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My MMO Game Design Blog

Mission : To create a new mmo system and world lore for a new mmorpg. Each of my posts will be continually updated with more details / implemented suggestions from comments posted as well.. I am heading in the direction of an evolution type game.

Author: Artermis

Age of Conan: My Experience: Part 1

Posted by Artermis Friday July 11 2008 at 9:16AM
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I thought it was about time i posted my actual experiences and feelings towards Age of Conan. I guess i come across as a fanboi, and if enjoying a game means that then i am. I certainly dont defend them when they make mistakes. First off, I dont believe i am naive and will look at any 'issues' pros and cons and make up my own mind about things.

I have played online games for many years now, and have been in several betas and their launches. So im very much aware of what goes on. I am not employed by funcom nor any other game developing company, although over the past 20 years I have designed, developed and released (for free) several online games all with varying popularity on different platforms.

Before age of conan I played world of warcraft (GM of a pve raiding guild) virtually none stop for 3 years, excessive i agree and i learned alot from that time (if i could time travel to get that time back i wouldnt hesitate lol). For the first couple of years in wow I had a great time, nothing much to complain about. The game was already 1 year old so any issues with launch I was free from. Only problems i encountered was a fair number of connection issues in the first few months, lag and server overload when they held special events like the gates of AQ opening. In my last year on wow, i became very aware of the routine i was doing i.e. logging in and farming 45 minutes doing dailies then raiding then logging off and repeat daily. It really got to me in the end so decided I wanted something new, as did many of my guildies so we moved to AoC.

Right, now part of my background is out of the way, here is my views on age of conan:

I am a guild leader on the Dagon EU Server, main character name Romanas, website:

Game bugs/issues:

I'm in agreement with many that AoC was certainly released too early. I think we have to give funcom some common sense so they must of been aware of the state it was in on launch. The only thing I can think of is that it was a monetary issue, whether that means they were running out of money or they wanted to benefit from releasing before war and the wow expansion.

However, having said that, it seems to me that funcom has gone leaps and bounds in solving game bugs/issues. Lengthy patch notes intitially twice a week, now once a week. There is now a test server and test forums for players to help out in finding problems and getting them fixed. Props to funcom on getting this up and running quickly. Heres the patch notes for the 16th (Preliminary) July:

Funcom certainly have the bull by the horns at the moment, and are working hard to fix bugs/issues. You cant deny that.

Part 2 to come: The game itself

MacroPlanet writes:

"(if i could time travel to get that time back i wouldnt hesitate lol)"


How come everyone has to say this about WoW?  This is where I stop reading, everytime.  WoW is good and everyone knows it.  It's just popular to hate popular.  I've came from Ultima Online 9 years ago and even I enjoy WoW.

Fri Jul 11 2008 10:22AM Report
HumbleHobo writes:

Well, good luck to that.  I think you'll find that AoC has a similar 'routine'. Except that it's periodically interrupted by team ganking.

Fri Jul 11 2008 1:13PM Report
Soara writes:

Hope you have fun in Age of Conan!!

Make sure never to listen to anybody's opinion but your own!!

Fri Jul 11 2008 3:37PM Report
DrSpanky writes:

I agree with Soara.  In the end, it all depends on what you enjoy.  AOC was not my cup of tea, but I don't hate on it. I'll continue to give new MMOs a try. Maybe one will realy hook me...

Fri Jul 11 2008 4:26PM Report
Artermis writes:

MaeEye: I play games for the fun factor, not hardcore. In the end i just got bored playing the same game so i moved away and now trying AoC. I dont hate wow, where do i say that i do?

HumbleHobo: quite possible yes, but at the moment its a refreshing change.

Soara: Good advise soara ;) The best way is always to try the game and decide for yourself indeed.

DrSpanky:  thats the way it should be :)


Fri Jul 11 2008 5:15PM Report
confusedgoat writes:

Well good luck with it. I think you'll be sorely dissappointed with the game at endgame, the lack of content and more so the lack of availability for the none-hardcore players is simply appauling.

Good luck with it though.

Fri Jul 11 2008 9:26PM Report
Ozmodan writes:

You spend more time talking about Wow than AoC. 

All I can say is you will be back in Wow shortly, Funcom forgot to put in an end game which pretty much makes bothering to level in it a lesson in futility.  Combine that with abysmal support and poor itemization make this a no brainer.

Fri Jul 11 2008 10:59PM Report
Artermis writes:

confusedgoat: Well its early for AoC, wow had no endgame for along time on release, but AoC does have 'some' endgame. Unless development of aoc stopped i can only see it getting better? Im having a blast in aoc atm .

Ozmodan: Spending 3 years in wow is going to influence my view i guess, in regard to support - i have raised about half a dozen tickets in aoc and all answered, most the same day and the other was done while i was offline.

Sat Jul 12 2008 4:35AM Report
Artermis writes:

Hi Ozmodan, Support has gone from strength to strength lately. Raised another ticket last night and was responded to and sorted within 30 minutes.

Mon Jul 14 2008 4:21AM Report writes:
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