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Interview with Stieg Hedlund, Lead Designer

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising - Interviews

Dana Massey conducts a Q&A with Stieg Hedlund, the Lead Designer for Gods and Heroes. This feature also includes 5 exclusive screens and a video!Posted Apr 20, 2005 by Dana Massey

Mini Q&A #1

Tactica Online - Interviews

The first in a new series of mini-interviews with Imaginary Numbers.Posted Apr 15, 2005 by Dana Massey

World of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft - Review's exclusive review of World of WarcraftPosted Apr 13, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Interview with Yan Udras

Sphere - Interviews

Reed Hubbard interviews Yan Udras from Russian-based developer Nikita regarding their fantasy MMORPG "Sphere" and its recent introduction into North American markets.Posted Apr 11, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Interview with Stephanie Shaver.

Hero's Journey - Interviews

Richard Duffek gets to ask Stephanie Shaver, Designer for Hero's Journey a few questions about the game. This feature includes 3 exclusive screen shots!Posted Apr 8, 2005 by Richard Cox

Interview With Dallas Dickinson, SOE Producer

Star Wars Galaxies - Interviews

Reed Hubbard asks Dallas Dickinson a few questions about the upcoming expansion "Rage of the Wookiees" for Star Wars Galaxies.Posted Apr 5, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Dark Age of Camelot Battles On!

Dark Age of Camelot - Previews

Dana Massey recently took a trip to Mythic Entertainment for a press gathering to show off their new title Imperator and to talk about what is new and forthcoming in Dark Age of Camelot.Posted Apr 4, 2005 by Dana Massey

Role-Playing Feature

The Matrix Online - Previews

Frank Frisina takes a look at some of the great role-playing taking place inside The Matrix Online.Posted Apr 1, 2005 by Frank Frisina

Preview of 1.19 Patch

WWII Online: Battleground Europe - Previews

Reed Hubbard previews the upcoming 1.19 patch for WWII Online. The feature even includes 3 exclusive screenshots of upcoming weapons!Posted Mar 23, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Zboard World of Warcraft Keyset

World of Warcraft - Hardware Reviews

Frank Frisina reviews the World of Warcraft keyset for the popular Zboard gaming keyboard.Posted Mar 20, 2005 by Frank Frisina

March 18-20 Beta Weekend Event Diary

Guild Wars - Previews

Reed Hubbard will be spending the weekend enjoying the beta weekend event. He will be creating diaries of each day's journey. Posted Mar 19, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Interview With Chris "Mo" Sherland

WWII Online: Battleground Europe - Interviews

Our staff writer Reed Hubbard along with many of our community members got a chance to ask Chris "Mo" Sherland a few questions about WWII Online and the upcoming 1.19 patch. Posted Mar 18, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Dragons of Norrath Interview With Alan Crosby

EverQuest - Interviews

Reed Hubbard sits down with Alan Crosby of Sony Online Entertainment for a brief Q&A. In this special interview we feature questions that were submitted by our fine community!Posted Mar 9, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Our Exclusive Preview

The Matrix Online - Previews

Reed Hubbard has been jacked into the Matrix Online for weeks now. Read his preview to find out more about this exciting game!Posted Mar 6, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

eDimensional AudioFX Headphones

General - Hardware Reviews

Reed Hubbard reviews eDimensionals's AudioFX force feedback headphones.Posted Mar 1, 2005 by Reed Hubbard

Interview with Glen Dahlgren

Star Trek Online (Perpetual) - Interviews

An interview with the designer of Star Trek Online.Posted Feb 25, 2005 by Annah H

Interview With Glen Dahlgren

General - Interviews

Our own Rob Hinman (En1gma) got a chance to sit down with Glen Dahlgren the Lead Designer for the highly anticipated MMORPG Star Trek Online.Posted Feb 25, 2005 by Annah H

Zboard EQII Keyset

General - Hardware Reviews

Zboard sent us a sample of the EverQuest II® keyset for their revolutionary keyboard system. See what we thought of it.Posted Feb 24, 2005 by Richard Cox

Interview With Brad McQuaid

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Interviews

Tracy Lovett (Tarthus) sit down with Brad McQuaid of Sigil Games to discuss their MMORPG in development - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Posted Feb 9, 2005 by Tarthus

Interview With Scott Brown - Project Lead

Auto Assault - Interviews

It has been over 6 months since we last queried NetDevil about their highly anticipated post-apocalyptic vehicular MMORPG. This time Richard Duffek gets to ask Scott Brown - the Project Lead for Auto Assault a few questions about the state of the game. There is a lot of great information in here, including 5 exclusive screens!Posted Jan 26, 2005 by Richard Cox