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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the prestige adventure skewls - elemental archer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 29 2015 at 9:24PM
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much like chaos warriors, elemental archers use magic to empower their arrows.  altho, officially, you only need a bow skill of 200, unofficially you also need at least a passing familiarity with using magic.

elemental archers are also unique in that, while there are 2 trainers you can join the skewl thru, one is the 'senior' and one the 'junior'.  by that i mean, sindenis of feladan is the trainer that will give you quests to perform, usually requiring one to report to tomas alerras in dalimond.

so, let's start with sindenis.  port to feladan, and head thru the arched wall.  you will find the elf under the large tree almost directly west of the port pad.  in addition to entering you into the elemental archer ranks, sindenis also has a tale to tell about the legend of the burning archer.

sindenis' partner is tomas of dalimond.  you can find him, appropriately, in the archery field outside the main gate, practicing his craft with his friend jyrris.  tomas isn't one much for talking, but he will bring you into the brotherhood of elemental archers.


and there we have it, our introduction to the wonderful world of magic archery.  join me again soon to meet more prestige trainers.  see you then!!

the prestige adventure skewls - crossbowman

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 16 2015 at 4:53PM
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crossbowman, man, i love this skewl.  it is one i took to uber, as you will see.  cleric is more versatile, so i usually stay in that, but every so often i go on a royal hunt, and nothing like a crossbow for killing animals.  elek, the vice god of blight, made me a thornwood teched out crossbow as a gift several years back.  wouldn't trade it for mithral.

anyhoo, enough of that.  crossbowman is an elite specialization of archer.  the requirements are pretty standard = skill of 200 in crossbow and level 20 in any adventure skewl.  two basic adventure skewls give the skill - of the two (scout and warrior), scout gives you the best chance of killing those birds with one stone.

when you are ready, there are 2 trainers to meet.  first up, you could visit sebas greme in mahagra.  to speak to the half-giant (notice in the speech screenie that, altho the xbowman trainers have quests to give, i am too high level to do them.  also notice the size difference in the portrait screenie), head for the back left of the main fort.  sebas waits in the corner behind the shrine.

aughundell, of course, has an expert xbowman trainer, a dwarf called broghar.  once past the mine entrance, swing left and you will see broghar against the wall.  approach him and ask about joining the noble ranks of crossbowmen.  he also has a tale to tell concerning the siege of the city by the withered aegis.


hope you enjoyed learning about one of my fave skewls.  check it out and see if you like it, it can be a real fun skewl!  see you again soon.

the prestige adventure skewls - conjurer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 8 2015 at 6:01PM
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in istaria, conjurers make tangible items out of the intangible force of magic.  they are basically specialized mages, so you need a base skill of 160 in summoning, and level 20 in any adventuring skewl.  leveling to 20 in mage will satisfy both those requirements. 


there is only one conjurer trainer, and as befits the tinkering nature of the skewl, that trainer is a gnome in the city of new rachival.  you will find turble on the upper left level of the fort, in the first room, left of the entrance.  speak to the male gnome, he has a task that only conjurers can perform.


and there we have it, short and sweet.  join me again soon to discover another prestige skewl and meet more trainers.  see you soon!!

the prestige adventure skewls - chaos warrior

Posted by velveeta Friday August 28 2015 at 9:27PM
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much like blood mages, chaos warriors are fighters who use life essence, by channeling it thru their bodies into their weapon.  for this reason, the requirements to become a chaos warrior are 200 skill in two hand crush (most easily and quickly obtained thru warrior skewl, but a couple other non-prestige skewls give lesser amounts of skill points) and energy skill of 150 (the only non-prestige skewl would be mage).


because it is so difficult, there is only one trainer for chaos warriors - durghol of aughundell.  the male dwarf is on the lower level of the city mine, which i am sure you know by now how to reach, but it would be an even shorter post if i don't show you the way......  from the entrance, go strait thru the great hall and the craft hall, down to the the turning.  go past the guards and continue down the grand hall.  durghol is in the first alcove on your left at the end of the hall (couldn't you just DIE over his warhammer!!).  he is quite nice, and even if you can't become a chaos warrior, he is happy to tell you a story of days of glory.


i hope you enjoyed meeting durghol.  join me next time to meet another fascinating skewl and trainer.  see you soon!!

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 16 2015 at 1:04AM
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just wanted to share some awesomeness about my fave game!!

the istaria wiki is on twitter - check it out!

if you still haven't tried the game (don't forget there is a f2p option [you can only play a human, but you can play unlimited] as well as the trial period) and would like a much better explanation of the basics than i can give ya at one time, check out this excellent vid from long time player raktor - 

find it here!

along with lots of other great vids about the wonderful world of istaria!


and don't forget about istaria's own page on facebook.


the prestige adventure skewls - blood mage

Posted by velveeta Friday August 14 2015 at 7:23PM
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today, we will meet the prestige skewl of blood mage.  blood mages use their own life force to power their spells.  therefore, before speaking to one of the two trainers, you must be level 20 and have a spirit level of at least 200.  the only non prestige skewl to level spirit is the spiritist skewl, so it is wisest to take spiritist to at least level 20.

as noted above, there are 2 blood mage trainers.  one is quite easy to get to, one is most assured not.  let's start with the easy one, shall we?

when you are ready to become a member of the order of blood mages, you can seek out kreezost in sslanis.   the sslik is very easy to find - it is located in the back room of the first hut next to the incoming port pad.  approach it and it will talk to you about what it takes to be a blood mage. 

the other trainer is kera, and she is currently residing in her rooms inside a cave on the floating island.  just getting to her is an adventure - one you could very well have to do a couple times if you make a misstep.  first off, you have to get to the floating island.  to do that, you have to start in tazoon (unless, of course, you can fly).  from the incoming port pad, you need to head north - crossing the bridges over the creek to do so - until you come to the portal for the island.  once thru the portal, you will be at the 'bottom' end of the island, standing on pavement, near a dais with an outgoing portal on your right and a road with a high bridge over deep ravines, leading to a temple like structure at the other end. the island is surrounded by high cliffs, and it is under one of these cliffs that you will find the cave you need.  take the road to your left and go over the bridge.  at the very bottom, turn to the right and follow the guardrail to where the built area ends and the cliffs begin.  here's where you have to be careful - one wrong step and you could fall off the island altogether, and you would have to start all over again, unless, as i said, you can fly.  make your way around the cliff until you reach the cave entrance.  enter the cave, go thru the curtain, and head for the back of the room.  kera is in a workroom, the first one on the right of the entrance.  the human female will enter you into the order of blood mages, and has some quests for you to perform in that capacity.


well, that's enough exploration for right now.  jon me again soon to meet another prestige skewl and the trainers for it.  see you then!

the prestige adventure skewls - berserker

Posted by velveeta Friday August 7 2015 at 8:11PM
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today, we will meet but a single trainer, because there are not too many berserkers around.  in order to become a berserker, you must be at least a level 20 in a skewl that bestows skill in two hand slash (you need at least 200 in skill level before speaking to the trainer).  since most of the skewls that provide this skill are prestige, the easiest way would be to level to at least 20 in warrior.

all that being said, once you decide to join the small but powerful ranks of the mad warriors, head to mahagra and seek out rea telsun.  the female half giant waits near the back of the main fort area, behind the shrine.  rea is proud of being a berserker, and more than willing to tell you about the life.


and that's how you become a berserker.  join me again to discover another prestige adventure skewl!

the prestige adventure skewls - battle mage

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 4 2015 at 9:32PM
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all we have left to explore are the prestige adventure skewls.  all of these skewls require at least 2 requirements to join, mostly from a certain level of skill in an ability from a basic or hybrid skewl.  to start with and to illustrate this, today we will meet the trainers of the battle mage skewl.  to become a battle mage, you must have at least a skill level of 150 in one hand slash (approximately warrior level 15) and 200 in flame (about level 20 in mage) before seeking out a trainer.

since we hardly ever have the occasion to visit the imperial capitol of tazoon, let's kick all this off there.  altho ithe city has been rearranged and vastly depopulated, you can still find some peeps there.  among them is revanus.  this male elf once lived in feladan, and sometimes gets confused as to where he is, but there is none better to teach the ways of the fighting magicuser.   the old battle mage is located in the big blue domed building near the incoming port pad, altho the way to get to him is windy.  from the pad, go thru the south arch (your right hand side) and go down the street.  turn left and go thru the gate into the large courtyard - in front of you will be the blue dome of revanus' building.  after ascending the ramp, you will see the trainer directly opposite the doorway.  approach him to talk about joining the legions of battle mages - he is happy to explain the requirements to you. 

the other battle mage trainer - and his apprentice - can be found in dalimond.  the trainer, dreveon, seems to have set up shop in the tavern, directly west of the port pad.  go to the entrance and thru the door - after turning left, you should see the vault area on your left and the tavern area strait ahead.  the male human is lingering near the barrels, no doubt running up a tab.  speak to him about becoming a battle mage.

also in dalimond is dreveon's disapproving apprentice, dreagan.  while he can't get you into battle mage training, you will be seeing him again for quests.  he is standing in the courtyard of the academy of magic, northeast of the tavern.  head east on the main road, around the fabric trainers' building, and up the ramp into the academy.  dreagan is behind and to the right of doc brown, and currently doesn't have many nice things to say about his mentor......

so starts our grand adventure.  i hope you enjoyed it enough to join me again soon for another!  see you then.

the hybrid 3 - the spiritist

Posted by velveeta Friday July 24 2015 at 9:18PM
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today we meet the last of the hybrid 3 - the spiritist.  spiritists are magic users who focus on spells affecting life force.  all spiritists belong to the sect of moraven.  according to lore:

Niatha Moraven – Goddess of Vengeance and Power; Mother of the Fiends

The emergence of Niatha Moraven as a major force in the realm of celestial politics, as well as her patronage of the Fiends, is one of the more significant events involving the Istarian deities since the end of the Age of the Gods. As the alleged daughter of Daggarth himself, she represents the mental extension of Daggarth’s brute strength and physical domination. Aspiring mages and would-be-rulers craving power both magical and primal often pay fealty to Niatha Moraven, as well as those who seek vengeance against those who they felt have committed trespasses against them. Niatha Moraven is as vengeful and bitter as she is gorgeous and alluring in her Fiendish visage, and her blessings are as fickle as her temperament is. Nevertheless, Niatha Moraven’s influence over the world is felt continually throughout the world, especially within Fiend culture. Many scholars point to her recent patronage of the Fiends during their struggle against the Humans as a sign that the influence of the Gods in mortal affairs is not as distant as some had thought (or hoped).

Niatha Moraven’s symbol is a clenched fist (with the blued skin of a Fiend), raised upward.

Followers: Fiends

as a hybrid skewl, those wanting to become a spiritist must be at least level 10 in the basic adventure skewl of mage, before seeking out a trainer.

when you are ready, there are 3 spiritist trainers to choose from.  since moraven is the patron of the fiends, we shall start in their racial city of kirasanct.

in the city of fiends, akhanis the spiritist is located on the lower level of the main fort area.  from the port pad, head down the ramps and go thru the wall of arches.  akhanis is in the right hand large room, against the wall immediately to your right as you enter the room.  he stands ready to speak to you about joining the sect.

if you don't feel like braving the cold, or aren't high enough level to risk hanging around kirasanct (blight anchors have been known to infect the area), you might want to seek out kamilari in kion.  head for the small building almost directly north of the incoming port pad - kami's building is, itself, next to an outgoing port pad - and you will find the spiritist trainer to your right as you enter the building.  she stands behind a counter in the bank building, waiting to initiate you into the sect of moraven.

the last trainer is morrison, located in a building on the outskirts of bristugo.  on the blight shard, start your short journey to find him in the area behind the vault (not sure if all the shards have a vault in that space, but it is up the hill from the shrine and south of the port pads).  go down the rise and thru the arched tree roots, swing to your left once you hit the bottom of the rise, and enter morrison's house thru the southwest entrance.  the fiend is at the end of the room, in front of the windows.  talk to him about joining the sect.


i hope you enjoyed meeting the hybrid trainers.  when next we see each other, we will begin our exploration of the prestige adventuring skewls, all of which have at least 2 requirements before one could join.  see you soon!

the hybrid 3 - the druid

Posted by velveeta Wednesday July 15 2015 at 6:11PM
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the next hybrid skewl we will explore is that of the druid.  to join the enclave, you must first have at least 10 levels in cleric.

there are 4 druid trainers:  aelia in dalimond, grosok in sslanis, grumju in mahagra, and ondomede in feladan.

to find aelia, turn to the southwest on the incoming port pad. the druid is standing at the southeast corner of the large building directly in front of you, under a tree, as befits a druid.  if you have the requirements to join when you speak to her, she is happy to bring you into the enclave.

grosok is located in its own hut down the road from the incoming port pad.  it is in the northern corner of the larger hut a few steps beyond the pad, waiting for you to ask about druids.

being a half-giant, grumju freiss awaits your visit north of the incoming port pad, near the mahagra fort, guarding a grove of fir trees.  he will talk to you about what you need to become a druid.

in the city of the elves, seek out ondomede under his home base tree in his sacred grove, within the city walls but outside of the fort proper.  head west from the port pad, thru the arches in the inner wall, to find the male elf, and talk to him about becoming a druid.


next time, we will meet the last hybrid trainers, those of the spiritist.  hope to see you soon!

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