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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

one newb and one lost blacksmith trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday April 11 2014 at 8:10PM
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we start our exploration of biped trainers where all biped alts start.  dragons (if you can remember o so long ago, when we started all this malarky) have skalkaar island - the ped tutorial island is spirit isle.

when your ped character creation is done, you emerge on spirit isle.  once you leave it, you can go back to it (in the old days, this was not an option.  most experienced gamers would skip it as soon as they could, when taking advantage of the 14 day free trial.  even they became paying players, they often wanted to go back and do the tutorial.  therefore, the port option was added.) via the new trismus port

on spirit isle, the general crafting trainer, gravus, is responsible for showing you the ropes of basic crafting and schools.  the 3 fundamental crafting schools are blacksmith, outfitter, and scholar.  the trainers on the tutorial islands do not sell formulas, but do give quests that do.

when an alt emerges after character creations, the new character appears on the 'shrine' (you can't bind to it) of the island.  ryson and the trainers are all located within this shrine area.  if you are coming from the evil place, you have to run across the island to the shrine area.  gravus is to be found to the left of the stairs.


once upon a time, tazoon was THE place to be.  so much so we called it lagzoon.  however, since it was such a boggy place, the gods decided to deactivated the trainers that were housed there.  therefore, peter the blacksmith is no longer available, and is listed as mia.

that's about it for now.  next time, we will meet the beginning level blacksmith trainers and find out where you can find them!  see you soon.

but first, bristugo

Posted by velveeta Monday April 7 2014 at 9:11PM
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before we start our long term explorations of the many biped schools, you need to be familiar with the main portal city of bristugo.  outside of being the main port hub, there are trainers and questgivers here, along with resources.  i will leave you to explore those options on your own, at least for now.  today, we are interested in the ports and where they can get you.

i highly recommend attuning to bristugo at your earliest opportunity.  porting to anywhere from bristugo is cheaper than porting from city to city, especially when you are hauling construction materials to your plot or lair.  it can be a short cut - indeed, it can be the only way to get to a couple of places.  you will want to be attuned to brist most of the time - when doing a lot of crafting a particular resource (say, cobalt or obsidian in dralk), it is a good idea to temporarily attuned to that particular city, but mostly, you will become very familiar with the ports in brist.

with that in mind, i will be showing you the ports in clockwise order, starting with port 1 on your left as you come up the road from the shrine.

port 1 is directly in front of the brist vault (you will come to love that particular vault!!  ;-} ).  it goes to 3 settlements (that i have explored yet) and to trandalar, an important place for resources and quests (you may remember that mourningwood had to go the the blighted area for a quest).  as you can see from the screenie, i have attuned to most of the ports in trandalar.  most of the attunement quests are intensive and involve extensive quests, as in the quests to attune to the valley of repose.

port 2 can be found next to port 1, across from the corner of the vault building.  it is sort of a catch all portal - it goes to the abandoned isle, ports in the dalimond peninsula (as you can see, i still have a lot of attunement to do!), the eastern and imperial outposts, helian's tomb, the islands of ice and fire - both the main port and the expedition camp, and winter vale.  the last 2 locations are new areas, and i haven't explored them yet.

port 3 is across from port 2, and it goes to the guild settlement areas.  guild settlements are pretty much what they sound like - a town area that 'belongs' to a particular guild, and only members of the guild are able to buy and sell plots and lairs in them.  for instance, my guild's settlement in at apia.

to the right of port 3, we find port 4.  port 4 goes to aubador (an new area i haven't explored yet), the settlements (like sanctuary bay, which we have been to), and shepherd's mountain (the palais du fromage and industrial complex is located just off the incoming port pad in middle cliffside).  most of the settlements will require attunement.

port 5 is the last, and most used, portal in the hub.  it goes to all the main racial cities, and to genevia island.  a few of the cities (most notably, sslanis, dalimond, and chiconis) require attunement to reach.

so, there you have it.  i highly recommend doing as many of the attunement quests as you can before seriously starting your career in istaria.  get help if you need to, and you prolly will, especially if you are low level.  believe me, you save a cargo disk full of time running around the world!!

see you next time, when we find out where some blacksmith trainers can be found.

newbie quest - trials of the gifted

Posted by velveeta Wednesday April 2 2014 at 10:13PM
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mourningwood actually completed this quests years ago.  due to a glitch at the time, however, i was never able to finalize the quest and get the gifted emblem, marking me as gifted.  i gained all the abilities and specials of being a gifted, mourn was just never 'acknowledged' as being gifted.  it gave him a name and a distinction that i quite liked!

however, that does mean that i do not have the individual trials marked out for you.  i have alluded to some of the peeps you need to know in other posts (for instance, 2 of the assistants can be found in the same building as acolyte miry, and the endurance assessor can be found in the windmill next to the cedar field), but all the info you need can be found on the wiki page, and indeed, i will post those links.  i can tell you to be very familiar with the roads of new trismus, particularly the resource road - and make sure you bind to the new tris shrine.  most of these trials are timed, and you will need to get from one place to another quickly.

anyhoo, this quest starts, as they all do, by speaking to someone.  in this case, steward pratt.  readers of this humble blog already know the steward fairly well - and that he is to be found on patrol near the town shrine.  speak to him and listen to the whole long lecture he has for you, before he starts you off on the 5 trials that make up the quest.

now, when i did the quest so long ago, i don't remember a particular order you had to do these trials in, so i will present them in order of the wiki page, with as much info as i can remember - which prolly won't be much!

first trial is the one of swiftness.  as you might guess, this is a test of how fast you can get from point a to point b.  find the assessor of swiftness (located in the blacksmith area opposite the tavern building across the square) and he will set the timer for you to run back to town.  once you finish this (and all) trial, the assessor will give you a token.  keep these tokens in your inventory - DO NOT STORE OR DELETE THEM!!

second is the trial of the soul.  when i did this quest, the soul assessor was at the far northwest part of the island, in the midst of some nasty wolves and undead.  if she is still there (under a large tree near the cliff), you may need help in keeping the baddies off your butt.  you will need to speak to the assessor and then recall back to the shrine in town.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALREADY BOUND TO THE NT SHRINE BEFORE TAKING THIS TEST, IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY.  AND YOU SHOULD BE.

third is the test of endurance.  the assessor is located in the windmill next to the cedar field.  he will load you down with an invisible weight.  you can run back on the road (for the speed bonus), but i recommend you recall.  that puts you next to the tavern building where the assistant of endurance is hanging with acolyte miry.  speak to the assistant to complete this test and get your token.

the fourth test is one of wit.  the assessor will give you 3 riddles, one at a time.  you have to get the riddle, then run back to town and get the correct token in answer to the riddle from the assistant (located in the same tavern building as miry and the assistant of endurance).  yeap, that is 4 times running back and forth.  told you you will need to be familiar with new trismus!

the last trial is that of knowledge.  speak to the assessor, who will send you to visit some scholars on a little island off the southeastern coast of new tris.  he is quite longwinded, so make sure to listen to the whole thing before setting off.  

once you get to the island, you will be speaking to 4 different scholars, and they will have an order to do so.  first, you must speak to the scholar of the dragon age, then the warrior age scholar, followed by the sorcerer scholar, then lastly, the scholar of the age of lamentation.  

after you have all five needed tokens to prove you have successfully completed the trials, return to steward pratt.  you have to wait some time (i think about 2 or 3 minutes - but it might be 5), but eventually, pratt will be ready to give you your well earned reward!  equip your token and share with the world your new status!!


hope what little info i could provide was at least enough to get you on your way.  this is an important and somewhat intensive quest, as it should be.  not one to just be leaped into!  make sure you know where everything is before starting your tests.


well, see you next time, when we start to meet the biped trainers.  we will be starting with blacksmith, so get your picks and tongs ready!


newbie quest - lone wolf

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 26 2014 at 7:49PM
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(as a time saver, since 2 of the 3 npcs you need to talk to are mapped pretty well in this post, i link it here so you can refer to the relevant parts easily without me having to repost the same info.)

this adventure quest starts with rancher elden, located near an outbuilding next to the pen with his herd of cows.  now, you can take the long way around - but by now you should be familiar enough with new tris to take the road behind the dragon trainers caves that runs around the resource area (on the map screenie, the ranch is the brown square to the left of the 't's crossbar).

you know the routine!  greet the rancher and listen as he complains about a large wolf who hunts alone and torments his herd.  he will advise you to talk to elainor, the guard we met earlier - remember, she patrols the road between the connie tent and  the town buildings on the monster road.  elainor will tell you the rumors she has heard about the lone wolf, and advises you to speak to guran the blacksmith for more info.

take the resource road past the portal and up the hill to the mws.  as always, guran is tending the forge fires.  questioning him about the lone wolf, he gives you directions to the area he thinks you will find the varmint.  you may have already been there, if you have been doing metalworking quests.  head due west over the hill next to the mws and turn a little northerly.  once you are over the hill, you will see a clearing around a cliff - the single tree is your landmark - and you will begin to hear the howls of a wolf.  track down lone wolf and kill him.  once you have, do not forget to loot him for the hide!

your quest journal will tell you to return to the rancher.  continue on the resource road, past the flax field, to the ranch.  show elden your trophy and receive your reward!

next time, i will finish up mw's trials of the gifted.  i guess, technically, mourn is considered one of the gifted, but i think i will keep him ungifted.  it has a nice ring to it - mourningwood the ungifted.  blight's one and only!!  see ya soon.

newbie quest - kill red tusks

Posted by velveeta Friday March 14 2014 at 4:56PM
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the second quest we will explore is an adventure quest - find and kill the named gruok, red tusks.

start the quest by speaking to elainor, a city guard of new trismus.  she can usually be found on patrol on the road leading to the monster fields, past the the connie/pb tent.  the guard will send you to talk to milicent, the town's consigner.

head back to the tent and greet milicent.  take the monster road out of town and head past the grulets and beets and spiders.  your game log will help you stay headed in the right direction.

once you have found the gruok boss, defeat him and loot the corpse for the needed tusks.  at newbie levels, red tusks can be tough, as you might imagine.  hunt in a group, if you need to, or get a babysitter.  check your quest journal for the next step - return to milicent with your trophy.

give the tusks to the consigner and collect your reward!


come back soon for another newbie quest!  they are a great way to gain experience while learning all the important mechanics of the game!

newbie quest - geoff and his cargo disks

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 9 2014 at 8:25PM
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as promised, we will do some low level quests for a while, to give the newbies something to think about.  these quests all take place on new trismus, the beginner or training island.  they are available to any race or class, and - as you might expect - geared to teaching new players about the world and how to function in it.  istaria is a big little world - most experienced players recommend staying on new trismus (or, as i like to call it, the evil place.  no particular reason, i am just not a huge fan!  ;-} ) until at least level 20.  chances are, if you are anything like me, you won't last that long, tho!  doing the quests will get you there faster, however.

anyhoo, let's get started.  i covered new tris pretty well for the beginning dragon quests, so you might remember the town is not far from the port pad, on the road to the resource fields.  geoff the pawnbroker is located just off the road, sharing a tent with millicent the consignor.  

approach him and greet.  geoff will tell you about cargo disks and offer to give you one as a reward.  all you have to do is deliver some caramel wolf ears to the gatherer trainer, elenna (who we will meet again at  a later day).  memory refresh - elenna is located in the wood work station just off the resource road in teh middle of the cedar forest.  give her the candy wolf ears (don't ask me, i don't question the tastes of npcs) and return to geoff for your reward.  the refurbished disk is not great by any stretch, but it is better than nothing and it gives you practice for the much better ones to come.

and that is how you get your first cargo disk!  come back soon for another fun quest!

2 trainer quests done

Posted by velveeta Monday March 3 2014 at 7:45PM
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thanx to the always awesome vice god, i was able to finish 2 of the dragon trainer quests - luadius' accurate breath VII: on the battlefield and the corruption on the battlefield quest, given by kaliphar.

in case you don't remember, luadius the accurate breath trainer is located in cave 2 of the dralk floating crystal island, marked by the red crystal formation.  approach the trainer and greet to get the quest (another one that is not covered yet on the wiki page) - in my case, to hunt down 20 scavenger scorpions.

with the help of alan, one of the avatars of blight's beloved vice god, off i went to the battlefield located just outside of aughundell city.  these scorps are no joke for a solo fight, but they, and the various other baddies that patrol the fort, had no chance against the awesome power of vg's stress bomb.  unfortunately, they are slow to respawn, so we had to wait a while longer than we had hoped to get the required amount.

but, eventually, it was time to return to the trainer and get my reward speech!


then, it was on to visit kaliphar, the dragon's gift trainer, located in the cave near the port pad in chiconis, along with wintheria.  the quest required me to go to the battlefield deep in the canyons outside of the helian city and hunt tainted spirits, the corrupted remains of dragon hatchlings who died and were converted by the withered aegis.  i didn't really need alan's help to defend against anything in this area, but he was having such fun running around and stress bombing everything in sight, that i didn't have the heart to send him on his way!

anyhoo, we went thru the gate and spent a pleasant couple of minutes hunting down the needed tainted spirits.  i thanked alan for the assistance and returned to kaliphar for my reward of some xp (useless to me) and some coin (never a useless reward!).


and that is the end of the quests i have completed so far.  next time, we will do some beginner quests, just for a change from all the higher level stuff!  see you soon!

last bentaras quest

Posted by velveeta Tuesday February 25 2014 at 10:56AM
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the last quest mourningwood completed for the dragon's reach trainer was easy enough - and unfortunately for me, hasn't been covered yet on the wiki, so no spoilers to post for you.

after returning to bentaras to complete the previous quest, i spoke to the trainer again and received the dragon's reach VII quest.

once again, off i went to sanc bay, hunting down full grown maple treants (and saplings too, treants love to aggro), until i got the required 20.  return to bentaras for your praise and training reward.

since i was there anyway, i went ahead and grabbed the next quest, altho i didn't finish it.  it, too, is not yet covered in the wiki.

you well know the routine by now - speak to the trainer and accept the quest.  this quest requires the killing of 20 yew treant saplings, which means a journey to mithril's anvil - a dangerous place to visit.  the imperial outpost is nearby, with many high level critters and baddies who will write you in the ded book if you are trying this on your own.  take a hunting bud or two - one that can heal and rez will be needed!!

i will, of course, post the completion of these quests when done.  in fact, i have completed 2 of the previous quests i posted on, and will be showing those to you next, then we will do a few beginner quests on new trismus - just as a little break, ya ken! - then we will start exploring the vast and wonderful world of biped trainers!  that will bring back vel, always a treat!

see you soon!

another quest from bentaras

Posted by velveeta Wednesday February 12 2014 at 5:37PM
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since dragon's reach is a handy ability, mourningwood continued the quests he had neglected by taking the next quest bentaras offered.

return to bentaras and speak to the trainer.  accept the quest and head off to hunt the maple treant saplings.

i hunted them in the sanctuary bay area, as i am most familiar with the area.  most nasties of the natural resource type (treants, gols, wisps, etc.) are now linked, so the old instructions of going to feladan to hunt no longer really apply.  as long as you hunt maple treant saplings only, you will get the required amount, regardless of where you hunt them.  and i like to visit sanc bay, as vel singlehandedly rebuilt the public buildings there.  i like to sit in the gazebo and look out at the water when i am running from the treants.

head back to the trainer and get your reward.  don't forget to hotkey it!!


be back again soon with one last quest completed and one started.  then prepare to meet the biped trainers!!  see ya soon.

meeting our last dragon adventure trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday February 7 2014 at 6:34PM
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and here we are.  one last trainer to meet, and quests to show you.  i hope it has been as fun for you as it has for me!

anyway, off we go to meet bentaras, the dragon's reach trainer.  this ability is separate from your breath weapon, and causes a lot of flame damage from a fair distance.  almost the stereotypical dragon skill!

on the landing pad, turn left instead of right.  head down the road, under the floating crystal island, until you reach the chained crystal near a public lair.  underneath, you will find bentaras.

approach the trainer, and greet as per usual.  accept the quest - in my case, hunting oak treants in heather - and check your quest journal.  

off i go to heather, a settlement rich with resources.  vel loves the place for crafting construction material.  it is accessible from any port pad that goes to the settlements, which is most of them.  find the oak treants in the oak forest across the road down from the port pad, and do what is required.  if you are low to middling level, beware of storm's shadow, the named werewolf boss.  he totes sux.

return to bentaras and receive your reward.  make sure you replace the old hotkey with the updated ability.

tune in next time for another fun quest!!  see ya then!!