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WOW Gamer Stab Roommate

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 4 2008 at 8:26PM
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According to the report by ABC News, a World of Warcraft gamer in Australian stabbed his roommate after disputing about the volume of game.

Zhenghau Shen, a 21-year-old Chinese student studying in a Australian college. When the crime was committed, Shen just played WoW with three other friends and roommates at his apartment. The volume on his computer was too loud that his friends protested. After being repeatedly asked to turn the sound down, Shen got into quite a dispute with his roommate. During the fight Shen allegedly stabbed the victim in the head with a chef's knife, gashing his head, and nearly severed one of his fingers.

The court heard the victim suffered a gash to his head and one of his fingers was nearly severed. Magistrate John Burns refused the Chinese national bail and remanded him in custody until next month.

Insane player makes WOW look bad.

OoInfiniteOo writes:

ambush+backstab combo ftw


Tue Nov 04 2008 10:58PM Report
Zoulz writes:

Sounds like there was some hidden "aggro" between them maybe. Or he really really likes loud sounds. Or he's just crazy. :)

A soon as someone playing wow does something stupid, media is all over it like a fly to a turd. It's not like wow is brainwashing people into being jerks or crazies. There are just so many players that there is bound to be "bad eggs" too.

Tue Nov 04 2008 11:11PM Report
Litchfield writes:

Old news was on digg weeks ago.

Tue Nov 04 2008 11:42PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

stupid person just turn the damn game down

Tue Nov 04 2008 11:44PM Report
MyPreciousss writes:

Wut he could have zombified them and together infected the entire campus. Soloers...

Wed Nov 05 2008 12:44AM Report
caemsg writes:

silly victim what is he doing sharing a room with a crazies and how is a crazie going to get his hands on a knife when hes near a computer computers dont go well in kitchens the victim should have noticed that and started thinking

Wed Nov 05 2008 12:44AM Report
Recon48 writes:

Headphones - $9

Bail - Priceless

I wonder how much rested XP he'll get in jail....

Wed Nov 05 2008 2:19AM Report
Kyleran writes:

I'll bet the crazy was drinking Pepsi when it happened, so that's while I'll blame it on.


Wed Nov 05 2008 4:11AM Report
Loke666 writes:

Statisticly are Wow players quite harmless, one sod of 11 millions ain't much. Easier to blame violence on games movies, books music or satan than to actually find out what makes people do these things.

Worst wow players I know shower rarely and only leave their apartment to get food. Only way to get them violent is to try to stop them from playing :D

Wed Nov 05 2008 4:22AM Report
XxVespanexX writes:

All world of wieners players need to go outside.. douche bags

Wed Nov 05 2008 6:28AM Report
Taroko writes:

How does this make WoW look bad? These kind of people play of kinda of games.

Wed Nov 05 2008 6:49AM Report
SXRchosen1 writes:

RL pvp ftw

Wed Nov 05 2008 7:36AM Report
athame44 writes: Re: the douche bag comment.... As a WOW player, I am quite sane and DO go outside quite often, unfortunately there are idiots out there from all walks of like who take things too much to heart such as video games, movies, music, etc. It's what separates the educated normals from the non-educated lunatics. Wed Nov 05 2008 8:23AM Report
talindar writes:

Rogues are so OP.....

Wed Nov 05 2008 10:54AM Report
nomadian writes:

he could be also a TV user, a horror film watcher, or a cheese eater.

Wed Nov 05 2008 11:53AM Report
sean96 writes:

I agree completely with  SXRchosen1  RL  PVP  FTW  then see what happens   LOL

Wed Nov 05 2008 1:12PM Report
yegnats writes:

Funny that it's a Chinese player that did this, as Chinese players make up over half of WoW's nearly 11 million subs, while they only have around 2.5 million in America. I doubt that Rash of the Itch King will keep WoW afloat for much longer in America, so Blizzard will be relying on crazy masochistic asian grinders, and American newbs for their subscriptions.

Wed Nov 05 2008 2:36PM Report
OoInfiniteOo writes:

Omg PVP happen in a pvp room

Wed Nov 05 2008 6:28PM Report
Finbar writes:

This has nothing to do with MMORPG's or gaming at all. This is about domestic disputes and the limits of self defence/unnessesary force.

Wed Nov 05 2008 10:46PM Report
fatenabu1 writes:

people like to find things to blame other then the person who did the crime. I play all kinds of MMO's and even played WoW, then got poor and I am Baptist Minister, People who do these things usually have some other thing wrong with them mentally, just like a friend of mine I had in high school had a learning disability and coudn't tell reality from fantasy and carried around a book he made with spells in it from D&D saying they were real and he actually threatened to cast magic missle on a guy who was making fun of him.

Or this guy could of been completely sane and just wanted to assert him self, from the interview we do not know how bad the other roommate was harrassing the WoW player, could of been self-defense or the guy could of been pushed to it, either way it is still the one who did the crimes fault.

Thu Nov 06 2008 9:11AM Report
guuthulhu writes:

 it reminds me of the crazy stuff you'd hear about EQ players back-in-the-day. In any case, I love how it's always videogames, roleplaying games, music, and television's fault... never the parents or the person themself. *sigh*

Thu Nov 06 2008 11:46AM Report
Death1942 writes:

funny...never saw it on Aussie news....

Thu Nov 06 2008 1:30PM Report
Thekandy writes:

"Blizzard will be relying on crazy masochistic asian grinders, and American newbs for their subscriptions."
Yes because the world is divided into only chinese or americans...

Thu Nov 06 2008 2:07PM Report
Ridgelon writes:

"Insane player makes WOW look bad."


Nope, WoW mkes WoW look bad, play WARHAMMER!!!!! its sooooo much better!!

Thu Nov 06 2008 2:12PM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

Makes WoW look bad to retards maybe, anyone cool already thinks WoW is lame anyway.

Thu Nov 06 2008 3:11PM Report
Zerocyde writes:

It doesn't take an insane player to make wow look bad. Just 1\8th of a brain and at least 1 eye.

Thu Nov 06 2008 5:48PM Report
Neosai writes:

I don't see how WoW need to be mentioned.  Press are funny.

This is basically dispute over noise complaint, and idiocy.

BTW, I don't like WoW, I am just looking at this issue objectively as it can really be ANY game that the stabber was playing.

Wed Nov 12 2008 4:02AM Report writes:
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