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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

update on some resource locations

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 13 2014 at 8:23PM
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well, my children, thanks again to yildar.  after so many recommendations, his was the final straw that made me download the map pack.  and why i waited so long, i don't even know!  if you are gonna play horizons for serious, you need to do so as well!  go to and download the mappack mod with updates.  you will thank the gods for it (altho, of course, it is a player made thing,,,,,).  i will be relying on it heavily to show you locations i can't get to, for whatever reason (usually time or attunement, i imagine!  lol )

anyhoo, to the topic at hand.

harro is a high level and dangerous place.  so, of course, there are several high level resources located in the surrounding lands.  today, i will show you how to get to some unguarded steelsilk (for outfitters) and radiant wisps (for scholars, if you want to check the related earlier posts).  you can also find thornwood in the area, which we will cover in future.  so, let's get started, shall we?

starting at the harro arrival pad, head southernly down the hill past the guard shack.  stay on the road as it turns southeastish and go up the hill.  at the top, you will see the settlement port pad.  head to the right, behind the middle plot (on blight, it is the only plot that is built on - that is unlikely to be the case on the live shards).  there is a scaleable 'pass' (you will need to jump up a couple times, but it is fair easy to climb) you need to climb.  once at the top, you are entering the safe resource area.

to get to the steelsilk and rads, you need to cross the top of the hill and go down another 'pass' to a lower plateau.  on that plateau, you will find the rad wisps - including some enraged, much easier to deal with than the blight hounds and other nasties in the other areas around here - to your right and the start of the steelsilk field to your left.  remember, the closer you get to blighted lands, the better your chances of running into trouble.  also, there are no convenient workstations for any of this, so you will prolly need to become very familiar with the harro settlement area, for access to player plots with workstations.

and that is how easy it turned out to be to get to some important high level resources.  join me again soon, when we will meet the journeyman scholars!

beginner scholar trainers

Posted by velveeta Friday July 11 2014 at 8:04PM
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before we jump into the trainers, i want to thank yildar for some very welcome resource location info that i will be incorporating into the appropriate posting.  i will also be post a short piece on both radiant essence and steelsilk that will use this info.  i just need to get ingame long enough to do the screenies, but suffice to say that yildar has advised me of an easily accessed safe area for several tier 6 resources.  i hope to have the new info soon, this weekend, with luck.


anyway, on to the topic at hand.

the first scholar trainer one usually meets is erelald on new trismus.  the elf can be found next to the stone workstation, between the gem mine and the cloth workstation.

kion is usually the next place to advance, and you will find geleon the saris in the upper level of the fort.  go up the stairs and you should see the trainer at the back of the room, next to the balcony archway.

in sslanis - non gender specific sibling city to kion - the sslik trainer is kesh.  it can be found in the upper floor of the main fort area, above the vault.

last but not least, beginner scholar trainer leah can be located in the building to the east of the outfitter's building in the heart of dalimond.  she will get you started with tools and formulas!


thank you for coming to read these, and we will see you very soon with another post.  whether the journeymen trainers or a resource location update remains to be seen!

my fave essencel resource locations

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 5 2014 at 2:46PM
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now it is time to meet the trainers for the last basic crafting skewl for istaria - the scholar.  scholars are the basic skewl for several crafting and adventure prestige skewls, and provides important skills for those seeking a magic using profession.

in order to scribe spells, one must first make spell shards, which require stone and essence to create.  essence is harvested from wisps and wisp residue.  wisps are living creatures - the only ones that you can harvest from while still alive.  harvesting essence from a dead wisp gets you tainted essence, which can be used to make blighted weapons and spells.  residue is a big pile of essence, affectionately known as wisp poo.

as with all resources, wisps come in tiers.  so here we go with the in game locations - with, of course, my fave places to harvest:

tier 1:

wiki description:  the first essence you work with is dim.  as the first tier resource, it is the most common.  the wiki shows these locations for finding dims

  1.  South New Trismus
  2. Above Nuthala to the easy
  3. Isle of Wisps
  4. Northeast of Sslanis
  5. Southeast of Genevia
my thoughts:  when it comes to essence, at least the first few tiers, you will make friends with wisp island.  small island with plenty of dims, pales, and glows, at least.  supposedly, you can find brights as well, but i can't remember finding them - if i have, it hasn't been worth it, as you will see in a bit.  also a very handy ews right across the bridge from the port area.
tier 2:
wiki description:  pale essence is the tier 2 essence.  pales can be found at the following places:
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. Between Dalimond and Chiconis
  3. Abandoned Island
  4. Mambow Point
  5. Northeast of Kenaf Port northwest of Slate Hills
  6. Slightly northeast of Bristugo portal pad
my thoughts:  see above.  wisp island is the only real place to go.  unguarded, small field, with workstation.  can't ask for better.
tier 3:
wiki description:  next, you will learn to work glowing essence (glows or glowies).  you can find them here:
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. North side of Heather
  3. East of Mahagra
  4. North of Acul in the oak forest
my thoughts:  see above two.  the only small drawback to the isle of wisps is that the different types are all mixed together, so you do spend some time running around sorting.  small price to pay, to my mind.
tier 4:
wiki description:  next tier, we work brights.  we are getting into the higher tiers, and that means rarity and guards.  
  1. Between Sanctuary Bay and Spire's Shadow to the north
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Isle of Wisps
my thoughts:  you can find brights in the maple fields above sanctuary bay.  but, as you may remember, that also means maple treants - and they are no joke.  doable solo if you are high enough level, but for an easier time harvesting brights, i go to feladan.  a fairly large field, guarded only by an enraged wisp or 2.  much easier than 50 treants on your butt all the time.  plus, the ews is inside the city proper, very close to the field.
tier 5:
wiki description:  yeap, the last 2 tiers.  the killer tiers.  tier 5 essence is shining (shinies, of course).  wiki lists 2 places to find them:
  1. North of Harro
  2. Spiritous Swamp
my thoughts:  spiritous swamp is deadly.  don't go there at all.  if you have to, go with an army.  still prolly won't last long, but you might find some shinies....  that leaves harro - only slightly less deadly, but at least, if you are careful, you might actually do some harvesting.  it was here that i got my death point, as you can see from the screenie.  those bloodsnouts aggro'ed me while i was taking screenies, and before i could recall, i was written in the ded book.  there are several high level resources in this area and surrounding, so keep in mind you will need a babysitter and/or lookout while around here.
tier 6:
wiki description:  the rarest and most difficult essence resource is radiant.  wiki sez you can find some in these locations:
  1. East and southeast of Harro
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Mixed in with the Glowing east of Mahagra
my thoughts:  believe me, i looked.  i looked hard.  i could not find any rads in feladan or mahagra.  both would be better than harro, which is where i go to die.  but, if you are lucky, you will find some before you croak.
so, now that we are familiar with essence, we can meet the trainers.  come back next time!

expert outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Friday June 27 2014 at 7:47PM
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time to meet our last 2 outfitter trainers.  before we start, tho, i would like to say a word about the city of kirasanct.

kira is a high level area, but the trainers are mixed between journeyman and expert.  in the current case, for instance, khania is listed on the wiki as journeyman in rank, but is really an expert.  therefore, in relation to all following posts on kira trainers, i will make sure i check the forms available for sale as the final word on whether a trainer is really jm or expert.  just to keep you in the loop, ya ken!

so, with that out of the way, might as well introduce you to the kirasanct outfitter, khania.  i have confirmed that khania sells expert forms and does not sell jm, so don't waste a trip!  you can find her in an alcove room at the top of the stairs to the left (you can see the archway to the stairs in the middle left of the screenie), in the main fort area.

in augh, you need to find bragha for your expert outfitter forms.  the dwarven trainer can be find inside the mine area, in the far left crafthall.  look for the outfitter sign!


when harvesting fiber plants, bipeds use (dragons have no need, usually, to harvest fiber) a scythe-like harvest knife.  using the unspun fiber, fabric scissors, and a distaff (a workstation machine), one makes fabric spool resources to make finished products.  outfitters use spools to make clothing and armor at a loom or mannequin, using a sewing needle.


well, that is about it for outfitters!  next time, we will discover essence (and i will tell you about how i died to bring you this info!  ;-} ) and find out about the last basic craft skewl, the scholar.  see you soon!

journeyman outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 10 2014 at 10:42AM
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(post has been updated with the appropriate maps!)


the first of the jman trainers we shall meet is kimmer in the gnome city of new rachival.  you will become somewhat familiar with the room where she is located, as several other trainers are also found in this section of the fort.

in the mahagra fort, frida deslo is the outfitter trainer to look for.  if you need to update your formulas to journeyman level, you can get them here!!

our last jman trainer is ciowel, found in the elven city of feladan.  find him in the fort area next to the essence channeler.


i am sorry i forgot to do the maps for these posts. i will be updating both this post and the beginner trainers with those screenies asap - hopefully in the next couple days.  however, if you just look for the sign, you will usually find the trainers in the room immediately behind.  remember, the outfitter sign is a vest symbol.

see you next time when we will meet the expert trainers and learn a bit about the tools you will need.

beginner outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday June 4 2014 at 8:24PM
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(post has been updated with the appropriate maps!)


well, here we go with meeting the outfitter trainers!

first up, the new trismus trainer is johald.  as befits the training island, he offers a lot of quests!  you can find the trainer in the fws in the middle of the flax field on the southern end of the island, between the sandstone field/gem mine and rancher elden's farm.

after the evil place, the next stop is usually kion.  the outfitter there is bolo.  this trainer can be found in the manor house at the top of the hill, between the two city gates.  find bolo just inside the doorway, in the left room.  

in sslanis, grash can be found in the main fort - look for the sign with the vest symbol.  remember, all trainers sell the appropriate formulas for their tiers!

the last beginner trainer is sela verin.  she can be found on the porch of the fws, near the ports, city gate, and the angel statue where the attunement gatekeeper is located.


join me next time, when we meet the journeyman trainers!

my fave fabric harvesting locations

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 28 2014 at 7:33PM
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the second basic craft skewl of istaria is outfitter.  as you might guess, outfitters make clothing and armor out of fabric and tanned hides.  before we meet the trainers, let me tell you about working cloth and where i like to go to do so.

you know that resources, and the working thereof, have 6 tiers.  i will follow the outline of the blacksmith resource post, for ease, in this and all further posts of this nature.  fabric is the name given to cloth and cloth products in istaria.  the wiki doesn't really have detailed descriptions of the plants, like those of the metals, so forgive my 'winging' it.


tier 1:

wiki description: flax is the most common cloth plant, as you might expect, being the very first tier.  it is a weedy looking plant with blue flowers, and the fields are always widespread and quick to respawn.  the wiki page lists the following locations to find flax plants:

my thoughts: let me just say, here at the start, that fabric isle is prolly the place most peeps go for at least the first three or four tiers.  everything is unguarded, it's a large island (but the plants are intermixed and can be widely separated), and there are 2 fabric workstations, one at each end of the island near the road.  and it is easily accessed via port 4 in bristugo, as well as via bridges.  that being said, i like to do my flax work outside of kion.  there is a large yet compact field (don't stray too far south along the road, tho, if you are low level - gruoks and grulets roam there, complete with bessie, the boss hog) with a convenient fws.
tier 2:
wiki description: kenaf is a bushy white plant.  it tends to grow close together in the field, and respawns quickly.  here is where the wiki page says you can find it:
my thoughts:  well, i USED to like to do my kenaf work in the settlement of heather.  there was always a player plot or three with at least a journeyman fws on site.  sadly, on blight, that is no longer the case.  i suspect that on the live shards, heather is still a thriving community, however.  the field is unguarded, near to the port pad, and pretty big.
tier 3:
wiki description:  cotton - well, it looks like cotton!  a low, bushy white plant.  tier 3 starts the situation of heavily guarded fabric resources (as you will see, i died to bring you this info!!  lol) as well as having aboundant (or motherlode) plants.  wiki says you can find cotton in the following locations - altho i was unable to find the field behind the mahagra vault:
my thoughts:  i do my cotton in aughundell.  yes, it is a wide spread field.  yes, it doesn't respawn as quickly as one might like.  yes, it is guarded by red backed spiders.  yes, finally but most importantly, blight anchors have been known to pop up and ruin your day.  also, you don't want to wander into the bitter pickle area.  despite all that, i like the convenience to town and the handy fws.
tier 4:
wiki description:  the tier 4 fabric is silk.  in fact, the last 3 tiers are some form of silk, so they all look basically the same - a short, leafy plant with a flower on top.  you can find silk at the following locations:
my thoughts:  aug isn't just for metal.  a lot of fabric is located near the dwarven town.  i find silk north of the main town (run next to the inside of the city wall).  there is no fws, and it is guarded by shadow spiders, but it is hard to find on fabric isle.  if you can handle the running and fighting, you will be okay.
tier 5:
wiki description:  ironsilk is a difficult to find resource.  i was unable to find any on fabric isle, altho i am assured it is there.  the other locations listed each have their problems - spiritous swamp is a very unfriendly place to any level of player.  here is where wiki sez you can find it:
my thoughts:  once again, i turn to aughundell.  east of the town is the suburb of rikhi.  northerly of that is a small field of ironsilk.  the field itself is relatively unguarded, altho is it very close to some very dangerous territory - the fallen outpost.  not a place to be caught unaware.
tier 6:
wiki description: rarest and most difficult to harvest of fabric plants, steelsilk is the highest tier cloth plant.  again, i couldn't find any on fabric isle, and there is only one other place to find it:
<table sortable"="" border="1">


my thoughts:  realistically, the harro area is the only place to find steelsilk.  there are a few high level resources in the area, and it is heavily and viciously guarded (i will relate how i died to bring you the info on fabric, essence, and timber resources when we get to the scholar trainers.  something for you to look forward to!).  as you can see from the map, it is near the withered aegis lands, and they are no respecters of borders, if you get my meaning.  it is not advisable to venture there without an escort, no matter your level.

and now you know a little something about finding and harvesting fabric plants!  next time, i will tell you how to find the trainers to get started in this adventure.  see ya soon!

expert blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 21 2014 at 9:19PM
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and so, we come to the last of the blacksmith trainers.  let's meet them, and review the tools blacksmiths use.

first, allow me to introduce attia, the fiend trainer located in the racial city of kirasanct.  he can be found on the upper level of the main fort area.

lastly, we have baric greybeard, a  trainer in the mine of aughundell, the city of the dwarves.   the dour master smith can be found, as you might guess, underground.  go thru the mouth of the mine and head past the great entry hall to the workstation hall.  he is located in the last left hand room of the crafthall.


all biped crafting skewls use 3 basic tools and corresponding processing machines.  the machines can be placed in one location, known as a crafthall - or workstation, at least by me.

a blacksmith workstation contains a smelter and an anvil for processing ore into metal bars and finished items.  blacksmiths use a mining pick to harvest ore, smelting tongs to make metal bars, and a smithing hammer to process the bars into the final product.  most trainers will be located near the machines associated with their trade, and will offer the most basic tools when spoken to.  it is in your best interests to keep upgraded with your tools and weapons, as there is a skill cap on them.  that is, you won't get to expert using tier 2 tools.


there we go, we have met the blacksmith trainers.  next time, we will begin our exploration of the second basic crafting skewl of istaria - outfitter.  see you then!

journeyman blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Tuesday May 13 2014 at 8:07PM
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once you move past the second tier, you enter the journeyman phase of crafting.  let's meet those trainers.

in the city of new rachival, you will find the journeyman blacksmith trainer, grubba tarwinkle.  new rach is the home of the gnomes, settled after the withered aegis invaded the old city.  grubba can be found on the lower level of the fort, sharing a building with a couple other trainers we will meet later.

in feladan, home of the elves, tyalangan is the trainer.  he can be found in the lower building to the left of the essence channeler.

lastly, in the city of half giants, called mahagra, seek out maari joest.  the trainer can be found in the back right building of the fort.


next time, we meet the last of the blacksmith trainers, the experts.  come back soon to meet them!

beginner blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 7 2014 at 9:47PM
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okay, finally we can find some of those trainers i have been promising!!  let us start, as we should, at the beginning.

we are already pretty familiar with the first blacksmith trainer you will meet - guran on new trismus.  after you port from spirit isle, new trismus is the training island, as we know.  you will find guran in the metal workstation, up the road from the cedar field in the middle of the tin and copper field.

once you are ready to move on from the evil place, your next stop is kion, city of the saris.  the blacksmith trainer here is kelamina.  she can be found in the fort, in the 'tower' area next to the vault.  speaking to her, or any of the other trainers, will get you some very basic tools, as well as entry into the blacksmith school.  you must speak to a trainer to switch schools - for instance, if you are currently in, say, the fitter (construction) school and want to go back to blacksmithing, you would need to speak to a blacksmith trainer to do so.  this is the process for all biped schools, crafting or adventure.

in sslanis, the home of the sslik, the blacksmith trainer is nassath.  it can be found inside the main building.  all trainers have a symbol of their school (blacksmith is, naturally, a hammer and anvil), to allow you to find them easier.  enter the building where you see the symbol, and the trainer will be residing there.

the last beginner blacksmith trainer can be found in dalimond, home of the humans of istaria.  you will need to attune to the town's port (we have already done the attunement tour, so i will spare you that) or run to the city to find rolland arros.  he is located in the building closest to the dock area.


and there we have the beginning blacksmith trainers.  next time, i will introduce you to the journeyman trainers.  see you soon!!

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