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The Rogue Paladin

Fighting the good fight for MMO gaming, one arrogantly opinionated rant or fangasm at a time.

Author: AthenRahl

Guild Wars 2 post-launch rant: Crazy people hating on GW2?

Posted by AthenRahl Friday August 31 2012 at 7:16AM
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Gotta check out EVERYTHING!!Guild Wars 2 is not 100% what I had expected, but is an amazing game nonetheless. The visuals, the gameplay, the story... It's all a dream come true. It's actually good enough that, for me, it's incentive to do better outside of the game. I've never felt so integral to the game world, while at the same time feeling like setting it aside to be a responsible adult in real life isn't going to hugely detract from my enjoyment of the game. There's a few things that I think should be changed, and I'm already finding little ideas here and there that might improve the game, should the dev's get the same idea. But it's jsut the initial launch; there's more than enough room for improvement, and there's not much they need to do to improve on it. Now, I'm not going to get too deep into why this game is so innovative and different; you can check out vee41's awesome blog posts on that if you aren't already familliar with it. The game is amazing and innovative and changes the way MMO games are played, just as they said they set out to do. 

Some people just want to watch the good MMO's burn.Unfortunately, there have been a few minor issues. What I don't get is all these people I'm finding that are spewing hate and doom simly because of a few expected launch-day bugs, even though there have been LESS bugs than most MMO launches have. There's no such thing as a perfect, 100% bug-free MMO game launch. It just doesnt exist. So why are so many people wailing and gnashing their teeth because the launch wasn't 100% bug-free? Seriously, we should be used to this by now. The fact the bugs have been so few is a triumph in and of itself for ArenaNet. But for some people, it's just not good enough. And that baffles my mind. I understand trolling, to some extent, and when someone is behaving like a turd, I have no quams with trolling them. But some people are just claiming reasons that the game will die a horrible death which either have nothing to do with the game or are not at all aspects of the game. 

DafuqOne guy said in a forum thread he started here on, titled "Why Guild Wars 2 Will Be a Bust,that he disliekd GW2 because the questing was too much like WoW and that it wasn't as freeform adventuring as the original EverQuest was.

Seriously. He said that. Along with other things that, when considering he was supposed to be referring to GW2, made absolutely no sense and were not at all descriptions of the game. Anyone who's even played once and has half a brain in their skull can see his claims about what's there to dislike are totally bogus. Here's a LINK to the quoted reply I made that has his original post, along with my picking it apart peice by peice.

Is it just me, or is the human population getting dumber and crazier every year? And how is it that so many of these stupid, crazy people flock to MMO games? I don't give a crap if someone dislikes a game. Not every game is for every person. But if you're gonna dislike it, there's no point to making crap up about the game that is not real then saying that those imaginary things are the reason you dislike it. And it's especially idiotic to then go and publically declare on the fan forums of the game you're hating on that these imaginary reasons you made up are why the game is going to fail. All you're doing is making yourself look like an idiot. You want to boast about the legitimate reasons you dislike it? Fine, go ahead; you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm sure there are people who will agree with you. That's not going to change whether the game is successful or not. 

The fact is that Guild Wars 2's launch has been a success, like it or not. The game is not absolutely perfect, but it's amazing and changing how I even look at MMO games. Heck, I'm re-thinking whether or not to take game development courses at university, it's changed my perspective on what can be done in games so drastically. The fact that there are bugs and things that I might not like as much just means that this new gameplay model has room for experimentation and tweaking, and that's always a good thing.


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