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Just talking about a game so I can just talk about a game.

Author: Azurei

Rohan Online: Blood Feud

Posted by Azurei Thursday October 16 2008 at 11:08AM
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Video games have started out as these obscure things people would buy and spend hours clicking buttons in hopes of achieving a certain goal which no on really understood except for those who spent the hour required to complete the game. Quite fun, really, if you ever bothered to try those 4-bit games you can still download around these days. Simple puzzles, simple fun. What more could a gamer ask for?

We asked for more!

With gaming evolution, better graphics were introduced as well as sound and music. Animations and even voice acting(pre-nintendo) were a big part of gaming. Sure, it wasn't realistic, the plot lines were cliche, and the music sometimes seemed a bit skewed but all in all it made us happy.

Now, nearly 20 years later, Rohan Online: Blood Feud has decided to screw Darwin over and de-evolve back into the game is would have been before computers were capable of adding one plus one.

This MMO is about one of the sorriest games you will see. Worst then Runescape *cough**cough*..I could barely play a whole hour without noticing all the horrible things the developpers did and wondered how they even dared put that out into the community. It's as bad as giving your art class teacher a drawing of what you would do to her if you got the chance and then her hitting on you before telling your parents about the harassment. It's just plain wrong!

The music is horrible, I even believe I heard it elsewhere before. Most games loop their music so you don't feel alone and the silence doesn't make ears bleed. Rohan decided to not add a music loop and let you listen for minutes the sound of your footsteps before playing another random tune. And I mean random. Can't imagine the game without hearing the sea waves crashing down while shopping in a town miles away from any water source.

The graphics are all right, it never matters to anyone with actual taste how they are. Unless they decided to add florescent pink and neon green all around, giving you seizures while inducing your brain to trip out as if you just swalled a whole batch of magic mushrooms. The only real problem is that everything is do damned huge and whoever decided to add the doodads around seemed to have clicked randomly and said "There! Forest things to make forest!" when in fact all he did was cleverly place them in all the wrong spots. The graphics are nothing to enjoy, as well as you start to ignore them because the game loses all humour and intuitivity after the log in screen.

Click, drag, place. That's how I like my icons to be moved about but click, hold, drag? Sure, it's not much of a difference but even such a small difference makes the tast even more annoying then it would have to be, especially when you don't have an auto-sell sequence to make everyone's life easier. The font is just as horrid, dark blue on black is kinda hard to read and strains the eyes to the point of bleeding and the small quick flashing combat text will just make you plain blind!

Speaking of fonts, where the hell is everybody?! Anyone who plays MMOs will understand a certain global channel is always needed. It makes all the new comers feel welcomed and safe as they learn random tid bits about the sheep mobs and some guy named 1337B0B's mom. I'm not saying a channel for everyone to talk to into but level or area channels are a must be or you got a bunch of idiots running around alone and afraid and frequently asking dumb questions.

I haven't even bothered to get to level 10. It's that bad! The worst part is that you have an insane amount of HP early on (roughly 1000 depending on class) and so do the monsters. You basically spend more time looking at your little guy hack and slash his way and wondering is massive HP necessary so early in the game? Fights take nearly 10 seconds to finish and that's a level 2-3 mob. It should be 3-5 seconds to kill it and without having 1000 HP. If you're level 5, it shouldn't be so damned high.

Wait, did I say that was the worst part? What about every shop selling all levels of an item? That's the laziest and stupidest thing you could ever do. It kills the magic when you know exactly when you can get the item and that you can simply buy it and it also means that all the items you see, is all the items there are.

All in all, this is a generic MMO who swears it isn't generic and promises lots of fun playing alone with horrbile music and pointless game play. It made me miss Runescape! That's how bad it is. At least Runescape is designed to be enjoyed.

Phynn writes:

I agree 100% and I gave Rohan a big chance to impress me, I went all the way to level 44. Game is about grind Last Chaos has nothing on Rohan. Also the gear setup is just plain nerve racking. In order to get the best gear you have to combinr lower level gear togather to make a medium level gear. The 2 medium level gears to make 1 intermediate level gear. This isnt that bad but when the success rate of actually being able to combine those gears is 1/100000000 of a chance well then that makes it impossibly annoying. I quit this game and would rather arm wrestle a lion in his den then download this gaem again

Thu Oct 16 2008 7:49PM Report
Kiriji writes:

I like how it had the balls to steal a name from Lord of the Rings, most of these Korean MMO's are just horrible, there are some good ones but this is one of the worst.

Thu Oct 16 2008 8:00PM Report
Magiclight writes:

This is one of the best MMO that is ever out.

Tue Jan 20 2009 1:25AM Report writes:
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