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Sex Sells MMOs

Posted by AndyLee Wednesday September 24 2008 at 6:03AM
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A friend of mine, who is a careful mother of 2 children, recently complained to me about the MMO Conquer Online. She let her kids play the game and thought the game was fine for children until one day she logged on the homepage of the game -, and found a picture of a girl with her legs opened wide.

When I saw the picture she mentioned, I thought she was a bit over-protective, like other parents. Nowadays kids know far more than their parents think they do. Girls with miniskirts on the street are 10 times more seductive than the picture in question, no need to mention other mediums like TV and movies, which are all full of sex and violence.

On the other hand, I have to admit that sex and violence do sell well, and have become essential elements for game developers to hook gamers. Just Look at how Age of Conan hyped about female characters’ breast sizes, and girls with ridiculously bouncy boobs in Blade & Soul. How can someone with such cumbersome assets possibly heave them around in melee combat?

For Conquer Online, actually its character design was quite conservative. But now the developer started to follow the west and Korean counterparts’ step. The new class Ninja’s design is much bolder than before. Anyway, sex sells, especially in a market which is mainly consist of male adolescents.

In the end, don’t blame the game companies for losing their professional ethics. They just feed their customers what they desire. The true is that we can hardly find an “innocent” medium for kids now.

Mopar63 writes:

I would disagree with this and agree at the same time. Sex does sell but this is due to the fact we have such a huge base of imature gamers. These gamers want violnece and sexual imagery not because it adds to the game content but becuase it is "cool". These are the same players that want to move in an MMO from level one to level 20 over night, expect gold to fall off of trees and take glee at killing another player just to say they did.

Gone is the day when a great storyline was the king of RPGs. Now it is snazzy graphics that show graphic gore and a lot of skin.

Wed Sep 24 2008 6:41AM Report
zymurgeist writes:

Sex sells anything to people of any age and it's not exclusively a male affliction. Studies show women are more likely to buy products with seductive female images too. Humans are hardwired to prefer attracive images.

Wed Sep 24 2008 8:24AM Report
Bakoryo writes:

Indeed, but you should never judge a book by it's cover.


Games may have those things integrated into the game, but it still could be crap.

It' sad that people are so stuck with their primal instincts and reacts so badly to sexist materials.

Wed Sep 24 2008 8:31AM Report
streea writes:

Maybe sex sells because society is so freakishly obsessed with sexuality, but heaven forbid you show a nipple. I think that once society grows up, MMOs will too.

Wed Sep 24 2008 5:11PM Report
Zeblade writes:

Lmoa.. "don’t blame the game companies" go back and hide under your rock. My son is 15 and never came across these games. Maybe there some kind of FREE thing if so that explains alot. So much for CAREFUL mother. My son is NOT better than anyone else. I say please dont.. and TRUST him.. yet I can see what sites he goes to and never does.. Maybe put the kids 1st in your life not everything else and kids last. Do you have any clue how many people LEAVE their kids at a day care untill the last min?

Sex will ALWAYS be here.

Wed Sep 24 2008 7:38PM Report
Griffihn writes:

Zeblade, i want to live in your fantasy. please, can i? either you're overprotective (in that case you can start blaming yourself for him running with the first ugly thing that says "i love you") or you have absolutely no idea of what he's really doing. both free and sub MMOs (not the text/flash type) have as much "fan service" included as they believe it's needed to attract as many paying "customers" to their "game". fan service=income=early retirement

Wed Sep 24 2008 8:41PM Report
PrinnySquad writes:

Sex may sell, but if they keep the stupid-ass caveman mentality of "naked girls" sells rather than "sex sells," they'll just keep pissing off female gamers with the gross double-standards of their characters lookin' like battle-hookers and the men covered like it's twelve below zero.

Sure, keep on alienating essentially half the real-gamer base with the double-standard. If you're going to make a sexually-themed equipment style/game style, then don't engage in pointless double standards and give the guys some sexy clothes so the poor women have some eye-candy. Girls, back me up.

Else, well, keep pissing them off. See where the juvenile mind-set gets you. Pretty soon that lame untrue stereotype of basement pervy male nerds afraid to talk to real girls playing games will actually be truth.

Sexual themes are fine, if that's the feel for the game. But if you keep the double standard, not only is it unfair to female gamers, but it's a display of backwards immaturity and lack of mental growth by the people who perpetuate the stereotype.

In short: Surprise! Women are human too. For cryin' out loud, seriously, am I in highschool? Some people never grow up. Totally, freakin', never.

Wed Sep 24 2008 10:04PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Sex sells anything. But mentioning AoC and noy Linage 2 is just wrong... And the original Evequest for that matter. They sell everything from Pepsi to cars with sex and it works, it is our fault for falling for it. If it didn't work they wouldn't do it.

Too much sex however sells just to certain people so know your focus group, I doubt Linage 2 is popular with female gamers.

Wed Sep 24 2008 11:14PM Report
zymurgeist writes:

Cave man mentality works even for women. Your lips say no no but your subscription dollars say yes yes.  If anything the statistics call for more revealing male avatars not less revealing female ones.

Thu Sep 25 2008 12:31AM Report
Ataaka writes:

" is in the eye of the beholder..."

I'll take content and a vast world to explore over sexy avatars. But then, not everyone has a sexy woman in the real world. If you want a realistic approach to what women/girls want... it's simple... Give them a wardrobe.

Let's not believe that perversions sell subscriptions. They dont. There are at least 50 games with avatars that take your breath away, and guess what? They are F2P.

Let's not digress to primal instincts or perversions. What an adult sees is tottaly different than that of a child. Children could not care less about buldging body parts... In fact, I'm quite sure that a huge sword is far sexier to them... now that's primal.

Get a grip on your hormones and go out and meet real girls. Perhaps then you'll find that Staff of Gordan just as pleasing as that sexy avatar next to you.

Keeping it real.

Thu Sep 25 2008 4:10AM Report
ronan32 writes:

you'd  swear there was something wrong with sex. I hate prudes

Tue Jul 28 2009 2:20PM Report writes:
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