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MOFPS game

Posted by Axum Thursday August 7 2008 at 11:55AM
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Well, i  had an idea for a Simple yet Complicated game, which i was going to try and make before i finsh my programming major. This would probably take me a while to do on my own, but i think that it is possible.

Ok lets take a look at what i want to do.








This is a little online flash game where users play as a stickfigure, watching them from an over head view, presented in a battle royale type arena game.

I would like to make something like this except with 3D stick figures, and a black/white/gray enviorment. (everything except the weapons and a few effects would be black and white).

And present it in an FPS form.


Does this sound like something that would intrest you?

would you play it in your free time?

The Youth of America and MMOGs

Posted by Axum Thursday August 7 2008 at 1:28AM
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This is going to be a subtle, yet agressive post about my OPINION on youth gamers and how they affect the MMO community.


Ok, where to begin. Let us start with the state of youth in general.


Recently in the past few years 5-8 i have started to notice the downward spiral the youth of America is currently on. Skimpier cloths, more cussing, more racism, and less restraint. All witnessed on a daily basis. Three year olds with mini skirts? Five year olds playing halo and cussing out people? Yep. That is the state of America at the moment. I feel as if we have come to the point in which we no longer think that the ideals of "Respect" and "Restraint" are important enough to teach to your kids.  

This, in the long term, is going to hurt the country as a whole. Even in the public school system, the teachers are getting lazy. No longer teaching us, but letting us teach ourselves. And there are some who have the ability, and the will to do so. But although some can handle that freedom, there are others that need direction.



This is something i find hard to come by now a days. People in the real world are acting as if life is a solo game, and all they care about is getting the phattest loot. But what alot of people don't realize is that if you play the game by yourself and only for yourself, that when you reach game over it was all a waste. If you work together with other people, build relationships, build respect, you will be able to attain much more in life than if not.

Part of this trouble falls onto the parents, for not enforcing the need for respect, and letting their children experience the feeling of being respected. The other part of it falls on to the kids who have not grasped the ideal behind the meaning of community and restraint.


I remember back when i was young, if i ever cursed i would get smacked upside the head. "Abuse! Abuse!" funny enough though it worked. I learned to never cuss in front of my parents, and also scarcely used curse words when they weren't around. Now, thats not saying that "no one should cuss" or "cussing is horrible" its just that when i see some eight year old going around screaming curse words to try and be "Cool", that is when it adgitates me.

By not knowing restraint they are not able to realize when enough is enough. Like i mentioned before part of this falls on the parents, and part on them.


How this affects MMO's

Well if you are a developer, and a well known one at that, you have two options: A. Release it as MA and hope that parents aren't stupid enough to buy it for their kids, but restrict the youth who actually can control themselves from playing. Or B. Release it as T, and hope that the youth who play your game are the ones who can control themselves.


So usually either way, immature kids seem to find their way into the game. Then that leads to guilds becoming age restricted. I myself find this to be unfair, but if you look at the number of immature kids compared to the number of other trolls, i guess that is a reasonable decision on their half.

By not knowing Respect and Restraint they actually end up limiting my gaming experience. Just by being tagged into that age group, my options are cut down. It sickens me both when it happens in games and in RL.

If you have a child and they are not like the ones i mention above please do not take this as bashing your parenting.


I will admit, i  fit into the teen category, and above all this issue has been irritating me the most. I don't know why but i feel from here on out the generations to be worry me. I have found a few who follow the ways of Respect and Restraint in my generation, but i haven't seen any from the younger ones so far.

The next closest thing to a sandbox MMO....

Posted by Axum Wednesday August 6 2008 at 4:28PM
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LEGO Universe


Although as you can probably guess, this game will be aimed at a younger audience, this is without a doubt, the closest thing to a sand-box MMO which will be released in the nearby future.

Just think about it.

LEGO, the definition of imagination. Something in which even those who are no longer a child can go back to and still have fun playing with every once and a while. The essence of creation itself lies within each and every one of those blocks, and you are the one who has the power to mold them.

I look at this game and i think to myself, if i had a child, this is what i would want him to play. WoW used to be known as the game in which whole familys would play, but that is just a shadow when compared to LEGOU. Your son/daughter will get to build and create, just like you did when you were a child, in an enviorment which is beneficial to them.

And you, as the parent will get a chance to look back at your childhood, and be able to enjoy this game just as much as an 8 year old.


It may not be the ideal MMO that we want, but it is worth taking a look at.

To Make or Break the Industry

Posted by Axum Wednesday August 6 2008 at 1:46AM
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        With Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's release coming just around the corner, we find ourselves looking back to all the games which we have played, and how things are different now than ever before. A majority of the games which are currently on the market have become very linear and very unsocial.
        As much as i hated it back then, I look back to my early Ragnarok Online and FFXI days, and then compare them to the state of the games which we play now. Those games were not perfect, nor were they the best on the market, but they did have one thing which made them stand out among the rest. 
        I am not talking the type of community that we have grown accustomed to in our recent days in playing "The game which shall not be named" (Among many others), But the type of community where putting someone on your friends list  actually meant something. Where you formed bonds with those you played with, and the community as a whole respected eachother and even those they were fighting against.
        Note: I am not against friendly competition, but if you have had the type of experience which i am pointing out here, you should know what i mean.
       With "The game that shall not be named" currently representing the MMO market to those who have never experienced computer gaming / MMO's, I feel that we are misrepresented. Would you still be playing MMO's  if you logged in for your first time ever, got spammed with gold selling adds, and then asked a question and be ignored?
        What i'm trying to point out here is that through all these changes, people have forgotten that the server which you log in to is a community in its own. You meet people, you befriend people, you travel with people, and you grow with people. In a game where community is not encouraged, one shall not exist. WAR is tackling this problem head on with their RvR mechanic. If fighting for the common cause to smash your way into the enemy's city and burn it to the ground doesn't bring people together, than its hard to imagine what will.
          Between scenarios, dungeons, PQs, and open-world PVP, the developers are doing their best to make the game feel like a community, instead of a bunch of a**-hats brought together solely to ruin your gaming experience. Of course there will always be those you do not get along with,
but in the midst of the bad feelings if a dwarf came in sight you would both run as fast as you could to WORK TOGETHER and take him down. Pushing aside all our petty differences in our attempt to reach the same goal.
On a side note: For all those against the two capital cities, please keep this in mind. With one city, we will be UNITED. We will feel like a team instead of three seperate entities.
        I guess the whole point of this story is to say that if these great community-oriented things can't bring the player-base together as a "family" of sorts,
then i have little hope left for the MMO Industry, and i will be greatly concerned for it's future.
       Grouping should not be required, but it should be something that we are inclined to do...Something in which we enjoy to do.

Upcoming soon..........

Posted by Axum Tuesday August 5 2008 at 3:09AM
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I am going to be filling in this blog with an In-depth concept for a Naruto MMO.

August 5th 1:41 AM

In the Naruto "Universe" the following is a list of every single country that exists

Bear | Bird | Claw | Craftsman | Demon | Earth | Fang | Fire | Forest
Grass | Honey | Lightning | Marsh | Moon | Mountain | Neck | Noodles
Rain | Red Bean | Rice Field | River | Sea | Snow | Stone | Swamp | Tea
Valley | Vegetable | Water | Waterfall | Wave | Whirlpool | Wind

Now, we all know that there are way to many countries for each one to exist as its own faction. Now lets say we cut that list down a bit to the five countries which have Kages.

Fire Lightning Water Earth Wind

Alrighty were down to 5 from that rediculous list of 34.

But still, is it possible to have FIVE seperate factions in the game?

i say it can.

Have the 5 countrys (aided by the others) go into war against eachother.

I know the map isn't the best, but it represents the world enough for us to get the picture though.

Like back in prehistoric times in this world there is only one continent.

(with an exception for the water country which can be reached by crossing bridges.

Well the problem we have here is the majority of the countries which hold the strongest ninja are basically next door neighbors.

Pretty much all the countries on the right side of the map, have little, to no information about them.



Well, if you know Anything about the anime, you know that there aren't really monsters running around for you to kill. Since you are a ninja, just like in the show you will do missions. The starting ones being tutorials, to later on assassinations and attacks on other villiages.


Also in the series they have Ranks


In the game the Kage will be like the king for your country. The way to obtain a new rank is by reaching a certain level, and passing a test. If this can be done you will recive the next rank's title, along with access to new, stronger abilities.

 The Kage will be an NPC.

(Works different for the "Evil faction"  (earth,sound, and rain)


Highest to lowest S,A,B,C,D

Although in the series only certain ranks of ninja could take certain missions (I.E. Jounin were the only ones who could take A and S class missions)

i feel that in the translation to an mmo it would be best to make it as class of difficulty in comparison to your current rank. Which means if you level once or twice, you are still going to need that group for that quest, since it takes 4-5 people in the lets say Chuunin area. 

C & D = Soloable

B = Soloable with caution

A = Team of 2-3 people

S = Team of 6 people


Yes. The ninja worked together in an organization, rarely solo.

Alright, looks like we have the background covered, now on to the actual game elements.


Chakra is the energy which flows throughout everyone's body. Some are more talented in molding their chakra than others. This, mixed with your "element" will make up most of your power source as a ninja.







These along with the Wood and Ice elements are the only ones currently known. The Wood and Ice elements are only available to those who are a part of a certain bloodline, making it rare to see them used anymore.

As a ninja trains he is able to become more adept in using his element (presumably chosen at the character select screen). Each element opens up a completly different group of available techniques, leading to a great variety of gameplay between each style.

Once you reach the rank of Jounin learning a second element is also possible.

Types of Techniques


Fuuinjutsu techniques are the sealing techniques of the ninja. They allow the ninja to contain the elements and demons.

Genjutsu - illusion techniques

Taijutsu - Physical Techniques

Ninjutsu - the Regular Ninja technique (requires chakra /handseals) (can be offensive/defensive)


Although most ninja perfer to specialize in one, it is possible to train in all of the different types of techniques.

(Sample of what graphics should be like)



I know this is a bit ahead of myself atm but i would like to explain my concept for the starting area.

Ok  in the beginning you create your character, pick  your nation, and then pick your main element. You get in game, and you start off right outside a ninja academy, or camp of sorts. You talk to a man standing by a tree, only to learn that he is your instructor, and he tells you about how to fight, and the different types of techniques. He asks you which type interested you most, and then teaches you how to train the first basic skill of that type. (the three main types will be in a talent tree layout) (well thats atleast what i have atm). Then as your first test he asks you to spar with some other new players who have just joined, and after three matches return to him. For sparring you gain a bit of exp, but it is not enough to give you a level from just 3 matches alone. After returning to him, he rewards you with a new kunai, experience to put on your record, and then asks you to go inside the building.

Inside the building there are a few more trainers which instruct you about the game, and some of the background behind the current situation. And after 15-20 spars and a few more tutorial missions you will be able to recieve your certification as a genin.


As a genin you can begin to do missions from people within the city, along with other missions assigned by the kage.

Anime series that are BEGGING to be made into an MMO...........

Posted by Axum Monday August 4 2008 at 2:20AM
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1. Naruto

Although there are many people who dislike this series because of their infamous fillers, anyone who steps back and looks at it for a second could tell that the story and world of the Naruto Universe could transfer into an MMO, without even having to touch the storyline, or alter anything about the world.

If you have seen any parts of the series, or even heard about , you should already know that within this world there are many major factions, and many different "Classes" of shinobi. Almost a perfect set up for a Faction based game. All players could start out as a trainee ninja, and depending on what "specialization" tree they follow, they can be anything from a medical ninja, to a genjutsu ninja, or even a hybrid between all!

The possiblities with this series are endless.... And since they are making so many pirate MMO's i feel its time to give the ninjas a chance.


2. Bleach

Whereas Naruto would transfer smoothly, with bleach there would be a few things which could be minor setbacks in transfering this world into an MMO.

There are two main ways you can really do this,

1. Use a current-day bleach setting and do a faction war between hollow/shinigami. Only setback is how you are going to get the hollow faction to work in game. (With progression and whatnot)

2. Use a Pre-Anime setting, and have the story take place way back when the quincy were still a part of the world. Which could make this a PVE focused game, with a little bit of bitter rivalry between the quincy and Shinigami.

In this game the MOST complicated thing would be figuring out how to get the leveling system to work, because shinigami do not interchange weapons, or really gain many "skills" in their progression. So the only thing which i could say sounds feasable in this situation is to be assigned powers based on what squad you join. And you specialize through "unlocking dormant powers inside you"

I.E. Lets say you became a part of the medical squad.......Once you have reached a certain "rank" , a prompt comes up saying that you have learned a new ability. And when it comes up lets say it gives you a choice of 2-3 different ones you could pick from.

These abilities scale in power when you level, and there is never a need to "upgrade" them.  Which makes it so each person has their own sense of individuality in the game.


3. .Hack

Self explanitory. The game is already there they just need to make it.

I know they tried it out in Japan and it didn't work, but what could your really expect from an MMO which wasn't truly an MMO. It was more of a party system in the .hack world.


4. Zoids

I know there have been many attempts at a Robot Sci-fi based MMO, but i believe that a Zoids MMO could outdo most of those out there. Story-wise, and gameplay wise. Think about it, you start out as a person, you go through a tutorial, and then after you get to choose your type of zoid. And while you travel, saving cities, and destroying other wandering zoids, you can pick up a variety of parts to upgrade. Making for almost a limitless amount of customization available for your zoid.

Can't you picture it? Epic 100 vs 100 battles of Liger Zeros, and Thundertritops, fighting for control of the world?


Well these are just my opinions..........Feel free to ADD whatever you think would make a good addition to this list, and let me know if you like my ideas :)

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