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Is WOW beginning to die out?

Posted by AndyLee Friday September 12 2008 at 5:13AM
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To players, one of the most appealing features of MMORPGs is the massive community in the game world. In this virtual atmosphere, you can meet people from every corner of the earth and grind out levels for hours… but eventually we will tire. And that brings us to today’s topic – is the most successful massive multiplayer role-playing game, Blizzard’s epic World of Warcraft becoming less massive?

WOW has more than 10 million subscribers round the world. But this huge population is divided into countless servers, which “effectively” reduces the game community size. Moreover, WOW’s enormous landmass, which was highly appreciated by the players, now has begun to show its flaw. The players are scattered in the huge maps, reducing population density. The new influx of new players is starting to decline and the veterans are all stick to high-level regions.

When I started my WOW journey recently, omg… it felt like wandering round a ghost town. As most of players are either grinding in the dungeons or on the way to the dungeons, my newborn Belf paladin can hardly meet someone for help. It was more or less the same as playing a single player RPG to me.

Now people all talk about WOW killers. Players are all looking forward to a MMO with revolutionary graphics and gameplay which can liberate them from their burnout of WOW. However, I consider that to a MMO, the massive community is more critical than the graphics and gameplay. If you’re being critical of graphics and gameplay in MMOs, it may indicate that you’re tiring of this genre. I mean let’s face it, if you take the MMO out of MMORPG, that’s 50% of your processing power saved, and with single player RPGs can always outperform MMOs when it comes to complex storyline quests, submersive roleplaying and gameplay speed (no connection to wait for, right?). Maybe we should try out other games instead.

At their core, MMOs are about sociality and communication. For those F2P MMOs, though their graphics and gameplay can’t compare to WOW, the size of their community, high population density, ability to customize yourself are pretty good. Players can also enjoy the engaging MMO atmosphere elsewhere. Just look at Conquer Online, the Chinese style F2P MMO. As published 5 years ago, its 2.5D graphics are outdated. But when you enter in the main towns of the game, you can immediately see players all chatting, trading and dancing. Players can meet people from different parts of the world, quest together, go PK noobs or join in guild wars. This is a real MMORPG.

To help its players customize their MSN and forum avatars, Conquer Online recently launched the avatar event. Players can either use the official CO theme avatar, or design their own avatar to use as MSN and forum icons. I found some designs from the players are truly impressive. Are you looking for a cool avatar? Have a try here.


trentonx writes:

 No wow isn't dying but it's sun will start falling soon. HOwever it won't die unless you consider 3 million subs dying.

Even if it loses 7 millions sub it would still be the number one P2P western mmorpg on the market, following age of conan and eve online.


However on that note it would finally lose it's bragging rights one of the only two mmorpgs that has never shown a downwards slope of subs.

Fri Sep 12 2008 5:46AM Report
Teran1987 writes:

Wow sux, its dying

Fri Sep 12 2008 5:47AM Report
Ataaka writes:

Well written article. If MMORPG.Com was the headquarters for disillusioned gamers, we'd see more posts like this. People aren't as tired of the 'game' as they are the playerbase, IMHO.

There are a too few F2P American-Style MMORPGS existing. As we saw with the latest hyped game, which has the eye-candy you speak of, but lacks the content that the mature gamers prefer.

WoW became an overnight success due to three letters 'PVP'. Blizzard put together a masterpiece for those who enjoy PvP. Sadly, I had to leave WoW, as I am not a fan of PvP unless it happens naturally.

WoW is dying by a long shot. It still brings together friends, family and strangers to a place where adventuring has taken the back seat to percieved power.

Try playing your old MMORPG, it helped me quite a bit. I hope that we find a new place to adventure, a place to hang our wares, even for a moment.


Fri Sep 12 2008 6:06AM Report
sinbazo writes:

I miss SWG Pre-cu times... that was a really massive community... :(

Fri Sep 12 2008 7:33AM Report
BarakIII writes:

WoW isn't dying by a long shot. At most it's reached it's peak, and even that I'm not sure of. With the soon to be released WotLK I imagine that we will again see a rise in player accounts in WoW.

I find it funny when WoW haters insist that WoW is dying or that there will be a soon to be WoW-killer. Sorry, it hasn't happened and isn't likely to anytime soon.

As far as community interaction, I've never found WoW to be the best game for that. Well, maybe when it first came out, but since then it's only when you join a guild that you have any sense of community.  This is a legitimate problem with the game and has only become more pronounced as time goes on. I'm not really sure of the cause, but one thing I know for sure, it's hard to get any instance done if you're guildless. Especially if you're below level 70.


Fri Sep 12 2008 7:50AM Report
zymurgeist writes:

PvP didn't make WoW. It barely has any and what little there is is meaningless. Accessability and fun made WoW.  Everyone on the planet with access to a  crappy ten year old computer can pony up the bucks and have fun playing it. It's the Pac-Man of the MMORPGs.

Fri Sep 12 2008 7:52AM Report
sobitthen writes:

I was only bored of WOW when I had all this hardware sitting here capable of more... I looked elsewhere to find that eye candy, leaving all the friends I made behind.  Tried the Conan game, didn't like the NPC interaction and the inability to see stats on combined items.

Now I just watch TV and come here to see what new and exciting games are on the horizon, hoping to replace the hole left after leaving WOW...

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:56AM Report
Player_420 writes:

answer to your question: "no"

Also if your just trying to hype your conquer online, your prolly doing the opposite by saying silly things

Fri Sep 12 2008 11:30AM Report
daltanious writes:

Yet has to be created game that would come even close to dethroning WoW. After playing War open beta which is good game, all other games put together are not even close to richness of possibilites of Wow.

Sat Sep 13 2008 8:30AM Report
v186 writes:

I played and quit WoW 3 times, twice on retail and once on a private server. The reason I quit all three times was the one aspect that an MMO thrives on: The community.


I got so fed up each time with children, egoes, failed attempts at personalities trying to be funny that just turn out being ignorant and annoying, and in the case of the private server, I got extremely fed up with the foreigners. They mean well, but there's just huge culture clashes and i swear if you think American kids are dumb... Wow. Eastern Euro kids make them look like angels made in the image of Einstein. Between the behavior itself and trying to understand their broken english on a voice chat server... ugh.

So no more MMO for me. I'd rather play single player games that are about progressing through a story and offer changes of atmosphere in each one instead of being locked into playing one single game for years at a time like you have to do with WoW if you want to get anywhere in the game. Plus I'd rather the joy of playing through a single player storyline rather than endulging in a purple pixel hunting e-peen size contest that is very much an MMO.

And as for being social, well, I have a real life for that and don't need to mix it into my gameplay.

Sat Sep 13 2008 11:56PM Report
Titten writes:

With the ~10 million or more accounts playing WoW this game is far from dead and in my opinion, at the current time a fatal strike is impossible for this game. The chances of a dead WoW within the next 2 years is zero.

Sun Sep 14 2008 1:53AM Report
DocSpencer writes:

I have to agree with this on most parts. WoW is too sparsely populated and you rarely see anyone, but it mostly depends which server you are on or town you are in. I noticed that when I started the game there were hundreds of other new ppl around me, then as I started going through the game we either saw each other more often or split apart becuz of different class quests or something. In WoW ppl don't go to places for fun, like in most MMOs. In WoW ppl go to the town they need to quest in or meet their guild in, it's just a more serious environment. About it dying, I think Lich King is for WoW like a sun at 12 o'clock. That's as high as it's going. After Lich King it won't grow anymore, and it's going to last a long time before it loses it's players, but once Diablo 3 comes out and enough time has gone by WoW will start dying fast.

Sat Sep 20 2008 7:18AM Report writes:
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