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MMORPG, the genre that is being destroyed.

I started playing MMORPG's at the ripe age of 9 years old, on a dial up 2d turn based MMORPG called The Realm Online. The game was raw, very little quest information was given and you just went out and killed stuff. I saw my first example of how a MMO cou

Author: Andrew0988

MMORPG, the genre that is being destroyed.

Posted by Andrew0988 Wednesday October 6 2010 at 4:40PM
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I started playing MMORPG's at the ripe age of 9 years old, on a dial up 2d turn based MMORPG called The Realm Online. The game was raw, very little quest information was given and you just went out and killed stuff. I saw my first example of how a MMO could evolve (change graphics, user interface, ect.) and grow into a better game.


From The Realm I branched out into the more attractive younger games like EQ, Asheron's Call DAoC.

In my opinion that was the last spawn of good competitive MMORPG's. Since then, while World of Warcraft has dominated. Very little has been done in the industry to promote new ideas and great gameplay. Darkfall, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Mortal, Aion, and so many more have failed to make any real impression on me.


Where did they go wrong?

While some game companies still have their dignity (very few) I think the huge influx of cash shop games, asian free to play games, and games bought from other countries to be released into US territory have sucked.

The main problem I find with these games is this - a equal representation of quests AND grinding, and end game content. Seamless worlds, and non linear story lines, and bad updates (maybe because they dont have a staff who can even update the game) and crappy communities.

World of Warcraft - too much emphasis on questing

Most Asian games - too much emphasis on grinding (little end game other than killing eachother - wowww thats cool.)

Why can't these games give you the choose?

Seamless worlds / Story lines. Yes, I understand with the new fancy graphics its getting harder and harder to make a good seamless world and good content. Oh wait, yeah. Graphics replacing content/quality. Yup.


Heres how the typical free to play stupid Asian to American game purchased by some shady idiot money grubbing company goes.

"Awesome Asian Fighting MMORPG 2001038" is now out and free to play!

"Wow, the graphics look cool, im gonna play this its free!"

50 dollars later. Dang, it takes 14 hours of killing mobs to level, the server keeps crashing there is 5000 gold bots and its gonna cost me 10,000 dollars to be a top geared player.

I've tried them all, i've seen em all kinds of deceptive. Believing, hey this game might actually have potential. Now with LOTRO online going free to play the market shifting toward that it will only get worse. Now we will not only get these crap linear kill pew pew kill other players spend your whole retirement crap, but we will be miserable too.

When I grew up playing online games I knew they were worth the 10-15$ a month because when everyone else was out buying the newest Tony Hawk or Mario I was still playing a game with content updates that never got old. You could be the best Mario player in the world and what good did it do you? You couldnt reap havoc on your foes and take out your aggression on your enemies, or team up and fight against evil with real people. I always loved the multiplayer aspect.

EQ, Realm, DAoC, AC, and other games also had good communities. Try playing 12 Sky 2, or Cabal, or Kingdom Heroes or any of this other garbage crap. The communities suck.


I want a game that I can do dungeons, kill creatures, explore seamlessly and freelance on, that also has available quests that I can partake in as I choose that about equals the experience of grinding. I want a game with places to go and people to see, with a community. With housing and personal warehousing. Open world PvP that is endorsed so it doesnt die out, and a reason to KEEP playing. Give me a hundred million, Ill get the damn job done.

You ever notice DAoC, AC, EQ, and other older qualities games don't die? Because they have good qualities, you see all these new age games sucker punched as soon as they land. Ill see the hype meter up on the next crap game to hit the market, Final Fantasy 5000 or Crouching Tiger Online.

So quit giving me these garbage @ss, feed me money games.

jaxsundane writes:

So far I can only think of maybe a handful of premium mmo's to close, you attribute the fact that those older games still being around as them being good then in the same sense one can argue any game not closed is a good game.  Too many mmorpg players just jump on the everything is crap bandwagon unless you are just asking for the exact same old DAoC,AC,EQ with updated graphics then the problem may be that you need to find another hobby as mmorpg's have passed you by?

Wed Oct 06 2010 5:01PM Report
nug4t writes:

too bad u dint check out eve online which is consistantly updated, has a great huge community with alot of meta gaming happening also.

I fear u are too much into fantasy.

Soon World of Darkness will be released, another non-grinding-leveling mmo which is social-political based

Thu Oct 07 2010 8:00AM Report
RajCaj writes: Jax....I think that is exactly what the OP is talking about. The MMORPG genre has gone from an open ended role playing experience that focused heavily on community, to what has become a very linear hack n' slash glorified single player experiense. Instances in a MMORPG have offered a more "personal" feel to dungeon crawling but has taken away the ability to compete over resources, join guilds / alliances, etc. Its taken away a lot of conflict....but its that very conflict that bring people together, which ultimately end up forming relationships and a interactive community. Using Gear thats only obtainable through loot as the measuring stick for progression creates a nice tread mill thats typically visually stimulating and allows the developers to guide players in the direction they see fit. BUT, its killed just about any player driven economy or alternate non combat progression paths (crafters, tradesman, fisherman, treasure hunters, etc). Limiting a players risk in a MMORPG is a less punative play experience and probably apppealing to more generic gamers......but it removes much motivation to play responsibly, effectively, or as a team. Run any BG in WOW (pick any)...I don't even care which one of the 100 WOW servers your on....just pick one BG and count how many people run to their death without a drop of hesitation. My experience playing PvPing in old school UO (with full loot) was the most challenging and rewarding since. It's FUN playing with competent people and against competent people. In short, alot of these "enhancements" that the MMORPG genre has made over the years have typically come at the cost of degrading the foundation that made MMORPGs different than Console games, FPS games, single player RPG games, etc. If the aim is to get more people from other genre's playing MMO games as to increase the money coming in......the industry has done a FANTASTIC job. If the aim is to build on what once made MMORPGs special, they've failed BIG time. Thu Oct 07 2010 9:16AM Report
darkb457 writes:

You knowother than neophobia, the only problem I see here is less communication. If it pisses you off that much, strike up a conversation. Go play Puzzle Pirates, most of the problems are much less prevalent there.

Thu Oct 07 2010 7:36PM Report
Shizaxxx writes:

True, Eve online might be a great semi-sandbox game, with excellent graphics, good gameplay and a decent community. BUT the combat is horrible, and you know it... That is the only reason I sometimes take a break from Eve. I can't stand such trivial combat.

Sat Oct 09 2010 7:04AM Report
tentimes writes:

I come from the same gaming background and have to agree with you. I have just spent the last 4 hours looking for a game to play. My guild and I are lost at the moment. The last good game was Vanguard, but it was trashed by SOE. I don't see anything on the horizon either. It is so so sad.

Surely there is someone out there able to create a game worth playing that isn't part of the FTP micro-transactional grind crap? Maybe it will never happen again and the industry is forever lost in the graveyard of bad MMOGs. It must be very hard to fund and get the time to develop a good game nowaday, but surely someone can deliver us from the void?

For me the place where ALL recent serious contenders has failed is content and world immersion. Everquest ONE was the last time I felt in a unique and immersive world. Even at release it had more content than almost anything on the market, and each zone was lovingly crafted. Who can forget lower and upper guk? The hard to find passageways to small underground rooms and caves, rivers with secret tunnels etc.. lovingly crafted by real dungeon crawlers. Nowdays it's crappy, unrealistic, symetric, repetitve caverns that just don;t seem real or hasve had the same energy put into them.

An good solid combat system, interesting and complimentary (but NOT NOT balanced to hell) classes, a genuinely realistic, big, world and you would have another good MMO. I have yet to see that since EQ1. Nobgody has put the same care into the world. Nobobdy.

Sun Oct 10 2010 11:06AM Report
xenogias writes:

My first MMO was Asherons Call. At first I thought it was just that urge to play my first love again that made me think most other mmo's have felt dull. The more I remove myself the more I realize that its simply I havent found the gameplay, story, and world that made AC great. An origional IP. A reason to go out and explore the mostly (only a handfull of instanced dungeons) seamless world that rewarded you for going out and exploring. So much the game did right I havent seen in another MMO since.

Mon Oct 11 2010 2:36AM Report
karnisov writes:

hate to break it to you, but the older mmos sucked too. even the text based muds sucked really. the only fun thing to do was pk.

i think some of the sandbox mmos might be where the real innovation and compelling gameplay is happening and will continue to happen. the themepark mmos are content to copy the mud model with little variation.

Mon Oct 11 2010 7:18PM Report
niqpere writes:

If devs actually read reviews instead of try to make money first then make a game maybe there might be a few decent games out. But in reality i just think mmos is a dieing breed . We have seen it all and done it all .. as a gamer i would like a mmo to surprise me but i dont hold my breath anymore .

Tue Oct 12 2010 3:25AM Report
jaaytwo writes:

Well , here goes nothing SUNLIGHT!!!!!! ahhhhhh see its just time to get out of the house for about 6 to 12 months and see then if anything drops thats worth a dam. Reason  being most of us check this site and sites like this one for upcomming games or  ,open / closed beta  almost all the games out atm are garbage BUT on the other hand we are still paying for cash shop items and loggging into  grind wasteless hours in these "garbage" games take wow for example how many ppl you know got 8 or 9 lvl 80's with 5k gear score or more . A lot but everyone still biches about how bad wow is but yet we still suscribe and  play. JUST STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER~!  , im much better now im on the mmorpg patch yup thats right 20 mg's of mmorpg through a transdermial patch ahahahahhah   

Wed Oct 13 2010 11:07AM Report
Datarin writes:

The main problem I find with these games is this - a equal representation of quests AND grinding, and end game content. Seamless worlds, and non linear story lines, and bad updates (maybe because they dont have a staff who can even update the game) and crappy communities.

There's your problem. Those features are prevalent on every game in one form or another. MMORPGs these days define themselves on quests, and grinding (although you may look towards Guild Wars 2 to try avoiding that) is probably a universal concept, not only supported by MMOs. As for story lines, well, it's becoming a prerequisite that every game has a fable, a background story (or more), and a distinctive history against cliched classes.

What everyone's forgetting these days is that games are made not for entertainment, but for money. Micro-transactions (aka Cash Shops/Item Malls) are the biggest money-reapers of the lot.

Thu Oct 21 2010 7:56AM Report writes:
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