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My MMO Game Design Blog

Mission : To create a new mmo system and world lore for a new mmorpg. Each of my posts will be continually updated with more details / implemented suggestions from comments posted as well.. I am heading in the direction of an evolution type game.

Author: Artermis


Posted by Artermis Monday July 2 2007 at 9:35AM
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Questing will be just as indepth as crafting in riftwalkers. They will go hand in hand. There will be four types of quests:


1. Set quests to help build lore and also for the newbie player guide.


2. Randomly generated quests throughout the game.


3. Player created quests. This is where questing gets immersive. Im aware that alot of mmo gamers love questing but complain that they become to repetetive. This is where player created quests will come in. For instance a player could create a quest and give it a reward, an item or gold. The person creating the quest would gain something and so would the successful questor! This will also help drive the player created economy.


4. GM created quests on the fly, to help push lore, new events etc.


Lets take for example, you cant be bothered, or dont have the time to gather some resouorces. Well, you could set up a quest for another player to pick up. You cant have dozens of players picking up the same quest, only 1. Also id think you cant 'duplicate' the same quest, as this would be farming players.


Not only will you be able to create the standard quests found in most mmo's but you will be able to create group quests, for instance if you need a kill a specific monster to get ingredients for spells then you could set this up as a quest and let players sign up to it.


The quest system interface / tools for developers would be prominent here. Enabling players/GMs to set up quests quickly.

alskdjfhty writes:


Mon Jul 02 2007 11:53AM Report
vajuras writes:

Player created quests is an interesting proposition. Keep in mind though when you have an auction house players indirectly assign quests to each other. For instance, if there is demand for a certain ingredient, players will naturally go harvest this item then put it up on the market. So, in this fashion players already assign quests to each other in MMOs indirectly. So, you can go the indirect route for nearly everything like bounties, etc. So, if you want a certain player to die allow players to all pool together their funds to takeout a villian. Starport capitalizes on this so well. Completely player run bounty system.

Mon Jul 09 2007 4:35PM Report
Artermis writes:

HI, thanks for the comment. Yes id like to have a very expansive questing system. Im sure any loopholes could be closed and avoid any abuse. A bounty system would be added to this system certainly. Perhaps a 'petition' would be needed to be signed by a number of players to be active.


Part of the questing system i can certainly see as expanding any player run shops. But also for instance, to escort a player through a dangerous location, as just 1 further example. Many many more.


Thing is, i want people to login and NOT have a set few things they can do. Most mmo's people login and go on limited quests, pve or pvp and thats it, i want people to have lots of new things to do.

Tue Jul 10 2007 10:42AM Report
vajuras writes:

ah yes in Guild Wars lowbies pay "runners" to escourt them through dangerous areas. I suspect the Devs were unaware that might happen its a funny side effect of their instancing. yes that is a good thought. I know what you mean I'm a proponent of a 100% Player Run MMO- no mobs if it could ever be done lol. like let players pilot the mobs directly. but alas, dont listen too me I might be nuts

Tue Jul 10 2007 9:40PM Report
Vapiant writes:

Hi Im an 15 year old boy, that are hoping to be an game programmer or anything like game making. I want to make MMORPGs ofcause, and I had the idea about player maked quests.

I have been thinking that u could make it like that some mobs might would drop a thing that were used for a job/class, but u might "cant/its to hard to" kill the mob if u the current job/class, so u need anothere job class or higher lv, but that will might require what the reward is (u can also just make it so u can choose different rewards)

Example: Healer Job class, looking for healer spell scroll. reward "Ninja Hood", "Paladin Sheild" or "Pyro Bow"

also if theres like countrys(or another thing like that) and if u want to get a thing in a certain area but u cant get there because the area is not under ur countrys control (or the country closed it for othere countrys, it requires more systems u sure know) , so u need players from the othere country to get the thing for u.

u ofcause see that I want something to force u to let anothere player do the quest , because if the game doesnt the players will just find a way to solo it and the game will end up like FlyForFun, wich u really feel like u are playing an rpg with NPC AI(chat focused AI) the only mmo about is the PVP, guild battle ...

A game with player quest system will might be good with slow leveling.

and a party system would be good to because, I really like party focused games I can tell u about my opinion and u can check FlyForFun for how not to do it because there they failed there party system, its leeching all the time, but the easy leveling does that u dont care, so when u builded up the charecter u go pvp ...

I will be very happy to help and descuss MMORPGs with u :)

Mon Apr 07 2008 4:21PM Report writes:
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