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My MMO Game Design Blog

Mission : To create a new mmo system and world lore for a new mmorpg. Each of my posts will be continually updated with more details / implemented suggestions from comments posted as well.. I am heading in the direction of an evolution type game.

Author: Artermis


Posted by Artermis Tuesday July 3 2007 at 7:36AM
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Recently i have been thinking about an evolution type of mmo. Basically it goes like this:

The player doesnt just play 1 character but a family at the early stage of evolution of a planets life. You could say cavemen but the setting will not be earth. The player does start as either a male or female woman (there will be more than one race but lets stick to humans for now) but they can get 'married' and hence gain a spouse to also control, relatives, and then children etc


Basically nothing is invented yet, no magic has been discovered, no weaponry, no nothing. The game starts with the bare minimum, a player on the world, just like everyone else. Exploring the world they can find themsleves a crude home like a cave or try to errect a shelter.


They will no doubt 'discover' things and 'invent' things on the way. Whether that be by accident or by tinkering with several picked up materials. Magic can also be discovered in this way. Although anything dicovered will be the lowest denominator of the 'skill'. So for instance if someone made a weapon from wood, it would be a club. Later on, someoen might work out how to make a club with spikes or something like that, something slightly more advanced.


When  an item, magic, or whatever is discovered or invented, then this is automatically logged as world lore. Hence the player creates the world lore by their actions.


Thats a very crude outline and leaves many questions.

Hathi writes:

It would be interesting to see a real "survival" based MMO. How did neandrathals and homo sapiens survive? Players who are used to the blast em and move on mentality may not enjoy this aspect of the game, but those who enjoy building and crafting may.

Consider some backround info. If there is a means to play a trial or pickup a demo of these games you may get some decent ideas from what you are looking for in your MMO:

A Tale in the Desert -

This game is free. This is a civilization building game. While more with egyptian flair, it may give you ideas on online building games.

Nice God Game Page list - While I know this isn't a "god game" per se. It may give ideas on creating evolution type of games.

Mon Jul 09 2007 8:57AM Report
Hellebore writes:

Though it's an interesting idea it would be difficult to implent on an MMO scale.

Due to the way MMOs work, players wouldnt want to join the game if they've missed out on the first 100+ years of the games evolution, so a new gameplay model would preferably need to be set up.

For example, it may work well if it was presented in a way in which only a certain amount of players can inhabit one zone / cluster / server - such as a guild or a clan. Each new clan / server begins the game at the very beginning and evolves overtime. Players from these clans can then 'war' on other players of other clans of similar evolution (or less advanced / more advanced civilisations). So each clan (or random group of people) gets a unique experience and can progress at their own rates.

I guess kind of like Spore, but for the MMO world.

Mon Jul 09 2007 9:57AM Report
Artermis writes:

Thanks for the comments. One of the reasons why i thought a 'evolution' mmo would be worth persuing is that players could drive the direction in which the mmo developed. That is, influence the designers in what expansions, new things, etc to implement into the game.


A true player developed world.


I agree late starters would have to looked at and a solution found, but I envisage a games evolution that there will always be something to do, to discover etc. A host of servers that are all at different stages of evolution. I agree this would be something difficult to achieve, but it is early days yet.


To Hellbore, like the ideas, keep them coming :)

Tue Jul 10 2007 7:15AM Report
Artermis writes:

Hi Hathi, thanks for that link, it looks an interesting game indeed. I especially like the building section, here is a link to it:

It shows what materials to use for each building. Something along those lines for building id be very much interested in implemeting into my game.

Thu Jul 12 2007 8:22AM Report writes:
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