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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the spellcrafter skewl

Posted by velveeta Monday December 15 2014 at 11:48AM
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i didn't get to do the prep for the short series of posts i was gonna do, so today we will explore the spellcrafter prestige skewl.  spellcrafters specialize in make the spell shards and scribing and techniqueing the spells.  spellcrafters need a good foundation in the scholar skewl before taking up spellcrafting.  

spellcrafters must harvest stone and essence to make spell shards, and use a rune stylus and scholar's desk to scribe the spells onto the blank spell shards.

there are only 2 spellcraft trainers (scholar trainers give the basic resource forms, so spellcrafter trainers offer the spells available to scribe), with one doing double duty as both jm and expert.

to start your spellcrafting adventure, first speak to minisa in dalimond.  you can find her just outside the library building, just north of the outgoing port pads.  even beginner spellcrafters have access to a large variety of spells, so it is prolly a good thing for newbs (with limited coin) to limit themselves to a type or two of spell, rather than trying to get to everything at once.

when you are ready, head to kirasanct to meet kateos, who serves as both the journeyman and expert trainer for spellcrafters.  this male fiend is sharing the first lower right crafthall in the fort with the jeweler trainers.  head down the hall from the port pads to speak to him and trade for your desired forms, both jman and expert.


that's it for spellcrafters.  see you again soon to meet another set of prestige crafting trainers!

introducing the jeweler skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 10 2014 at 10:54PM
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today we meet the jeweler trainers.  jewelers make, what else?, jewelry.  when used both singularly and as a set, various items of jewelry, like rings and bracelets, give bonuses to certain skills.  unlike most of the other 'prestige' skewls, you don't need a certain level of skill in a basic resource to join.

jewelers work in the 'soft metals' (silver, gold, platinum) and gems.  so, while you don't NEED to have a certain level of skill with these resources, it doesn't hurt to have done some mining and quarrying work before taking up this skewl.

anyway, onto the task at hand.  there are 2 jeweler trainers to choose from when starting the jeweler skewl.  you can find reffis ironforge on new trismus, in the workstation down the road from the gem mine.  as the true beginner's trainer, he sells beginner gem forms as well as jeweler forms, and gives quests as well.

when you get to the mainland and want to become a jeweler, you can travel to kion and meet bastea.  you can find her on the upper level of the main fort area, almost directly in front of you as you reach the top of the stairs.  speak to her to join the skewl or trade for the beginner forms you need.

the jm trainer is ellynor of new rachival.  the female gnome is in the first right hand room after you enter the city gate.  she will sell you the jm forms as well as bring you into the fold.

our last trainer is the female fiend, expert jeweler natasha.  she can be found in the fort city of kirasanct, on the lower level, first right room, down from the port pads.  speak to her to re/join the skewl or trade with her for your expert forms.


all done with the jewelers.  i haven't made up my mind yet as to what i will cover next - it will relate to our current exploration of the crafting skewls, but not sure as to which of the 2 options i have that i will take.  come back soon to find out which one wins!

introducing the fletcher skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday December 5 2014 at 8:12PM
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today, we will meet the fletcher skewl.  the name is somewhat misleading - fletchers make all sorts of wooden weapons (clubs and staves in addition to bows).  in fact, they sacrifice skill in other resources to focus on wood weapons.

to begin your fletching career, the first step is to speak to ssarle in sslanis.  you can find it in the upper right room of the main fort, nearest to the outgoing port pads (sharing space with the blacksmith trainer).  once you have joined the skewl, be sure to trade with ssarle for your beginner forms.

at the appropriate time, travel to feladan to meet sabaleri.  the male elf can be found under the tree near the tent village just inside the outer walls in the north west corner.  speak to him and trade for you jm forms.

our last fletcher trainer is the expert, dalzar of aughundell.  to trade for your forms and speak to him, you will need to journey thru the mine to the last crafthall in the left - he shares the room with the armorer trainer, so you have been here before!

and there you have the specialized skewl of the fletcher.  join me next time when we will meet a skewl at the opposite end of the crafting classes..........

introducing the confectioner skewl

Posted by velveeta Thursday November 27 2014 at 12:07PM
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now i get to introduce you to the next crafting skewl vel will be taking up once all the plot construction is done - the confectioner.  confectioners make food and drinks, as well as the containers and pots to make them, that restore health and decrease - if not eliminate - death point (dp) penalties and time to expire.  players eat a meal (of your appropriate tier) - consisting of an appetizer, side dish, main dish, and dessert - within the proper time span and preferably within a game tavern at least (player built taverns have the same bonuses as other player built workstations).

an excerpt from the relevant content release notes:

  • The amount of DP reduction for foods has been greatly increased. Eating a full meal (Appetizer, Side, Main and Dessert) of the appropriate tier will now remove a full 50% of a Death Point when eaten outside of a Tavern. 
just because of the nature of the beast, confectioners are very busy peeps.  they have to harvest the raw food materials needed for the recipe, craft the pots and bowls and such, most recipes call for water to be fetched (a major reason vel built the palace and industrial complexes near the well in addition to the incoming port pad).  they also work with a big variety of workstations, therefore, as well as tools.  confectioners must be able to work glass and earthenware as well as butcher gruoks and harvest veggies.  a small sample woutd be using a bucket to harvest milk or a fishing pole to catch mackrel, a baking spatula or a cooking knife with the cooking table and oven, brew stirrers in the distillery, and clay scoops at the pottery kiln.  the food materials are way too many to list; confectioners work with everything from fruits and veggies (carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, etc) to aromatics (garlic, onion, elc.) to grains (wheat, corn, barley, etc.) to meat (vension, beef, pork - okay, grulets and gruoks - etc.), to fish, to dairy (eggs, milk, etc.).  plus being able to make glass, clay, and stone implements and containers.  as you can see, confectioners are the hardest working crafters in istaria, or at least tied with tinkers for the 'honor'.  not a skewl to be taken up lightly, but a very necessary one.  confectioners are honored and lauded on horizons.  it is also the reason that the trainers give a lot of quests.  i recommend you take advantage of them - not only to get to know the lay of the land, as it were, but to level in all the different skills it takes to be a confectioner.
**please be aware that some of the trainer info on the wiki page is inaccurate.  i have checked the info and will, of course, post the info within the appropriate topic.  screenies should be taken as the correct, in game info.**
anyway, on to the trainers.  when you are ready to begin your cooking career, you have a choice of trainers to choose from.  there is julie in dalimond - find her in the kitchen north of the incoming port pad.  speak to her to join the skewl and trade for your beginner forms.  she also offers some quests to get rare food recipes.  she shares the building with the jm trainer, velma.  velma offers jm forms when you speak to her.
the other beginner trainer is fillet in sslanis.  it is the most famous confectioner in all the land!  fillet offers, in addition to the normal forms, the best quests.  speak to it in its kitchen just inside the city walls near the incoming port pad to find out more.
our last confectioner trainer is the expert and master confectioner, estelwen the elf, in feladan.  she is located up the stairs and to the left, in the 'tower' kitchen.  speak to her and trade for your forms.  she also has some nice quests to bestow.
and so, we have only the very basic info about this complex skewl, but it is enough to get ya started!  see you soon with another exciting crafting profession to explore!

introducing the armorer skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday November 12 2014 at 9:49PM
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allow me to introduce you to the armorer prestige craft skewl.  as you can guess, armorers take the cloth and hide armors of the outfitters to metal.  using a pick, armorers harvest ore to make bars (using smelting tongs and a smelter).  they then use the bars, along with a smithing hammer and an anvil, to make metal armor and shields.  metal armor comes in two types - chain (connected rings or chains) and plate (solid, unbroken sheets or pieces of metal) - and each type has 2 subtypes: ringmail and chainmail for chain, scalemail and platemail for plate.

to become an armorer, you would first need to seek out the sslik ssanithor, in sslanis.  you can find it in its own building, in the area above the incoming port pad.  speak to it to join the skewl and trade for your beginner forms.

the journeyman trainer, tahtoom frumja, is located in an outbuilding directly above the incoming port pad in mahagra.  simply run up the road and find him in the right hand hut. talk to him and trade for your jm forms.

finally, when you are ready, you will meet garthor strongarm in aughundell.  you can find him in the second left hand crafthall, just past the mine entrance hall.  he is quite talkative, for a dwarf, and has a tale to tell.  listen to his story, or just trade for your forms.


and that covers the armorers!  see you soon so we can meet another set of prestige class trainers.  come on back!

introducing the alchemist skewl

Posted by velveeta Tuesday November 4 2014 at 10:46PM
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the first prestige craft skewl we will meet today is the alchemist.  alchemists work with essence, along with several other components, to make potions.  the pots are then used to buff abilities and skills - such as reaping pots being used to harvest resources.  for instance, quint's quickstep potions are used to increase your speed (bonus based on pot tier) for 20 minutes.  a first level quickstep pot requires 2 glass vials (an item that, itself, must be created), at least 2 dim kinetic suspensions, and at least 8 strips of cedar bark.  alchemists must, therefore, carry a lot of different tools, as some pots may require crushed gems or stone to make.  pots themselves are created from the components using a mortar and pestle at a cauldron.

to join the alchemist skewl, you would first travel to sslanis to speak to sshranu.  you can find this trainer on the upper level of the main fort - take the stairs closest to the port pad - in the corner of the left hand room.  speak to it to join the skewl and trade for the beginner forms.  please do keep in mind that prestige skewls are expensive - to buy, to work, and in time - and the forms are gonna cost you more coin than the lesser skewls.

when you are ready for the next level, seek out morrigan in the outskirts of feladan.  this female fiend has made her home in the elvish city, presumably for its closeness to the bright fields.  find her in the tent under the big tree in the northwest corner of outer wall.  talk to her and trade for the jm forms.

the final alchemist trainer is ghent flaskshaper in aughundell.  he sells both expert and master forms.  find him in the first room of the mine area, just inside the entrance.  speak to him or trade for your needed forms.

now, there is someone known as master alchemist barrakhen.  he is not a trainer - a fact you will discover for yourself if you try to talk to him without good reason.  barrakhen will only take notice of you if you are on the high level adventures dealing with the myloc queen.  he is found in kirasanct, in the little room under the stairs.  he sells 2 forms you need to advance in the quest line.


and that about covers our first prestige skewl,  join me next time to find out about the wonderful world of armorers!!  see you soon.

introducing the weaver construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 24 2014 at 8:36PM
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time to meet our final construction skewl, the weaver.  obviously, weavers work in fabric to make construction materials.  using a harvest knife, weavers gather the raw fibers.  at a distaff machine in a fabric workstation and using a pair of scissors, weavers turn the fiber into spools.  using the spools, a loom, and a weaving awl, weavers then make construction materials - namely, tapestries and bolts.

there are only 2 weaver trainers.  the beginning trainer is bashale, and you can find him in the manor house at the top of the hill in kion.  turn right thru the door and find the trainer at the back of the room.  speak to him to join the weaver skewl and trade for the beginner forms.

the journeyman and expert trainer, ayios, is in kirasanct.  he is located in the lower level left of the main fort area.  speak to him and get both your jm and expert forms from him. 


and that just about covers it for the construction skewls!!  when next we meet, we will start our exploration of the last set of crafting skewls, the prestige classes.  most of these only have 3 (in at least one case, only 2) trainers at most, so i think we can cover them in one post each.  join me next time!!

introducing the mason construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 22 2014 at 10:03PM
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today, we move on to the construction skewl that deals with stone - the mason.  like the fitter, mason use the mining pick to harvest the raw stone, then use a stone chisel and a stone cutter in a stoneworking station to make the bricks.  using the bricks, a masonry trowel, and pedestal, masons make construction materials like keystones and blocks.  of course, you apply the finished construction materials using the masonry trowel.

to get started in the mason skewl, you would first visit amaris in parsinia.  he can be find just inside the left hand entrance of the main fort. speak to him to join or trade to get your beginner forms.

the journeyman mason trainer is hilar torvas in mahagra.  she is in the right hand room of the main fort area with the blacksmith and scholar trainers.  speak to her and trade for your jm forms.

our last mason trainer is located on the lower mine level of aughundell.  torkon stonesplitter will tell you about masons and he will sell you the expert forms you need.

see you soon to cover the last construction skewl and associated trainers.  catch you then!!!

introducing the fitter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Tuesday October 14 2014 at 6:53PM
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let's meet the construction skewl that works with metal - the fitter.  using a mining pick, fitters harvest the raw ore and turn it into bars, using a smelter and smelting tongs.  then, using the proper forms, a fitting mallet, and an anvil, fitters turn the bars into sheets and joints.  of course, the mallet is also used to apply the finished materials to the building.

fitters only have 3 trainers, one for each level.  to begin your fitting career, you need to speak to unaya in parsinia.  she can be found just inside the entrance to the main fort that is directly in front of the gate.  speak to her to become a fitter and buy your beginning forms.

our journeyman fitter trainer is devisha in mahagra.  speak to her in her own workstation, next to the main fort, to join the skewl or trade to get the jm forms.

instead of aughundell, as one might suppose, the expert fitter trainer is found in the gnomish city of new rachival.  as we meet more trainers, we will become more familiar with new rach, but it may be a little unexplored if you are following these blogs only.  brinkel is the trainer to look and speak to.  find him almost dead center of the main fort, 2nd floor, on top of the tower.  he has your expert forms as well.


and that's it for the fitter trainers.  come back soon to meet #4!  see you then.

introducing the enchanter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 10 2014 at 9:09PM
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time to meet the enchanter skewl - enchanters make contruction materials out of essence.  using an  essence siphon to harvest the raw essence, enchanters can then use an essence channeler to make both the basic orbs (along with a shaper) and, using the orbs and a structurer - and, of course, the proper forms - the finished construction materials.  these are sources and spheres, which you apply to the buildings using the essence structurer.

there are only 3 trainers for this skewl, one for each level.  to start, you need to port or run to sslanis.  if you can, porting is best, as it puts you out almost in front of klaatos' hut.  the sslik can be found in its hut up the road from the incoming port pad.  trade with klaatos to get your beginner forms.

when you are ready, you can find the journeyman trainer in dalimond.  seek out richlan  in the largest building in the human town, in the last room on the left side of the building.  he will be happy to sell you the jm forms you need.

kavanth is the last and expert enchanter trainer.  the fiend can be found in kirasanct, of course.  go up the stairs and look for him in the large room to your right.  speaking to him will give you some info about the skewl and you can trade for the expert forms you need.

there we have the enchanter construction skewl in a nutshell.  soon, we will meet the 3rd of the construction skewls - hope to see you back here soon!