am strongly against the death penalty. My opinion is that to kill someone based on a jury's opinion of guilt is foolish.

 So the life or death of an individual is based on the opinion of 12 people? To kill an innocent man would be murder. Sadly, people are fine with that. I love having an opinion. I just dont think I could kill someone with mine...

So Autarch, my opinion on the death penalty is absolute, for me. There is no pro/con that will out weight the con of the possibility of murdering an innocent man.

Fri Jul 10 2009 3:42PM Report writes:
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