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My MMO Game Design Blog

Mission : To create a new mmo system and world lore for a new mmorpg. Each of my posts will be continually updated with more details / implemented suggestions from comments posted as well.. I am heading in the direction of an evolution type game.

Author: Artermis

NPCs with AI

Posted by Artermis Thursday July 12 2007 at 11:04AM
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As my focus on the game is to make one that is as dynamic, and not static, as possible I was thinking about npc AI (none player character artificial intelligence).


Now, the few mmo games ive played, they have always either been static as in stood still, or slightly dynamic in that they have a path that never changes, attacks an enemy that has pvp on. Very limited AI indeed.


If my game was to have npcs (and really it will probably have to have as there could be too many pitfalls without them) then id like it to have something like this :


They have basic instructions as default, like attack anything that attacks it, move from point a to point b and back again. But also, the ability to give them commands that they remember. Possibly attack a certain race or a certain player name, give them co-ordinates that they patrol and the choice to deviate slightly from that patrol.


A game being developed called darkfall ( i believe will have AI like im talking about. Nobody really knows how advanced as info given out by them is limited. Im aware of vapourware claims but please do not populate this blog with any references to that. Its an idea they intend using, and i like that idea :)


If anyone has suggestions on how we can expand NPC AI then please post them. What roles can they have? What skills do they have? what exactly can they do...

Thasri writes:

I would say check out Tabula Rasa, the NPC AI in that game seems very good. I haven't played the game yet but from the videos i've seen it looks like the NPC's act and do things like in a single player game and seem to want to kick your butt, hehe.

Sun Jul 15 2007 10:59AM Report
vajuras writes:

Yeah ordering an NPC to patrol your zone and possibly provide some protection and spot intruders would be a great dynamic I've thought along similar lines

Tue Jul 17 2007 1:06AM Report
Optumystic writes:

The things are you talking about are not really considered AI.  You would simply be adding commands to a player resource.  Code wise, this is very simple indeed.

Tue Aug 14 2007 6:22PM Report
Artermis writes:

Im trying to get into the Tabula Rasa beta at the moment, with no luck of a key :(

Wed Aug 15 2007 8:09AM Report
Vapiant writes:

I would like the NPCs that help u in the game be AI in chat, so u could answer it instead of the game ask itself, that will make it alot more interresting,

also if u are looking for information about a quest the one who gives u the quest could advice u to othere NPCs that they know, got something about the quest, they will might tell u about what they know and then advice u to othere NPCs that know something ...


/tell NPC John: I heard from general Armstrong that you know anything about where I find "the crystal of honor"?
>> John: No, Im very sorry, but I think I remember somebody talk about it ... Yes! the cute blond lady with the umbrella sitting on a bench between the statue of the great knight with the butterfly axe and angel helmet, and the fountain with the fighting griffians.
/tell NPC John: Does she have a name?
>> John: Ofcause its just very hard to remember, but im sure its something with "ch"
/tell NPC John: Thank you very much /wavegoodbye
>> John: No problem Im glad to help, specually when it something with the knights to do, and please send my regards to the general, good luck on your journey

If a player talks bad or lasy  to an NPC, the NPC can get angry on u or refuse to talk to u. talking majestately to a poor looking NPC would confuse the NPC and it could ignore the supject u want to talk about with it, because it want to know why u talk to it like that ... The answer could also be different if the NPC is having a bad/good day or something like that.

theres many ways to make a cool NPC AI chat

Mon Apr 07 2008 5:43PM Report writes:
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