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Forge Your Own Brotherhood in the Warlords

Posted by AndyLee Friday March 27 2009 at 9:31PM
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Brotherhood & Sisterhood is another unique feature of The Warlords. In ancient China, the brotherhood was everything, and this is what makes up the soul of the Warlords. In the game, three players can be sworn brothers or sisters. After that, they will share Kung Fu and their enemy list. When encountering emergencies, brothers or sisters can instantly be called to come to the rescue.

This was a custom most famously romanticized in the historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". In the novel, in one of the most famous sections titled, "Oath of the Peach Garden" three warriors Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei became sworn brothers in a special ceremony amongst blossoming peach trees. As it is said, in 188 AD, in the county of Zhuo, the three met by chance and soon discovered they all shared a common desire to serve the country in the chaotic times. The next day they swore their oaths as brothers where Liu Bei was ranked the eldest, Guan Yu the second, and Zhang Fei the youngest. Combining their forces allowed them to quickly muster up more than 300 local men, forged weapons, acquire horses, and joined in the fight to repel the rebelling Yellow Turbans.

The oath, as it appears in the Wikisource English translation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms/Chapter 1, was this:

When saying the names Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, although the surnames are different, yet we have come together as brothers. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose, and come to each other's aid in times of crisis. We shall avenge the nation from above, and pacify the citizenry from below. We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. We merely hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. May the gods of heaven and earth attest to what is in our hearts. If we should ever do anything to betray our friendship, may the gods in heaven strike us dead.

This illustrates the deep bond that sworn brothers can share and "The Warlords" tries to recreate this setting. Go out and find other players who share your fervour and take down the rebelling hordes!


The Prelude of the Qing Dynasty's Collapse - A Historical Intro of The Warlords

Posted by AndyLee Monday March 23 2009 at 9:57PM
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The background of The Warlords is based on the chaotic late Qing Dynasty. During this darkest of periods of Chinese history, natural disasters, economic collapse, and the Taiping Rebellion constantly hit the foundation of the ruling Qing Dynasty. The whole country was plunged into chaos and famine. The civil war which has been labeled as one of the bloodiest wars in human history, lasted 20 years and caused an estimated 20 to 30 million deaths as a direct result of the conflict, was the one of the bloodiest wars in the human history.

The Qing Dynasty

The Qing Dynasty also known as the Manchu Dynasty, followed the Ming Dynasty in Chinese history, and was the last ruling dynasty of China, ruling from 1644 to 1912. The Dynasty was founded not by the Han who form the majority of the Chinese population, but by the minority Manchu. The dynasty was founded by the Manchu clan Aisin Gioro in what is now present day northeast China (Manchuria). Beginning in 1644 it expanded into China proper and its surrounding territories, establishing the new Empire of the Great Qing.

The Qianlong Emperor in Ceremonial Armour on Horseback, 1739 or 1758, by Giuseppe Castiglione

During the mid-nineteenth century, China's problems were compounded by natural calamities of unprecedented proportions, including droughts, famines, and floods. The Government neglect of public works was in part responsible for this and other disasters, and the Qing administration did little to relieve the widespread misery caused by the economic tensions, numerous humiliating military defeats at Western hands, as well as anti-Manchu sentiments all combined to produce widespread unrest, especially in the south. Southern China had been the last area to yield to the Qing conquerors and the first to be exposed to Western influence. It provided a likely setting for the largest uprising in modern Chinese history--the Taiping Rebellion.

Hong Xiuquan - "The Younger Brother of Jesus Christ"

The Taiping Rebellion was a large-scale revolt conducted from 1850 to 1864 by an army led by heterodox Christian convert Hong Xiuquan. He established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, namely Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace with capital Nanjing and gained control of significant parts of southern China, at its height ruling over about 30 million people.

Hong Xiuquan was the son of a poor farmer near Canton. He was a promising young student, but repeatedly failed the civil service examination in Canton. After one such failure, he overheard a Christian missionary speaking and brought home several Christian treatises. The next year he again failed the exam and, according to some historians, had a nervous breakdown. Whatever happened, Hung had several visions in which an old man told him that people had stopped worshipping him and were worshipping demons; in another, the man appointed him as a slayer of demons. Hung believed that the man in the visions was God the Father and that a younger, middle aged man that visited him in visions was Jesus Christ, his Elder Brother. He himself was the Younger Brother and had been sent by God to earth in order to eradicate demons and demon worship.

The delirium of Hong Xiuquan

Hung, however, did nothing with these visions until seven years later when he began to study with Issachar J. Roberts, a Southern Baptist minister who taught him everything he would know about Christianity. With the Christianity of Roberts, Hung, some relatives, and some followers formed a new religious sect, the God Worshippers that dedicated itself to the destruction of idols in the region around Canton.

Hong Xiuquan and followers destroying the evil Kan yang idol

The sect's power grew in the late 1840s, initially in response to its struggle to suppress groups of bandits and pirates, but persecution by Qing authorities spurred the movement into a guerrilla rebellion and then into civil war.

The revolt began in Guangxi Province. After a previous small-scale battle resulting in the rebels' victory in late December 1850, in early January 1851, a ten thousand-strong rebel army organized by Feng Yunshan and Wei Changhui routed Imperial troops stationed at the town of Jintian. Heavenly Kingdom forces successfully drove back the Imperial reprisal, and on January 11, 1851, Hong Xiuquan formally declared the Jintian Uprising on his birthday (lunar calendar). Subsequently, in August 1851, Hong declared the establishment of the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace with himself as absolute ruler.

Taipings battling the Qing at Jintian after announcing the Tai Ping Tian Guo

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The Warlords - the Truceless Era of Chinese Qing Dynasty

Posted by AndyLee Friday March 20 2009 at 7:34AM
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The Warlords, TQ Digital Entertainment’s new MMORPG, will start its Closed Beta 20:00, Mar 20th, 2009 PDT. Compared to TQ’s previous games, the Warlords has a much darker and grittier theme. The background of the game is set on the late Qing Dynasty, one of the darkest periods of Chinese history. Natural disasters and Taiping Rebellion were overrunning the country, plunging the large part of the kingdom into the chaos and the bloody civil war.

In such a helpless world, humble commoners have no choice but arm up to fight for the survival and the dignity. By the Blood Oath, brotherhood and sisterhood are affirmed to consolidate the fraternity. The humble folks are no longer abiding to the destiny!

The curtain is up for this dramatic MMO. Get yourself prepared for this gallant adventure and claim your dominance in the cataclysmic era!

Gain the free closed-beta key on the Official Site

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